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  1. Thanks for the tip, @KK. I hope to see this, sometime. In the meantime, I'll rewatch DVDs of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, and THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which I purchased, recently, from my local thrift store, for the princely sum of 50p (about 75 cents), for both. How cool is that?!
  2. Is Shaddam IV in this? What about Feyd, Count Fenring, and Irulan? Does Jamis make an appearance?
  3. I had to Google this. Geez, the po' main character just can't catch a break, can he? Delerue and Jarre? Does this work?
  4. I come back to a question which I posted a little while ago: who films half of a book? It doesn't make sense. Better to film the entire novel, and cut what you've filmed in half.
  5. To take an idea from STAR TREK IV: like trying to talk to the whales, these shorts have words, but no language. They are talking in gibberish.
  6. Sometimes, a film can be worth watching, just because it looks beautiful. For those who have seen the film, a QQ: what is the sound design like? Who designed the sound? Does it match the visuals? I've read, here, that the music is very high in the mix. Is this an opinion that's held by JWfaners? How does this affect the overall experience of the film?
  7. Once, just once, did I need a replacement CD. I went to London to buy the 2-disc Varese THE FURY, in 2002. Foolishly, I did not open the - sealed - CD and check. When I got home, late that night, CD 2 was missing. The air in my flat went from clear to black, in one second... I went straight up to London, the very next day, to get a replacement. That'll learn me.
  8. According to news reports, Baldwin was told that the gun was safe to fire. Of course, that doesn't make him feel any better for committing involuntary manslaughter.
  9. No wrath, here. I hope to see the new DUNE, if I can, even though I'll be comparing to Lynch's version, as I watch it. I know that @crocodile was referring to BR2049, when he posted, which I find a huge borefest! Richard - not bothered about anybody's wrath .
  10. This is a fantastic, under-appreciated piece of work. Easily top-3 North, for me. Because of when I first saw both films, I will always pair this with ALTERED STATES, another remarkable score.
  11. Who'd point a gun at the DP, anyway (apart from Christian Bale )?
  12. I'm Radio 3's THE SOUND OF CINEMA. Apparently, WATERWORLD was directed by Kevin Costner, and had an "heroic" score from James Horner (!). Why does this asshole bother?
  13. What? You've never heard of Alfred and Bernard Newherrmannman?
  14. Hey, it's already taken $105,000,000 more than Lynch's version
  15. I always used to like THE FOUR MUSKETEERS, but now I prefer to watch THE THREE MUSKETEERS.
  16. They finished THE CROW, so, potentially... Natalie Wood died, in 1981 (admittedly not from a gunshot wound) but BRAINSTORM was finished. Same thing happened, with Vic Morrow. I guess it depends on how much money people have invested, and how far along the film was. Whatever happens, Baldwin, probably, won't be involved. If this was a terrible accident (as early evidence suggests), then I hope that Baldwin is not prosecuted.
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