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  1. Yeah, this video has a much more accompaniment feeling than the others, which are more like playing along. It puts a lot more meaning into it!
  2. I thought Star Wars day was earlier in the month.
  3. I'm still amazed they managed to avoid having Jason Issacs reprise the role. They ignore two iconic voices in Ahsoka and Grand Inquisitor coming to live action but bring someone forgettable like Bo Katan back. Katee Sackhoff isn't exactly the most memorable part of Bo Katan anyway.
  4. I always said that if Anakin watched Moulin Rouge he wouldn't have turned to the dark side.
  5. I agree with everything in all five of the last posts, and I still love the existence of the movie.
  6. That was easily one of if not your best video.
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to understand how they can incorporate in any way well to an Obi-Wan show.
  8. Found out it was posted on the UK Disney+ Twitter page....for whatever that's worth.
  9. I was shown this image It looks official but I don't understand why you'd need to watch Clone Wars season 2 episodes 15-16. I haven't checked out the other ones yet.
  10. Why would you watch post-Obi show stuff before watching Obi show?
  11. Don't forget, it was announced BEFORE TLJ came out. They were so sure it was going to be the best Star Wars movie ever to everyone that they jumped the gun here too. https://www.starwars.com/news/rian-johnson-writer-director-of-star-wars-the-last-jedi-to-create-all-new-star-wars-trilogy
  12. Before the Disney era, it was my least favorite Star Wars movie, and I left the theater disappointed, which I didn't at all with Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith. But the score was SO good. I remember being way more into it than I was The Two Towers that year. One positive thing about the movie itself, I think all the Tatooine stuff is REALLY well done. There's almost no real cheeseball stuff like there is in the rest of the movie. Even Anakin's outburst was appropriate I thought, and this: Plus the next piece: is REALLY amazing stuff. Sorely missing from the OST. I've significantly warmed on the prequels over the years, but my last viewing of this film was still super rough. With that said, for as bad of a movie as it was, and it was bad, there was a ton of positive associated with it, especially the extended media.
  13. Well, I meant The Force Awakens specifically, but I do know what you're talking about on the 1997 version.
  14. Why did I think we were talking about recordings? They might need to put me in a home. There were a bunch of alternate cue recordings out there though, right?
  15. How did they leak? Was it in a game or something? Did someone actually leak the recordings from within Lucasfilm? What's the origin of those recordings that we have them?
  16. Where did those other leaks come from anyway? I remember seeing them in album compilations people made but I don't remember when they leaked out.
  17. We never got any solid information until it was officially announced and was always a show in public. Back when it was a movie, I feel like there were some rumors that it would be a trilogy of movies. If that's the case, you're talking about six episodes to match three two hour movies. Makes a lot more sense that way, assuming a lot of it was brought over from movie form.
  18. Never actually heard anything I've liked from her, but I'll keep an open mind.
  19. Yeah, you're all talking about the TLJ and TROS albums being awful...I think I've listened to TFA's OST MAYBE twice, and the rest of the time listening to a movie chronological edit of the OST and FYC. I hated how much the concert pieces broke up the album. The biggest offender for me was Rey's theme smack in the middle of Follow Me and The Falcon. In the film edit, those two pieces flow together REALLY well, so to break it up with something slow and leisurely like Rey's Theme is a musical gut punch.
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