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  1. I can see someone wanting to stick around Tatooine hoping you'd see something besides Mos Eisley and Mos Espa and that's it. It's such an important planet in Star Wars you hope there's more to it.
  2. Or they could have used that teaser, then gone in order and eventually the Boba show catches up with that scene. Show is meh. It's better than last week, but that's not saying much. Still doesn't feel like Star Wars to me, and I think that's something deeper than anyone's been able to touch on so far.
  3. Maul would have been great as a presence in AOTC and ROTS. Just some character that keeps a sense of danger out there the whole time, but you don't have to develop too much. Needing Dooku for lightsaber duels was lame. He never made sense as a Sith Lord. Sometimes I forget he was one.
  4. and it's not even the first time they've done something like this on screen, as seen below.
  5. Looking back now, I don't mind all this stuff being as loosey goosey as it was back then. It made the eventual "legends" branding logical. Everyone heard their own version of how certain things happened, and until we saw it on screen, it was kinda all just rumors. Different characters telling different things. We pretend this stuff is the bible, where its all written in stone forever when it has lots of great room to iterate on certain stories, or tell different versions of the same thing. ...and to once again try to steer the discussion back to the show, the "Boba Fett is so cool he totally escapes 1000 years of digestion in the Sarlac Pit" is another one of those things that have been "legend" for a long time. It's just this version has kinda been uninspiring so far.
  6. That might be true. I know they didn't talk squat about the Clone Wars, at least not in any detailed sense. I don't know if that was a Lucas mandate going back years. I found that old Star Wars Encyclopedia from 1998, shown here. Clone Wars has like, one sentence. I'll have to pull it out again. It's super vague. Something like "An old conflict that involved the Republic and cloning."
  7. I think we've discussed this before, but wasn't Darth Vader falling into the lava and needing the suit from old EU? I think everyone was expecting the prequel trilogy to end with "Anakin and Obi-Wan fight over the lava and Anakin loses so he needs the suit." even as far back as Phantom Menace.
  8. and just from a marketing standpoint, people like Shadows (arguing over the objective quality of the story itself aside), so it's an easy sell for people.
  9. I think what you're both touching on without realizing is that Star Wars novels, games, etc. regardless of quality aren't reliant on what kinds of masterpiece or work of art it is, but how much it meant something to all sorts of people in all different generations. Disney never needed to throw away all the old stories to make new movies any more than Marvel needed to strike every old comic from canon when they did. You can adapt the material for the screen and have a screen continuity. Marvel even does that with its games now. The Spider-Man, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy games have nothing to do with the movies and exist just fine on their own, and don't need to fit into a specific hole to line up with the films. When I got into gaming big time in the mid to late 90s, besides a few games like Jedi Knight and Tie Fighter, Star Wars games weren't really well regarded at all until Knights of the Old Republic in 2003. In between were a bunch of games that we loved to death like Bounty Hunter, Rogue Squadron, Episode 1 Racer. I think we knew at the time that they weren't the top of the top of gaming but we enjoyed them anyway because they were our experience. That's why in 2004 when Battlefront came out everyone was playing it and surprised at how solid and fleshed out they were compared to most other games. Bringing this back to Boba Fett, and I can say about most of the stories we're doing now, I can't get the old stories out of my head to comprehend what's going on in this new continuity. I keep mixing up facts and things from the books and games I read growing up. It really takes away the fun a bit knowing that everything built up over so many years is just flat out dead now. You might argue that why would I want separate continuities between books, games, and film/TV then. I'd say at least I won't keep trying to make sense of all of it as one thing anymore, and starting with the premise that what I'm watching on Book isn't connected at all to the novels. And yeah, there's also the fact as was said before that these things are barely fleshed out yet. I don't think I really liked one book from the new canon so far, and they really haven't fleshed things out much at all, and as much as they have, every time they make a movie, they make some wacky independent decision that counters the backstory of a character. Take Poe for example. They gave him more of a backstory in the novels and then just completely ignored that in TROS. So what's the point of all this extra media? You have five movies, two TV shows so far as what's on the screen, and what's in books and comics seem completely reliant on those things, and outside of the trilogy of films, the two other films and two shows are so close to the original trilogy that they don't want to and can't touch anything in any significant way to do something interesting. I really think this strict adherence to one gigantic continuity is holding them back creatively when they're not keeping the story consistent and straight with the little bit they've done so far anyway. So what's the point? ...and I won't even get into the other demoralizing thing which is when someone points out something like this, fanboys and the people in charge of Star Wars rip them apart and call them names, so tons of people have just moved on. Myself included. Besides writing these long novels here to discuss, I haven't watched, played, or read a new Star Wars anything probably since Fallen Order.
  10. I mean, isn't that kinda obvious no matter what people want you to think? Edwards had to get sidelined and a huge chunk of his movie remade, only he played nice with Lucasfilm and got to still be in all the marketing and credited as director. Compare that to Solo where the Lego Boys didn't play nice, got flat out fired from the movie and instead of getting first credit, got credit more like Gilroy did. I suggest the not playing nice because he was primed to become the next big, hot director in Hollywood and after 5 years we're barely heard a peep from him. A fair suggestion, but that wouldn't have affected not hearing anything from him in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Not even a movie release, but pushing him a lot in the press.
  11. I know I'm a negative nancy about just about everything Star Wars these days, but the show feels like it doesn't really have a purpose. Like the suits told the Mando crew "HEY EVERYONE LIKES BOBA FETT!! GO MAKE A SHOW ABOUT BOBA FETT!!" and they just kind of didn't know what to do with the guy because his entire character is being cool armor.
  12. Hopefully since it didn't do well, they'll rush it to stream so I can see it sooner. I'm at least looking forward to seeing it, coming from someone who thought a remake of the show was completely unnecessary.
  13. I very much enjoyed this, cheese and all. I miss the passion people used to have that led them to making Star Wars fan films. This is still my favorite Star Wars fan film ever:
  14. They're all good for different reasons, 2 wasn't on the OST, right? 3 had the most energy out of all of them, but as for the whole package, 1 is still the best. That's the case with most things about the first three movies. The first doesn't have the highs as some of the later movies but is the best in that it's the most well rounded and less stupid stuff.
  15. Both of you got it wrong. Go big or go home. Ask for Lucas's sequel trilogy story treatments.
  16. I'm sure those sources are all completely factual and none of them are astro turfed hype by SEO hungry clickbait websites.
  17. I agree with all of this, but I'd add that the action made me sick. They'd run up to each other really fast and then start punching or kicking really slow. It's like whoever did the action stuff has seen an action movie before but doesn't know how the rhythm of an action scene went at all. It would feel way slower than it looked like it wanted to be and slower than the score wanted to convince you it was, so it messed with our brains and we got dizzy a few times. Just a dreadful movie. Kinda gives me more appreciation for Reloaded and Revolutions. I'll save making comparisons to Star Wars, but you know where I'd go with that anyway.
  18. What if what you hear in that track is basically all that's in the movie? I'm just getting a feeling that most of the returning characters are the villains, and then the end of the movie is the other two Spider-Mans showing up in suit, and then taking their masks off after the battle and that's basically it. Sneaking suspicion, but we'll see what happens.
  19. I'm a Horner lover and a Zimmer hater and maybe a year or so ago I did a full listen of both Amazing scores and was super surprised how much more 2 did it for me than 1.
  20. First full track. I appreciate the lack of dialogue since in the original had it on the OST. Guy's awful though. WAIT! I spoke too soon! They have dialogue at the end only. Weird choice.
  21. Damn, I didn't see this before when I placed my order for Fiddler. I placed the order anyway so it wouldn't go out of stock like 1941. I sent an email. Hopefully they can consolidate the shipping costs a little.
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