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  1. Does nothing for me. I prefer Ontological Shock and Mona Lisa Overdrive. I'll go with ya on Mona Lisa Overdrive.....especially when I am flying down the freeway!
  2. I am going to agree with "Icarus", but I want to add "Neodammerung" from Matrix Revolutions! "Pan & The Full Moon" is not bad either
  3. Even though there are missing cues (bridge music is the most missed), the box is very enjoyable. It is nice to finally have a QUALITY version of Last Crusade to listen to.
  4. I wasn't quite sure about this score on the first listen, but each time it gets better. The quiet statements of the classic Bond theme are refreshing. The action cues are a bit modern yet enjoyable. I am forming those pictures of what is going on during those parts. Let's hope I'm right...
  5. I am looking forward to hearing the complete warehouse scene.
  6. If I were Lucas and Spielberg, I might want to pay attention to all the bad buzz. Having two shows on South Park generally makes one rethink their bad decisions (or not)
  7. Sorry, been at work all day, when did this cd leak? I know we can't post the full place of the leaking, but where the hell is it?
  8. True, but the clone wars dialogue was especially mucky
  9. the shows were light years better than the movie, but the dialogue between the droids grated on me something fierce...
  10. I sorta liked some of Minority Report. Not his best, but some good stuff there.
  11. Can't we just agree that Catch me if you can is a williams mediocre score...and leave Indy alone?
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