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  1. Some favourites, from THE ABYSS Kirkhill? That man don't know his butt from a rat hole Hippy, you act like everything's a conspiracy. Everything is I hate that bitch. Probably shouldn't have married her, then, huh? Oh, no. Look who's with them? Queen Bitch of the universe.
  2. Not everyone thought that Empire was better, in 1980.
  3. Watch DUNE REDUX, and you get all of it, in one go
  4. Now, just a damn minute! You don't see the appeal of Winona Ryder??!!
  5. It's reminiscent of Drew Struzan. He created the poster for the Final Cut, in 2007.
  6. Sorry, Alex, but in what way?
  7. Let's get right back to the Royal Albert bloody Hall!
  8. Oh, yeah? Don't wanna come to London, do ya, you little turncoat!
  9. No. I first heard THE PLANETS in the Previn/L.S.O. recording. I can't decide which is better: Previn, or Charles Dutoit?
  10. G.O.F. is a score that I like, in spite of myself. It's not my favourite Doyle, but it's a competent score, that gets the job done, with aplomb.
  11. I think that he was "deliberately misled" about the quality of EPISODE II
  12. @Michael G. For me, all these themes are encapsulated in one piece of music: SATURN: THE BRINGER OF OLD AGE, which is my favourite piece of classical music, by a country mile.
  13. Howzabout 16 quadrants? Male Female Young Old BAME WOKE L G B T Q I + Trans (or is that "+"?) Non-binary (or is that "+"?) HZfans ?
  14. Out of interest, did anyone see THE FURY at the cinema, in 1978 ( @Jay does not need to respond )?
  15. Purple? What kind of homosexual are you, anyway? That's not purple, Mary. That colour up there...is mauve.
  16. Sorry, Omen, but philately will get you nowhere
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