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  1. I’ve noticed another little germ of an idea that seems to pop up fairly often in the sequel trilogy scores: For example, 1:35 in ‘The Old Death Star’: Or 2:10 in ‘Main Title and Escape’ (with a slightly different rhythm): Reminds me of Liszt’s Les Préludes.
  2. Oh, thanks @Jay! I’d forgotten there was ever a time before it was split like this.
  3. So, I've found the original cue titles and added them to the Amistad complete score breakdown thread, inexplicably in General Discussion (@Jay Possible to move this?) :
  4. So, especially since the time is ripe for an expansion of this score, I went digging and found the original cue titles in the GEMA database. They seem to generally be in film order, though with some of the album titles grouped at the end (maybe just the ones that are not also cue titles?). I've included the few slates that are known: 1M1 Retribution [unused?] OX4925 [Main Title?]* OX4927 Cinque's Theme OX4928 1M2 July 4th, 1839 OX4929 [source, arr. Abraham & Allen]* OX4930 Ya Weh [source, arr. Abraham & Allen] OX4932 The Capture OX4934 The Captu
  5. Am I really the first to bring up ‘The Banquet’ from Hook? Pure joy, especially in the concert arrangement: They really ought to publish the entire Hook suite from this album…
  6. Fun fact: in just the first five minutes following the main title of The Rise of Skywalker, there are bits and pieces of 13 different cues, and only 3 weren’t written for a completely different scene in a different part of the movie. Starry Night [from TFA] Rey’s Incredible Hand Ready To Be A Jedi Vader’s Castle Rey’s Trip to P The Ninth Beginning Chewie's Interrogation Approaching the Nursery Uncharted Territory Hard to Get Rid Of Psalm of the Sith Stop and Start On Their Knees
  7. Yeah, that could be the issue: TLJ had several 'No Title' cues registered as things like 'No Title 1M2A', but TFA had a just plain 'No Title' already. Despite all the ridiculous microediting and tracking, there's definitely still a fair amount of the untitled 3M3 in the speeder scene. 3M1 Before the Chase is quite brief. And I'm almost positive the OST 'Fanfare and Prologue' matches an earlier cut (sometime prior to the November 11th version) where Mustafar had already been entirely cut, but the initial appearance of the Exegol fleet had not yet been
  8. Nothing too fancy: I just copy-pasted each cue title and its code into a document.
  9. Yeah, I just manually exported and sorted the codes. Haven't checked out any other films yet. 'Approaching the Throne' is the only entry with two codes. I hadn't noticed before, but this is actually the only OST track that shares a title with a film cue, so I bet it has something to do with that, which seems to be borne out by the double 'Approaching the Throne' and 'Approaching the Throne (Film Use)' titles.
  10. I'm not sure about the technicalities, but there's a few listings like this in the GEMA Repertoire database for TROS that seem to be there to account for reused themes from previous episodes rather than actual film cues. There's also 'Kylo's Theme', 'The Resistance Theme', and 'Poe's Theme'. So, I noticed some missing known cue titles, but they all have something in common: Main Title The Resistance Theme [actual TROS cue, not the TFA concert arrangement] Return to Tatooine End Credits They're all identical to previously registered John Williams t
  11. Bizarre, isn’t it? Guess it’s just that brief suspense bit prior to the entrance of the Kylo theme. Looks like this confirms a couple other things about the opening we suspected: the big Imperial March statement is indeed from 1M15 Vader’s Castle (and presumably the music afterwards), and the film’s Journey to Exegol music is tracked from 6M13 Rey’s Trip to P[alpatine?]. I wonder what ‘Ready To Be A Jedi’ is, though? That cue title certainly doesn’t make any sense here, so are we dealing with yet more tracked music?
  12. So, I’ve found some additional information that may help solve some of the mysteries about some of the unknown TROS cues. For TFA and TLJ, the cues in the GEMA Repertoire database show in the order they first appear in the film, including instances of tracking, but TROS just had all its cues listed alphabetically. (There’s a few exceptions or omissions, but it’s fairly accurate.) However, I noticed there are publisher codes on each GEMA entry, and the ordering they produce generally matches the ordering of the cues we already know about, so it should help fill in some
  13. This was my first thought, especially because many of the repetitions of themes in Born on the Fourth of July are note-for-note the same or only slightly different. (This would be one of my less-anticipated Williams expansions for that reason.)
  14. I'll have to track down which interview mentioned this again, but I recall it seemed like it was just a vague idea that never made it past the concept stage, Williams suggesting a different main title would be warranted for a new trilogy, but Lucas requesting to stick with the original. If there is any trace of an alternate main title in the score, though, my money's on 'The Flag Parade' rather than 'Duel of the Fates'. It's slower and more majestic, and has got a fairly similar opening fanfare to the main title.
  15. Let's just hope he's hung onto anything he may have composed or started on that's never seen the light of day, and didn't say...burn it in a fireplace, like Sibelius did!
  16. ”It’s a sort of stately, imperial, ominous theme for a not very nice guy.” – John Williams on Darth Vader’s theme That piano rendition really brings out the apparent influence of the Chopin funeral march, much more than anything in the films. @Falstaft Is this essentially the same left-hand voicings?
  17. I think this is most likely the segment you’re thinking of: There’s also a little bit of ROTJ session footage in this profile, including a bit from what I believe is Olympic Sound Studios, where they briefly relocated when Abbey Road was unavailable: That would certainly be amazing, but I think the chance of additional footage from nearly 40-year-old news segments turning up is pretty much nil. I believe there’s a slightly higher chance there may be some additional footage somewhere from the JW documentary shot during the
  18. Is it known if the quiet ending is actually part of 12M2 or an insert?
  19. Some excerpts from the E.T. Adventure ride manual, via Reddit: I thought Botanicus was the name of the planet, but apparently that’s actually the name of E.T.’s teacher, so it’s just the “green planet”. Also, E.T.’s friends have some interesting names.
  20. The Adventures of Tintin: https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20915-the-adventures-of-Tintin-complete-cue-list-and-complete-score-analysis/&do=findComment&comment=1735289
  21. @Jay Looks like the info for the last track of Nixon got cut off. It's entirely 22M1 Farewell Speech.
  22. That’s harsh! Though, I’d argue the next transition is even worse, about as convincing as a sudden lurch into another key in the final bars of Beethoven’s 5th symphony would be. Agreed. And the major-key Rey chimes in the final bars are just magic! A good reason to stick with the Yoda-less FYC version, though then you miss out on ‘Holdo’s Resolve’.
  23. Yep, except for the 1977 original, every other main title recording for the Star Wars films uses the published concert versions. ESB, ROTJ, and TPM used the original 1977 suite published by Fox Fanfare Music, Inc., while the sequel trilogy used the Hal Leonard suite published in the 1990s. I'm not aware of any actual differences between those two versions apart from just the actual typesetting. The live-to-projection version sort-of restores the scalar timpani passage, though slightly modified: That version restores some of the instrumentation that was reduced for
  24. It could have changed during the process of composing, but it was definitely in B-flat major by the time the full score and parts were done. I remember JW has also mentioned the intentional choice of B-flat for the main title as a key that the brass instruments sound especially brilliant in. Anyone happen to remember which interview had that? Another Star Wars main title tidbit: there was actually an official “single edit” released, and it is truly dreadful:
  25. Wild to think there's only a single take with that opening! The first three have the lead-in chord, and the last take cuts out most of the orchestra. By the way, that deleted pick-up chord (a spiky Gb/F) actually ended up in the original 1977 band arrangement!
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