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  1. I'm not talking about a new fan, I'm talking about someone who jumps onto something because it's popular and/or pushed hard by a major studio that they'll support no matter what. That's a MAJOR difference.
  2. It's just not a thing you should be doing. It's like if a Star Wars movie showed Yoda fighting with a lightsaber.
  3. I think there was an interview where McGregor said something along the lines of "It was great to see him back as Anakin".
  4. No. I think it's fair to point out that a lot of the older Star Wars fans don't like the current stuff as much as the people who jumped on the bandwagon circa 2015 or so. Nor do I think it's out of line to say someone who just jumped on a bandwagon isn't a real fan. Maybe controversial these days with the religiousness people treat fandoms, but not out of line.
  5. I know a whole bunch of what I snobbingly call "real" Star Wars fans. Like the ones who've been around forever, read the books, played the games, etc. Not the people who came in because it's cool to like anything Disney puts out. A surprising amount of those types love Rogue One more than anything else Star Wars. For me? It's certainly the best Star Wars fan film ever made.
  6. I knew this wouldn't be anything good when they tried to entice people with "Wait! Wait! Come back! We'll show you Master Chief's face if you do!" These reviews and recent footage seem to back up this suspicion.
  7. Very true. I just find it funny how much that aspect stuck with me over the years.
  8. Is it really bold to do the same edgelord thing everyone does for movies and TV now? I thought it sounded too edgy/depressing already based on interviews, so to think it was even more so before is....yeesh.
  9. I met Hurt once. His kid apparently went to my elementary school. He showed up one day to pick him up and everyone just swarmed him to ask for autographs. He signed them but looked like he'd rather be anywhere else. In all fairness, I did too, but I was also attending school. Just my pointless, dumb William Hurt story.
  10. The worst part is when the score came out I was going crazy wondering what it sounded like and eventually just gave up.
  11. I always thought it sounded a lot like Puccini. Where specifically was it lifted from, or based on, or whatever you want to call it?
  12. We finally watched the movie on Friday, overall I liked it but there were a few little tweaks to the story that I think had unintended implications to what worked and what didn't. There was a lot more depth added to most of the major characters. I think at first glance, changes to characters like what the movie did are fine, and nothing really offensive or super out of characters. Little things like Bernardo being a big boxer. Stuff like that was never in any iteration of the show, as far as I know. It was the personality changes that made the difference and made certain scenes ring hollow. Tony and Riff having such a contentious relationship like they did...I don't know if Tony would have shown up to the rumble like he did, considering they weren't as close as they were in the original version. Then, when Riff is killed by Bernardo, two tweaks don't work there. First, Tony wouldn't have had a "You killed my best friend!" reaction like he does (rightfully) have in the original musical. He'd be a lot more regretful that he couldn't do more for him, they weren't closer, etc. Then, he spends more time trying to win over Bernardo, knowing he's Maria's brother. Previously, he barely knew the guy. So with this, killing a guy he was trying to be friendly with for a guy he seemed like he had a major falling out with awhile back didn't really make sense. Another example was the extended date time with Maria, and the addition of Tony being on parole. Part of why the events of the show worked the way they did was because Tony and Maria's romance was very simple. "I just met you and I love you" and that was basically it. It was a blind faith, first impression love. Tony and Maria having a few dates, including a confession of what was it, almost beating a guy to death? That plus getting to know the guy and his flaws, why would Maria actually want to run away with the guy after he killed her brother? Too much depth changes the characters motivations and what their reactions should be. Those are really the only things that were wrong with the movie. I loved how beautifully shot it was, the direction was fun, some of the changes WERE interesting. I loved using the Somewhere ballet as Maria waking up in the morning and sneaking around. I just can't get over the fact that they couldn't make it work with Williams. Having Williams do a musical again after all these years, plus it being the music of someone he was very close with, missing that opportunity is just sad. I know that won't affect what most people think of the film, but for me, knowing that just puts a damper on the whole thing. The arrangements themselves were extremely faithful, almost to the point of wondering why there needed to be an arranger in the first place, but giving the music that Williams flair would have been super fun, and been the thing that gave the movie it's own identity in the best way.
  13. You mean you don't prefer 14 minute long videos to feed the algorithm and they fill up the time reading and highlighting webpages?
  14. It's not like we've been lacking other composers doing Star Wars prior to Disney. There were already at least a solid half dozen of them doing video games and doing an excellent job writing music that's recognizably Star Wars while also sounding like themselves.
  15. Never saw this. That seems hard to believe. The shot looks way too weird and unnatural. That's the spirit! Me too. I don't know why it was even worth arguing about for either of us. Sorry. It's so irrelevant.
  16. ....... ...that's probably how I unintentionally came up with the idea.
  17. There was an argument to be made after The Last Jedi that something was brewing there, but it was never in a lovey romantic kiss sorta way. It was the same dynamic that Rey and Finn had in The Force Awakens where they were drawn to each other because they felt like they finally found someone who understood them. I wasn't just being crass. I really don't know anyone outside of tumblr who thought it would end in a kiss like that,
  18. This was always sort of my plot for the Obi-Wan show when it was supposed to be a movie, if someone came to me and asked me to make it. Obi-Wan is chilling on Sand World and gets information that Windu's still alive, finds him and he's all old and rough and messed up so he can be more of "motherfucker" Sam Jackson that we didn't get with Mace Windu normally. Mace has totally turned against the Jedi and the teachings and all that and tries to get Obi to start a new order of some sort, but Obi-Wan ultimately decides to stay and look after Luke since he made a promise and still sorts of believes in all that Jedi stuff so they fight and Obi-Wan wins. This way you still get your lightsaber fight for the movie without having to have Obi-Wan fighter Vader before Star Wars.
  19. They say "the kiss" would be a huge spoiler. Before that movie you'd have NO reason to think Ben and Rey would kiss. Nobody expected them to do the tumblr fantasy stuff. Also, just watching the movie, you can see the picture of that scene was edited as well, to run backwards. When Ben dies you can see his hair is in the wrong direction like it was played in reverse. Maybe he was supposed to be pulled up and they kiss and then Rey dies? and remember folks, that kiss was totally platonic.
  20. War Horse is a nice, good score. The Patriot is freaking awesome, period.
  21. I love this track and I love how intense the score went. Not something I really expected from John Williams Star Wars at the time.
  22. Spider-Man 3 is so interesting because you watch the movie and you get SUCH a good idea of the production issues. I still wish they went through with 4. I'm still afraid they'll try to do Raimi Spder-Man 4 now that No Way Home was such a huge hit, and they'll play off the nostalgia of the early 2000s but it won't have any of the charm of the films from 2002-2007.
  23. Because it's going to be Williams and they want to announce that on May the 4th.
  24. Finally, an official release of one of the best game scores from last year: https://twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/1494002448087896064
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