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  1. There is actually a book called MRS. SLOCOMBE'S PUSSY!
  2. Are we really creaming our jeans over a film that is almost two years from release? Sheesh.
  3. Fantastic, @Tallguy! This is my equal favourite Silvestri. THE PRIMER might just be his best "atmospheric" cue, ever. The change in tone, when Haddon says "Maybe not out, but certainly being handed your hat", is stunning.
  4. I must say that I like the poster. It shows intelligence, and originality. It's light years beyond the average "floating heads" rubbish, that's inflicted upon us, so much, these days.
  5. The film is excellent, but I've not seen the TV series. I'll check it out.
  6. Are these originals, or rerecordings? What's on it, Thor? THE HINDENBURG? 2010?
  7. Interesting. I also read that Eccleston did DW, as a "thank you" to RTD, for being cast in THE SECOND COMING. There's a rather awkward interview that Eccleston did, which can be seen on the extras DVD of Season (insert number, here). He squirms, when being asked if he's doing any more DW. I hadn't heard about the punching but, as you say, Sweep, it's unacceptable, under any circumstances. Clarkson knew that, but then, Clarkson is an eejit, anyway. I did know that Eccleston refused to do the regeneration scene.
  8. Och! Twenty twenty-three? Schmenty twenty-three! It'll be here before we know it.
  9. I know, with absolute certainty, that there either will, or will not, be another JW score expansion, in 2021. More than this, I cannot say.
  10. It's a great score - and based around three notes. How cool is that?! PSYCHO THE THING THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD ALIEN
  11. 1.03 This looks a whole lot better than GHOSTBUSTERS 2.
  12. Indeed. I'd love to hear a live rendition of Where Has Everybody Gone?
  13. That's a great shame, as he's a very good actor, and one of the very best Doctors.
  14. Martin Campbell, perhaps? You're not alone, Stu. It's my favourite Bond song and score, since 1987, and TLD is a top-5 Bond film, for me.
  15. Oh, Sweep! I'm very sad to read that. I didn't know that things had deteriorated between them. We've still got Capaidi, Smith, Tennant, McGann, McCoy, Baker, Davison, and Baker
  16. Now that RTD is back, it bodes well for the return of Eccleston, for the 60th.
  17. Really, Sweep? Have you seen THE INVASION OF TIME? 6'6" Sontarans. No! Joking aside, they do look more like Pertwee era, than Tennant era.
  18. I believe that we see the creature pick her up and throw her into the water.
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