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  1. Except, somehow it is! Or at least they do have a record of a session date for this train wreck. But I can’t see how this is the same orchestra in the same year:
  2. Oh, don’t you see what’s clearly happening here? Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Rejected, replaced by Michael Giacchino Hey, it’s happened to the best of them: Herrmann, Goldsmith, Horner, John Barry. Guess poor Johnny was just overdue…
  3. Oh, wow, how did I never notice that before? That's an odd variation. Other than the 1977 recording (which doesn't seem to have those 2 crashes at all), every other recording uses the published Fox Fanfare / Hal Leonard score (which I believe are identical, the later just being typeset by computer), so it must have been either a podium request or written directly into the part. I'm weirdly fascinated by all the little changes in the main title between the 5 different 1977 takes and later recordings...
  4. I discovered that the hard way: left it in my cart a few days and then went to check out. Argh...
  5. I thought the LLL Superman approach was perfect: include cues as recorded in the main program, but film edits as bonus tracks. That way you could swap it in if you prefer it. When listening to Empire, I’d actually prefer to swap in the film version of ‘Aboard the Executor’ with the tracked concert version of the Imperial March, if I had the option. Episode II, though, is a bit of an odd duck because a lot of the tracked music was actually planned in advance, right?
  6. Shame the LSO didn’t get to do the whole thing, but at least we got that great album recording!
  7. I did it quickly on my phone, and the app saved the audio file in a different key for some reason. I just wanted to confirm that is doesn’t sound like any statement of this theme in Episode 7 or 8, and that seems to be the case. I can do a better mock-up in the right key and with the correct muted trumpet sound, if anyone really cares. No tempo indication visible, so I just picked a moderate tempo. The instruments and clefs can be inferred without too much trouble, at least.
  8. There's a leak of some of the original sheets. That would make sense to me, but that's not what it is. Guess the numbering changed with all the revisions? It is from Torn Apart, but in the finished film anyway, it's actually the music that starts immediately after Leia's reaction shot after Han's death, when it cuts back to Chewbacca.
  9. @crumbs So, both Han's death versions are called 'Father and Son', 7M65. Thanks! I’ve updated to add them to the list above.
  10. @Jay How about some original cue titles and numbers? 1M1A - Starry Night 1M2A (fix) - [no title] 1M3B R - The Attack On The Village 1M3C - I've Seen Too Much 1M3D - The Attack On The Village 1M4 R - The Arrival of Kylo Ren (w/ fixes 5/27+session fixes 6/4) 1M4B - Landing 5M43 R Fix - Find Rey! 5M43A (Fix) - Maz's Treasure Chest 5M44 - [no title] (Rey && BB8 Running) 5M46 R - Kylo Stalks Rey 5M48 - We've Got What We Need 5M49A - The Abduction of Rey (Fix 11/5/15) 6M50 - Han and Leia Reunion6M57B - Ice Landing
  11. Yeah, I heard it understandably took a long time for enough Star Wars LPs to be pressed to keep up with demand. Oh, where did you hear about it being transcribed? I've had some morbid curiosity about this recording. It sounds to me like they must have had access to the original scores (but not the parts), because there are some sections of this recording that are absolutely spot on, but others that are just bizarre and incompetent. It's hard to imagine an arranger capable of getting some bits absolutely note-for-note correct, but then also making bizarre errors, like sections where
  12. Nope, only episodes 4–7 so far. The Last Jedi has been officially added to the LTP catalog, but no performances have been announced yet. No word on any prequels. Wish there was a ‘composer’s cut’ of the prequels that gets rid of all those micro edits and tracking! Be a shame to have all that preserved in a live performance.
  13. @Thor Found a minor tidbit of early John Williams history: the date he joined the AFM Local 47 (The Musicians Union of Los Angeles), August 25th 1950. He also joined the Boston local July 30th, 1980, which was not long after he began his Pops stint, of course. Interesting that there’s no record of him for the New York City local…
  14. If that’s your least favorite main title, have you heard this bizarre version? I don’t see how this could possibly be the actual London Philharmonic.
  15. Has this been shared here before? From Billboard, July 15th 1957:
  16. Here’s a really awful mock-up I just made: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c17ivqdrlo0uwix/Star Wars.m4a?dl=0 Just guessing on the tempo, but I can’t recall any where in episodes 7 or 8 where this theme has this syncopated bass part, or is played by muted trumpets (and possibly muted horns?). Curious what @Falstaft thinks…
  17. MOTR and a bass part. From top to bottom, most likely: bassoon, horns (3 staves), trumpets, trombones.
  18. The setup in the video looks close to the one in the Vanity Fair photo, with the fairly small forces and large gap with the percussion.
  19. My best guess is this is from the Ann-Sophie Mutter session. As @Falstaft pointed out, this is definitely Leia's Theme, and we know there's a new Leia's Theme arrangement that's part of that project. The cello part appears to start out just like the concert version of Leia's theme, but this is longer than that. Note the 16th notes at measure 44: this section only happens once in this arrangement, but something similar appears again in the arrangement on the stand. And from what I've heard, it's JW's usual practice to just use the Hal Leonard versions if he's re-recordin
  20. I can’t find any dates yet, but The Last Jedi will be performed in concert soon: http://columbia-artists.com/?topic=press&prsid=495
  21. Here's a little peek at what this looks like. I love the stylized text on some of these older scores!
  22. Haven't seen any complete cue lists for anything from the Johnny Williams days before, so I thought this might be interesting to share: Bachelor Flat (1962) Music Composed by Johnny Williams Orchestrated by Robert Franklyn R1P1 Reggie in the Colonies R1P2 Main Title R1P3 Professor's Pad R1P3A Like This Olde Man R1P4 Libby Comes Home R1P4A Libby Hides R2P1 Professor Discovers Libby R2P2/R3P1 Gladys Visits the Prof. R4P1 Mama in Paris R4P2 Home Cookin R4P3 Bras and Panties
  23. It was added back for the live-to-projection version, though I’m not convinced this is what Williams actually wrote. It really sounds like the full scale in the original version, and this version is actually harder to play than that is.
  24. Ok, fortunately they still have one available and are sending it out. Whew! Thank you @Iron_Giant @mstrox @crumbs
  25. @Loert Ah, I’ve always loved that little timpani bit and have always wished I could see the score for that! There’s a few other small differences in that first recording: all other versions add three graces notes on timpani leading into the first downbeat, but it’s just a single note in the first recording. Several notes in the bass line are tied over the bar, where the ties were removed and the notes repeated instead in all later recordings.
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