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  1. What? You've never heard of Alfred and Bernard Newherrmannman?
  2. Hey, it's already taken $105,000,000 more than Lynch's version
  3. I always used to like THE FOUR MUSKETEERS, but now I prefer to watch THE THREE MUSKETEERS.
  4. They finished THE CROW, so, potentially... Natalie Wood died, in 1981 (admittedly not from a gunshot wound) but BRAINSTORM was finished. Same thing happened, with Vic Morrow. I guess it depends on how much money people have invested, and how far along the film was. Whatever happens, Baldwin, probably, won't be involved. If this was a terrible accident (as early evidence suggests), then I hope that Baldwin is not prosecuted.
  5. It would sound better, if he'd worn a mask. 0:45 - what's Killer Bob doing there?
  6. @Tom Guernsey, For me, CHE is up there, with TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, as one of Inglesias' best. Do you like Legrand's THE THREE MUSKETEERS?
  7. He conducted my favourite version of Britten's PETER GRIMES: The R.O.H. Orchestra and Chorus with Johnson, Lott, and Allen.
  8. One can only speculate on what sort of film THE GODFATHER PT. III would have been, if she hadn't have pulled out. Didn't she do DRACULA as a sort of an apology to Coppola?
  9. Curiously, that makes it the most late opening of all the Indiana Jones films.
  10. "I know where the barstard lies. In Carfax Ebby!" My goodness it's awful, isn't it? Apparently Coppola tried to push Reeves into a "better" performance. Somewhere, there's footage of Oldman grimacing, as if to say "Is this for real?". Happily, everything else is uniformly excellent. All things considered it's the best screen version of DRACULA, by a country mile.
  11. No. It's a forthcoming film, with Alec Baldwin. Or, at least, it was...
  12. @Mephariel, you might like Lynch's version more.
  13. I guess nobody's going to be watching RUST... So, so sad.
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