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  1. I think the fact it’s been touted as the “final Indiana Jones film” increases the chance he’d take the assignment, even without Spielberg on board.
  2. So, whoever has the rights to SpaceCamp cares so little that the whole thing’s been up on YouTube for two years in great quality: @Jay 3:47-end of ‘The Shuttle’ must be the cue ‘Taking Off’ 0:00-3:12 of the ‘White Sands’ OST track is ‘Insufficient Oxygen’. There could be some other short consecutive cues combined, too. So, there’s less than 5 minutes of music (in the film, anyway) unreleased.
  3. I don’t know the score in the film well enough to say. Would ‘Lift Off’ be the second part of ‘The Shuttle’ album track, for instance?
  4. I found these SpaceCamp cue titles with durations. Looks like the ones on the album are listed first, followed by the unreleased ones: Main Title 3:00 Training Montage 1:40 The Shuttle 3:46 Jinse [Jinx] in the Computer Room [The Computer Room] 1:04 Friends Forever 2:15 In Orbit 3:01 White Sands 3:25 Viewing Daedalus 2:12 Max Breaks Loose 1:56 Andie Is Hurt [Andie Is Stranded] 3:43 Max Finds Courage 2:13 Re-entry 3:25 Home Again 2:09 End Credits 4:04 Arriving at Daedalus 0:43 Can't Reach It 1:38 I
  5. Oh, impressive! Seems like a good guess: it happens to slot there perfectly, with the right tempo and key, so I was convinced it must have been edited that way in one of the docs.
  6. So, five years later, I have an answer for you: 'Death of Ki-Adi' is not anything from the film or soundtrack, but a usage of that soundtrack in some other media, most likely a video game. For whatever reason, this is probably a snippet of 'Lament' registered under a different title. Can anyone with access to the various Star Wars prequel video game audio files confirm this, or are the files unlabeled? There's some other cases like this: for instance, 'Windu, Yoda, and Obi-Wan On A Transport' is not an original JW cue title, either. There's also several cues that use the same title
  7. That's part of the original 7M68 Flying Home, but that section was replaced by an insert, 7M68A Light In The Snow And Flying Home. One of the TFA docs also tracks that same fanfare into the middle of 6M56D Ice Landing. It's shown up on unofficial releases as 'Landing At Lightspeed (Alternate)'. I can't imagine they'd do that just for the doc, so it was probably considered for the film at some point. Update: not from a TFA doc, but @Falco
  8. Well, yes…and no: the music for that moment in the film and on the album is from 7M68A Light in the Snow and Flying Home, but it’s effectively a revision of similar music first written for the end of 7M67. The key difference is that after winding up to the beautiful statement of Rey’s theme, the 7M67 version winds back down again to ends quietly, where the revised version continues to soar with Poe’s theme, followed by the Force theme. So, the edit must have been very different at this point, because clearly the music wasn’t going to fade to a quiet ending just as the base blows up
  9. Well, it's complicated: yes, the original 7M67 Rey vs. Ren would have continued through the earthquake and the arrival of the Falcon, the later of which was replaced by the beginning of 7M68A A Light In The Snow and Flying Home. The naming of 7M67R It Is You is rather misleading: it's not a revision of the entirety of 7M67, only roughly the first minute. As the fight gets underway, there's an indication to "Cut [to] Scherzo". 7M67A Rey vs. Ren is a revision of the other part of the cue covering the bulk of the duel, though ending as the earthquake begins, as heard in th
  10. Seems likely, maybe due to all the changes around eliminating the Resistance superweapon subplot? That made it far enough along that there’s numerous mentions of it in the leaked shot list. I think it may have also been something Williams invited Dudamel to conduct, and conducting to picture is a highly specialized skill that even many top-notch conductors haven’t developed, so maybe that was a factor as well. As written, 7M67 Rey vs. Ren was 4:56 and covered the entire duel from Rey getting the saber through the Falcon arriving. It cut away briefly for Hux and Snoke, but no fighte
  11. So, 'Scherzo for X-Wings' is a pretty unusual case: the film version was written first (though it's heavily edited in the film) in September 2015, but it was written "wild", meaning it has no indicated sync points at all. Most JW action cues have dozens of sync points. The concert version followed in November, though the first minute or so of both is identical.
  12. Oh, this is my hobby. My day job is trying to sort out the utterly ridiculous editing of the score in The Rise of Skywalker. 😁
  13. @Jay I think this must be the ‘Young Indy Insert’, with ‘Young Indy Sweetener’ being the revised start of the lion scene.
  14. No, they’re just arbitrary codes specific to this particular catalog. However, the codes for other JW scores in this database—The Patriot, The Adventures of Tintin, and Memoirs of a Geisha—precisely match the film order of cues when arranged ascending, and so do these, from what I can tell.
  15. Well, anyone dying to see the complete cue list for Stepmom, today’s your lucky day! Found it in the SESAC repertoire, apparently in film order: 688787458 Stepmom 688787459 Ben’s Antics 688787461 Isabel’s Expertise 688787462 Luke’s Rationale 688787463 She Can Cook Too 688787464 I Trust You 688787465 Feeling Change 688787467 I Killed Her 688787468 Get Out of My House 688787469 Ben Is Lost 688787470 On Horseback 688787471 I’d Do It For You 688787472 Isabel’s Rejection 688787473 Through MRI 688787474 Hung By A Threa
  16. Ah, so it’s Paramount that has this practice of not using the original cue names of cues that appear in OST tracks? I’m seeing the same thing for The Adventures of Tintin, but fortunately we’ve already got almost all those titles (I just wanted to fill in a few gaps). So, now we can speculate what the three parts of ‘Indy’s Very First Adventure’ would be. @crumbs Have a 24-bit version to analyze for hints? And interesting that ‘Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra’ is unexpectedly listed as two parts. The main cue and an insert? Bet it’s the bit with the Indy theme…
  17. I believe this list includes only the source music composed by JW (note also the absence of the Koeniggraetzer March). Yep, looks like it’s him:
  18. @Jay So, remember those work codes I discovered that show the film order of The Rise of Skywalker cues? Turns out The Last Crusade has them, too, and it shows 'Young Indy' is the cue between 'Indy's Very First Adventure Part 3' and 'The Boat Scene': I don't think we knew about 'Don’t Call Me Junior', which must be the actual title of 6M3.
  19. Updated my cue list and breakdown with some previously unknown cue titles, from the SESAC Repertory: Gabriel's Last Fight Gabriel Mortally Wounded Susan Speaks Rev 2 On To Yorktown
  20. So, unfortunately I don't know what the first section of 'Indy's Very First Adventure' is titled, but I can tell you it's almost certainly not 'Young Indy'. Looking through the GEMA database, all the cues that appear on the 1989 OST have had their titles replaced with the OST title, while the cues that weren't used appear with their original titles. OST tracks that are comprised of more than one cue are listed with 'Part 1', 'Part 2', etc. There's three sections to 'Indy's Very First Adventure', so it's most likely comprised of 1M1, 1M2, and 1M3. 1M2 and 1M3 are probably 'Circus Tr
  21. Many of the inserts include the same material from the original cue at the beginning and end to make them easier to blend into the original. If you were to only include the unique material from each (and if all were actually recorded), I think you could pare it down to the final version and two alternates, something like this: 1. 9M85 with 9M85 A New The final version, with the insert replacing the original version, minus any microedits. 2. 9M85 and 9M85 Alt Insert The original version and the Luke’s theme insert seem like they could work side-by-side.
  22. Right, that's the insert 9M85A “Luke Looks”. The film and album use a different insert, 9M85A New “Rey Looks”, as heard in 'Peace and Purpose'. They both replace the same section of 9M85 “Finale Part I”, so there should be at least three recorded versions of Luke’s death. We don’t know whether 9M85 Alt Insert was actually recorded yet, which is the insert that uses Luke’s theme, scored wistfully for flute and clarinet. The recording status is also uncertain for 9M85B and 9M85C. 9M85B “Between Luke and the March”, which is actually an insert with an insert, replacing a f
  23. @Jay @crumbs @Falstaft @Datameister For my fellow TROS score obsessives, I've noticed the gaps in the numbering I shared a couple days ago appear to indicate where the "reel" breaks are in the final version of the film, just like the ones indicated on the spreadsheet for the November 11th cut:
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