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  1. She's a killer queen. Gunpowder, gelatine. Dynamite, with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind (any time).
  2. As I've posted before, the entire OST is on YouTube.
  3. As far as I remember, Bes, Jerry and Franklin J. had a conversation, and Franklin J. suggested a waltz as the musical "glue". I think that it works,
  4. No love for Ian Charleson Ian Hart Iain Glen Ian McNeice Ian Richardson at JWfan? He's also in GORKY PARK.
  5. Sorry, but it's "Los Angeles November, 2019".
  6. Well, why didn't you say "the Endless Stair", instead of "endless stairs"? Ta, anyway
  7. Ha, ha, h- oh. You really don't get it. You poor child. You poor...thin...child.
  8. If the stairs were endless, they'd never make it to the top. Can we have a post from someone who's had a little less caffeine?
  9. A quick TTT question: After Gandalf and the Balrog fell into the underground lake, how did they get to the ruins on top of the mountain? This has always bothered me.
  10. What was the name of that awful Michael Jackson song, on the "story of" record? "Touch Me In The Dark", or something?
  11. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't (THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H.).
  12. Zipiddy do-dah, zipiddy ay. My oh my, what wonderful day. Plenty o' sunshine comin' my way. Zipiddy do-dah, zipiddy ay.
  13. FFS! How many times can you get "Christopher Nolan" on a goddamn film poster? Warner Bros. must be desperate.
  14. If you want more of that, try TRAINING WITH GEORGE, and GEORGE SETS THE PACE. (edit TWG has been mentioned. Sorry) Agreed. I still think it sounds fairly "dry", though. Thor, do you think that the reverb is artificial? Compare it to EARTHQUAKE, THE TOWERING INFERNO, and it certainly sounds it.
  15. I don't know about tonight, but I've just had a lovely homemade banana smoothie, with milk, double cream, and crushed ice. Just the thing, after pumping iron.
  16. Fucking hell. My boss is a stone-cold cunt. Every encounter with this (insert appropriate noun, here) leaves me humiliated, belittled, and depressed. It's got to the point where I expect to have a new one torn, on a daily basis. It's so bad I don't even know which asshole to shit out of, any more. Anyway, how was your day?
  17. Is the booklet cover of THE ROCKETEER really blue? I remember the OST as having a pale green background.
  18. Beyond the silver rainbow, you won't know if you're coming, or going.
  19. For me, it's 50/50. I'm split straight down the middle, with forces of equal magnitude battling for my sanity. That's on a good day. On a bad day, you don't want to know me.
  20. @bruce marshall "2017". "2017"? Are you sure you're a film critic?
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