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  1. On 25/03/2021 at 3:49 PM, AC1 said:

    The first time I watched The Heiress I thought it was brilliant. So dark I couldn't believe it's a movie from 1949.

    Back when movie making had real and genuine guts.

    No pre sold TV rights. No demographics. No focus groups. No previews. No audience appreciation cards. No recutting due to some minority taking offence.

    Just good - fucking good - and brave filmmaking.

  2. I'm liking this conversation. Although we agree to disagree, what we can agree on is that we all appreciate cinema, and enjoy discussing it, here.

    We also have the ability to accept others' value judgements on fictional characters.

    Time and again, I've been criticized by friends for judging a person in a film too harshly. My reply is always the same: "It's a character in a trick of light, so I can pass any ****ing judgement I like!".

    Unlike some, I can tell the difference between fantasy, and reality.


  3. 35 minutes ago, Tallguy said:


    Did you see All is Lost? I'm not a big Redford fan (I think he has a niche that he's amazing at) but I loved this film and I can't get anyone I know to watch it.

    Yes, I have. I like it. I like most of his recent stuff. A WALK IN THE WOODS was good, as was THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. LIONS TO LAMBS was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Democrats.

  4. No-one sings Send In The Clowns like Glynis Johns. She completely nails the "lost it" quality, that Desiree has.

    Anyone who sings it like it's some great rollicking ballad, has got it all arse-over-tit. It's a lament to lost talent, a lost time, and to lost love.

  5. No-one stamped his own identity so quickly, or emphatically, as Tennant. He did an amazing job.

    As a longform story, Flux holds neither my interest, nor attention, in the same way that The Dalek's Masterplan, The War Games, and, even The Trial Of A Time Lord, still do. Put simply, do not care. I'm just waiting for this whole mess to be over (get it, @Thor :)).

    It's really sad to watch my all-time favourite piece of entertainment of any kind, disintegrating before my eyes, over the course of three years.

    I just hope that R.T.D. can save D.W. from this quagmire?

  6. 3 hours ago, AC1 said:

    Soon they'll demand a naked version of Peter Skellern's You're A Lady.




    Never, dude! You're A Lady is just fine as it is. It's a great, great song.

    What's next? A naked version of John Miles' Music? :lol:




    3 minutes ago, Disco Stu said:


    OK then it's just a mediocre Beatles song, there are a few of those

    Not at all. I just object to some American interloper faffing around with Merseyside's finest.

    I like the song...but I'll only listen to the NAKED version, because that's what The Beatles intended.

  7. 2 hours ago, Sweeping Strings said:

    Village Of The Angels 'overnight' audience figures were around 3.5 million ...

    Even Sylvester McCoy was pulling down more than that, and he was in direct competition with Corrie!


    2 hours ago, Sweeping Strings said:

    ...so much for Chibnall's assertion that the drama audience is 'bigger' on Sunday evenings.

    It depends upon what's showing. CALL THE MIDWIFE regularly pulls in 8-10 million, and all those adult dramas, on at 9pm (THE VIGIL, etc.), attract huge audiences.

    DW has always been seen as the curtain-raiser to the evening. Of course, when your evening's viewing included THE GENERATION GAME, MORECAMBE AND WISE, THE TWO RONNIES, PARKY, and MOTD, you couldn't really go wrong.

    @Richard Penna is right: viewing habits have changed so much, so it's possibly unfair to judge the show on 3.5 mil...unless everyone else who didn't watch it, knows something we don't :lol:

    THE CURSE OF FENRIC pulled in about the same, and that is a stone cold DW classic.

    If you ask me (and you haven't), the show is, simply, not very good. I feel for Whittaker. Under someone else, she could have flown, but the current showrunner, has demonstrated, time and time again, that he has neither knowledge of, nor respect for DW. Ah, well, there's only 1 episode, and 3 "specials", to go...

  8. Hey, dude, horses for courses.

    The  section starting from when Bond gets to the Bahamas, is such a mess. It's re-cut, and faffed around with. The continuity makes no sense, and there's even at least one shot (probably more) flopped.

    The usually reliable Peter Hunt really messed up.

    The cinematography, on the other hand, is nice, and the underwater SCUBA battle so unique that no-one's even attempted to copy it.

    I just wish that it had the pace of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, and the style of GOLDFINGER.

    One good thing...Luciana Paluzzi could kill me any day :)

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