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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, er...I agree with Bruce. Anything with Bittan, and Weinberg, is not trivial.
  2. They died???!!!!! Fucking hell! SPOILERS!!!
  3. Indeed, in the same way that Auntie never acknowledged its cancellation in 1985, or 1990. The "real" reason, for anyone on the 6th floor who happens to be reading this, is... ...by completely fucking DW, and its fan-base, in the ass. Not too sure about Tennant returning. It sounds like appeasement, to me. If they got Eccleston back, then I would be impressed.
  4. My hope was that they could get back the dream team of Campbell, Lamont, Baird, and Méheux. Obviously, this is not going to happen, but I'd settle for Gassner.
  5. Oh, Mr. Sweep. All this physical stuff. So dull, so dull.
  6. My preferred way, is via the compact disc, but, imo, it doesn't really matter how they do it, as long as people still listen to music.
  7. I kinda knew that. I wonder how Bond will survive NO TIME TO DIE? Given that Bond, like Holmes, is a high-functioning sociopath, it shouldn't be too difficult.
  8. I envy you, Bes. ANGELS IN AMERICA is one of the finest pieces of television ever created. Newman's score is great, and the performances are uniformly excellent. There are funny bits in it, but, no, it's not a comedy.
  9. If you lived in the'60s, Jay, you might think otherwise. He was all over the cinema screen: BILLY BUDD; THE COLLECTOR; POOR COW; FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. These were, all, prestigious releases. Along with Michael Caine (with whom he once shared a flat, in London), and David Hemmings, he completed the trio of "it" men. Btw, Waterloo Sunset, is, despite, appearances, not about Stamp and Christie.
  10. Maybe they should start making them in clear plastic cases, like cassettes were, in the mid-80s?
  11. 18 days to go... He wouldn't tell us what he wouldn't do for love. QED. It's all very meta He was a good, solid actor. THE WILD GEESE is preposterous, but it's a lot of fun to watch.
  12. I've always thought that there was a bit of a mickey take, with BOOH. Now I know why.
  13. Maybe no big loss, as a character, but Helen McCrory was an exceptional actor, and her death is a great loss to the profession.
  14. That's close to the edge. He'll need to show discipline. Hope he doesn't get too fragile?
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