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  1. Despite being the Star Wars film that had the most music recorded—an astonishing 226 minutes!—The Rise of Skywalker must set a new record for tracking in the Star Wars films, borrowing over 7 minutes of music from 4 other episodes. There's more than 3 minutes from TFA, over 2 minutes from TLJ, about 1:30 from ROTS, and 0:45 from ROTJ. And even though there was already 6 minutes of tracked music in the November 11th cut, still more was added afterwards. I recently realized that part of the scene of Rey healing the snake appears to be tracked with 0M8 Saying Goodbye to the Fathier fr
  2. Thanks! It's just interesting to try imagine based on the available sources what may have been intended. And yet, there's so few places left in the film where that's allowed to happen! I had thought this was one of the rare cases that was still fairly close, but there's still about 30 seconds micro-edited out of 2M6 and about 20 seconds from 2M7 versus the OST, which may itself be micro-edited...
  3. I was surprised to discover how much longer the OST version of 'We Go Together' from TROS is, even accounting for how the two parts (2M6 The Medal and 2M7 Ship Trip) were separated in the film, though it seems pretty clear the original intention was for them to overlap as they do on the OST. I'm fairly certain that unused march section was meant to accompany a brief deleted scene of Maz and Leia watching the Falcon depart: this exact dialogue is found in both the novelization from Rae Carson and junior novelization from Michael Kogge, and—in my opinion—seems to fit this bit of musi
  5. Found what appears to be the original cue titles in the SABAM repertoire:
  6. Well, there’s still tons we don’t know yet. And as is the case with TFA, even with that information, it’s impossible to establish any “one, true order” of cues, because it was very much a moving target. However, with that disclaimer, here’s my best guess at fitting together all the know cues as intended, using the ordering from the original spotting from March 2019. Some of these are certain (like 1M20 Rey Training being a revision of music for the same basic scene as 1M4 Through the Jungle and 1M5 Rey Trains), but plenty are just my best guess based on the limited information avai
  7. Sure! Though, unfortunately the GEMA database only has codes that show the initial appearance of each cue. In most films that wouldn’t make much difference, but some of these cues are tracked as many as 3-4 times, sometimes only for a few seconds. I’ve also denoted a few missing cues with asterisks that appear to be missing because of an issue with reused titles, and also none of the numerous tracked cues from other episodes are listed here.
  8. 🤞 It’s one of the few cues used in the November 11th cut not used anywhere in the final version (apparently). Returning to some speculation about the unknown cues: I last left off at the end of reel 5. 6M1 is notably absent. This falls between 5M12 Off the Waterfront and 6M2 Rey Climbs Pipes, so it may have been for the Finn and Poe discussion/argument (“Well, I’m not Leia.”), or a possible brief deleted scene in the novelization where Leia receives an update about the Falcon’s whereabouts. There’s no known 6M3, which presumably would have covered the throne
  9. I’ve found an explanation for the seemingly inexplicable numbering of 4M7 Rey’s Grief. It seemed to me maybe it should have been 4M3, because that’s the placement of the only scene that would seem to fit that title, the immediate aftermath of Rey destroying what she thought was the transport Chewie was on, after she’s back on the Falcon. (There’s no known 4M3 yet, and that scene is tracked with 1M8 Approaching the Nursery in the film.) However, I found this unused footage of Rey looking very forlorn in the droid workshop in this video, which could have fit perfectly in that 4M7 spo
  10. Absolutely! ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is stunning, and ‘The Football Game’ is the closest thing JW ever wrote to a modern (well, 1990s and later) James Bond or Mission: Impossible type action cue.
  11. Apart from some more obvious candidates, to my ears Nixon (1995) previews a lot of the style of Williams’ scores for the next decade, particularly the more darkly-hued ones. I certainly can’t think of anything before it that sounds so much like the prequel trilogy scores, especially Revenge of the Sith. There’s even specific synthesizer sounds that would become something of a trademark I believe were introduced here, like that certain “explosion” sound that would later appear prominently in War of the Worlds (2005) and others.
  12. From what I can tell, this one wouldn’t actually be as difficult as The Force Awakens. While TROS certainly has a ton of alternates, the revisions mostly seem to be completely different, while TFA has a lot of cues with multiple slightly tweaked versions of the same material and more inserts. The hack job of “The Speeder Chase” is unfortunately not at all unusual in this film, so I’m sure even plenty of cues we think we’ve heard would be a revelation, not to mention the ones we’ve heard nothing of or only a few seconds. You’d certainly need three CDs to cover the 226 mi
  13. It really is nutty! And that isn’t even one of the worst spots. There’s places where one tracked cue switches momentarily to a different tracked cue for a matter of seconds and then back, and even a couple spots where more than one tracked cue are overlayed simultaneously for a few seconds! (And I don’t mean the typical intended overlap of one cue ending and another beginning.)
  14. Ok, back again with some more informed speculation on TROS cues, based on comparing all the available sources: the November 11th spreadsheet, the novelization by Rae Carson and junior novelization by Michael Kogge, sheet music, interviews, and rumors (many of which have proved to be quite accurate). TIL: this giant snake is actually a puppet, not CGI! So, since Ochi and the Dagger is 3M7, it seems fairly likely Tunnel Monster would be 3M8. The oddity is that none of that cue was used anywhere in the November 11th cut, including the titular giant snake scene, which was
  15. One of the VFX artists for TROS showed off some concept art on Instagram and mentioned that the Cloud City shot near the end was a last-minute addition. I haven’t found the original post, but someone noted here that the sync of the music to picture is really odd in the second half of “Farewell”, with a big arrival point coinciding with Poe taking off his helmet rather than a dramatic shot of ships, so maybe this at least partially explains that: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMca_FAjBBv/?igshid=75pd9skzkp8c
  16. Hmm, so maybe one of those titles isn’t actually authentic. BMI inexplicably has an entry for “Packet from Dad / To Donovan’s House”, which is a bootleg title! The real title is “Sinister Visitors”. The division between those two sections is quite clear, The City of Prague re-recording even has a pause at that spot. And I can’t hear any spot afterwards that sounds like a potential change between cues until 1M4/2M1 begins. But that means there must be some kind of insert or sweetener in there to account for the three parts, but it would theoretically have to be somethin
  17. It is briefly addressed just after they get out of the tunnel, not that it really makes any sense: And that’s the end of it. 🤷‍♂️
  18. GEMA doesn’t have the cues from The Patriot, but most (all?) of the source is in the sheet music: Composed by JW 4M6 The Tavern 4M7 More Tavern 5M1 At Camp 6M1 Fort Drums 7M4 Ann’s Wedding 8M9 Battle Drums 9M1B [untitled - British drums] Arranged by JW 1M7 Yankee Doodle 2M2 Prince Eugene March 2M2A British Grenadiers 4M1 British Grenadiers 6M3 British Grenadiers The SESAC repertory does have the Patriot cues (in order!), but seems to have just accounted for several of the source cues as ‘Patriot Source’:
  19. With all the discussion about this bonkers cue list, I wanted to share some more: So no one else has to, I’ve spent some time going through the cue list with the various early rumors and novelization, and I’ve been able to come up with a pretty good idea where some of the unknown pieces may fit. Filial Fencing is most likely 1M2. The rumors all point to the Luke and Leia flashback duel originally starting the movie. Technically, the word “filial” pertains to parent-child relationships, rather than siblings, but there’s no known scene that would fit that definition. It’s no
  20. So, some of these possibilities could be reasonably ruled out, because we have the order of the first appearance of each cue (and not including tracked music from the other films and a couple untitled cues): Spy's Message Horses #2 Approaching the Throne More Action Parents Make The Sacrifice The Crowd Joins In The Last Fight Hero Fight Big Ship Blows Up Emperor's Attack The Dunkirk Shot I Am All The Sith Name That Tune Success and Sliding Rey and Ren These already appeared earlier in the film,
  21. The entirety of the Garrison’s Obsession track is a cue of the same name. Like several JFK cues, and contrary to Williams’ usual practice, it’s what’s called a “wild” cue, meaning it wasn’t written to precisely sync with any specific footage, and so lacks a slate (1M2, 3M5, etc.). Usually only pieces intended as album-only arrangements won’t have a slate, but it seems the intention here was always that they would be edited into the film in some fashion. There’s an OST breakdown and complete cue list here:
  22. Ah, that hadn’t even occurred to me! Guess this was to prevent spoilers for the music prep staff rather than the musicians. The teaser with the emperor reveal was at least a couple months before the first session, but they would have already begun preparing the scores.
  23. Yeah, if he’s followed the same system as the other sequel trilogy films, it would have been 1M5R Rey Training instead of 1M20 Rey Training, etc.
  24. Pretty sure something like that happened, though if they changed it for spoiler purposes, how’d ‘The Emperors Lives’ get through? 🤦‍♂️
  25. Interesting! The ‘Seeing Sights’ title still got used for the FYC, even though it’s 7M32 Make the Sacrifice. Ah, looks like an earlier version of 7M20 Approaching the Throne! ⛔️ Warning! Long-winded explanation of the TROS cue numbering ahead. ⛔️ So, if my understanding of this unusual complicated cue list is correct, JW started scoring the rumored 3 hour 2 minute cut back in March 2019, and it was spotted as nine “reels” of roughly 20 minutes each (9 x 20 = 3 hours). This is why we have the seemingly nonsensical placement of 9M3 Bows and 9M5Alt Return to Ta
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