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  1. The only argument you could say is that he didn't have it in him to finish off his friend when he was burning and pathetic like that. ...but when he gets another go at it, having seen what happened when he didn't kill him? THAT'S unbelievable. I get not being able to go through with it the first time, but with all the murder and misery throughout the galaxy at Vader's hand, he had to this time.
  2. I'll put it in tags for now in case other people aren't interested in hearing, but...
  3. Are we allowed to talk about spoilers that never came true now that the limited series that won't be a limited series for long is over?
  4. Like full 88 keys? We might have an extra, believe it or not.
  5. We just watched that scene from Revenge of the Sith yesterday again and I realized only recently that it was unused in AOTC. I guess I was so used to the track from listening to the AOTC soundtrack so much before Revenge of the Sith came out that it just felt not special because it was technically reused music. The same thing happened to me with the Anakin Defeats Sebulba fast string section and Mace Windu starting to fight at the arena.
  6. Between this and the Grand Inquisitor being killed here and in Rebels...and I think in The Book of Mando with Yoda's lightsabers, can we assume this so called story group was just to give a job to someone's friends as opposed to keeping track of canon?
  7. Really? That's an impressive one, if so. Really backs up my theory that lots of big websites have bots writing their articles.
  8. IGN spends more time sucking Disney off than they actually do covering video games. Pay them no mind.
  9. When we get stuff like this and Overture to the Oscars, I end up appreciating his weird concert pieces like the Violin Concerto and Highwood's Ghost a hell of a lot more. God bless the man for writing such wonderful music so consistently at this point in his life.
  10. You have to remember that this is a video game from a different time. During this time, film scores were more like this too. Something like Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga has the dullest, bad imitation John Williams music you've ever heard. That is, when they're not abusing John Williams's music in editing.
  11. One of the best Star Wars soundtracks period. Probably third after the Williams stuff and Solo without thinking of it much. I'm really excited for some of you to listen to it for the first time if you missed it because it was attached to a video game in 2004.
  12. I told a non-music friend about how much the score stunk, and he keeps sending me people on Star Wars forums that specifically note the music being disappointing. So at least from what I've seen, that seems to be the case. That's exactly how they came up with the entire plot to The Rise of Palpatine. Where did she say this?
  13. I was chatting with him once about him trying to get KOTOR 2's soundtrack released and I think he made some comment about how it was looking very promising...for whatever that's worth. I know we're supposed to hate Jeremey Soule now. He seems like a weird guy, but that's not relevant to the fact that he wrote some stunning music for KOTOR 1. With that said, KOTOR 2 is easily the better score for the live orchestra alone. This is why I get so angry at people who've been Star Wars fans for five minutes. They claim all this weird different sounding in new Star Wars media can be whatever it wants to be because the only established Star Wars sound is the movies and it's time to branch out from that. There was a clear Star Wars sound for decades. Not everyone is a John Williams imitator like Haab (who I generally like a lot), but there was still distinctive Star Wars DNA in all of these scores. It's the same thing as when they didn't have an opening crawl for Rogue One and Solo, and the excuse was that only the main saga films had opening crawls and that's what made them distinctive. Again, that's how you can spot that a person is trying to speak from some authority and doesn't know their shit.
  14. Also, the main Star Wars subreddit I think is moderated by Disney people. Any criticism of modern Star Wars is not allowed.
  15. Yeah, but that would require the writers having a baseline familiarity of Star Wars. Most people who work for Lucasfilm these days don't.
  16. There are little flashes of Star Wars here and there, but just about everything else feels at a minimum off. Other things are just plain dumb. "HE SAID LEIA!"
  17. I think it's one of those things where it's supposed to be JUST obvious enough where clickbait websites notice it and can point it out as an easter egg, but subtle enough where if you're casually watching, you'll be knocked off your socks when they inevitably reveal it in the second to last episode. Those are just Disney plants. It definitely does come off super creepy because of how excited they have to be. ...then again, it is Hollywood culture, so maybe they should be on a list.
  18. This was my first thought seeing that as an example. I guess I can KINDA hear it but it's a stretch.
  19. Ross is the true mastermind behind the score in Obi-Wan.
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