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  1. Well, he's no Larry Fast. I mean, it's no Soundcheck Delta 3, is it? To be terribly honest, it sounds like the background music whenever The Book in The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy is read out. It's not bad, but then again...
  2. Forget caffeine. All you need is 1941, Adventures On Earth, and The Asteroid Field
  3. To Hollywood, and glory!!!! "Top-10?" Piffle! It currently resides at #4 in my all-time top-5 JW scores. Now, let me hear ya guns? My what?! Ya guns!
  4. I've not seen the film, but it seems to be a rare thing: a film where Lee, and Cushing are not at odds with each other.
  5. Well said, @Andy! We need more posts like that, not all these cynical, subject-bashing missives.
  6. It sure looks like it They say he has an enormous schlong. There you go; size, again. I'm somewhere in the middle, myself.
  7. I've bought the OST, the C&C, the twofer, and both the OST and the C&C OUTLAND, and I have bought both on vinyl. They really do make a great pair.
  8. HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG is a competent score from an emotional film, but SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS is, for me, easily, top-5 JNH, so...no contest
  9. Indeed it is. It's a hoopy frood who always knows where their towel is
  10. It's got Count Dracula, Charlie Chaplin, and Tommy Shelby. What's not to like?
  11. Thanks @Jay. This is a lovely score, from a lovely film. I really like the Theme From A Summer Place pastiche. An essential purchase. Does it come in Rumble-Rama?
  12. Now that is a fantastic score, from a fantastic film. "That's where you are, Quiller: in the gap".
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