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  1. I agree...up to a point. For all of Collins' "influence", one person remains the true guiding force, behind Genesis. His compositional style, and playing, drives the music, and the group, forward, in a way that Collins couldn't even hope to achieve. He's the true force in Genesis.
  2. "Paul?!" "Don't you trust your own eyes, Gurney Haleck?" (shows signet ring) "They said you were dead. They said...You young puppy! You young pup!"
  3. I like all three original films (I have not seen any of the others), but THE I.P.C.R.E.S.S. FILE is a brilliant piece of work. The framing, the score, the laconic, world-weary performance, by Caine: it's just fantastic, and it's a very rewatchable film. Nothing in the series beats the "Oh, shit!" moment, when Palmer escapes, and finds himself... Well; spoilers, in case of those who are yet to savor its delights "Now, listen to me, Palmer. Listen to me".
  4. Now that he's officially retired from the role, what's the goss on who might replace 007?
  5. I'm afraid that, for me, the question is completely irrelevant
  6. Ladies, and germs, please put your hands together, and don't forget to look up, on the wall, for ABACAB. 40 years old, today!
  7. You know, Chen, sometimes I don't think you have the balls for this job.
  8. Really? I'd rather see WB out there, strutting his stuff, than Jon Herrington, any day. Any way you slice it, the Dan without WB is diminished.
  9. @Bespin It's not the first Dracula movie, Bes, but I know what you mean. It does have a "filmed play" look about it, and for good reason. The 1979 version is, also, based on the same play. Also, it conforms to a 1930s aesthetic. Try its companion film, FRANKENSTEIN: it's much better. The shot where Karloff backs into Frankenstein's study, and then turns around, is one of the greatest shots in all of cinema.
  10. Bob and Bob being involved, certainly validates it. If they still have the rights...howzabout 1941: The Musical? Used Cars: The Musical? I Wanna Hold Your Hand: The Musical?
  11. I envy you. Even without Becker, the Dan is still a potent, and relevant, band. Drive west, turn that jungle music down, and have a great time!
  12. Ok. I lasted for 50 seconds of that...music? Is it me, or does this sound like every other Zimmer score, from the past ten years? I'll stick with The Trip To Arrakis, by Toto. Cosmic.
  13. Hey @Disco Stu, have seen the Dan, yet? Was it bon marche, as far as you could tell?
  14. I didn't know about the deleted Hadley's Hope footage. Thanks.
  15. It's the worst of the three original Harry Palmer films, but, you're right: it's fun
  16. Nice. Try the Jerry rerecording, as well. Jerry was the only person that North let hear 2001.
  17. Nice one, @Jay! 2001 is my third fave North score. I love it. I can't open the link. Is it the OST, or the Jerry rerecording?
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