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  1. I agree with @Arpy, although the demystifying of the aliens started when Cameron turned them into action figures. ALIEN³ attempted to redress the balance, but ALIEN RESSURECTION just gave up, and had them as objects almost of fun. What AVP, and AVP-R are, is anyone's guess. I like COVENANT, and I really like PROMETHEUS, so much so that I shelled-out to see it twice at the cinema - and in 3D both times, no less! The story can have only one ending. Let's hope that Scott and co. make it a good one.
  2. I think I'll stick with THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS.
  3. To quote Mandy Rice Davies: "Well, he would, wouldn't he?".
  4. I made it half way through the trailer, and I had to turn it off. Culkin was OK, as a smart-ass kid, but it just doesn't work with some borderline pubescent, middle-class, toffee-nose, English private school, asshole - sorry - arsehole. This Christmas, I'll be watching the genuine article.
  5. Not I, but I would stump up to hear a concert of music by the likes of Tristan Carey, Dudley Simpson, Peter Howell, Malcolm Clarke, Keff McCullough, Mark Ayers, and Roger Limb.
  6. Flux you, muthafluxa! This probably didn't happen. Apparently, Whittaker and Chibnall always had a "three years and out" agreement, with Auntie. That's the official reason, anyway. If flux means "movement", then it could mean that the whole of time and space is in a state of fluidity, which could throw up some interesting possibilities...or it could be the name of some entity, rather like The Silence.
  7. Indeed, @Tallguy. It should have been slowed down to allow for more characterization, and...oh, yes, Branagh should have kept his shirt on.
  8. I'm not a Zellweger fan, by any standard, but she nails the English neuroses - not to mention the accent - with Bridget Jones.
  9. This is absolute favourite Doyle score. I can't say that I love many Doyle scores, but I do love this one.
  10. You do know, Sharkey, that "fanny" means different things, in both English, and American?
  11. Among my favourites, is the cue in QOS, which begins as Bond returns to where Mr. White escaped from, and then cuts to a shot of a rain-soaked road, with the word "London" superimposed.
  12. Ok, guys, what the chuffin' 'eck, is "the flux"?
  13. DP redid it, in 2001 (I think), but this is the best version. After this, Arnold had a lot of respect, for the guys.
  14. My favourite is HELICOPTER RIDE. I love the ethnic instruments, coupled with the powerful percussion, culminating in that very "Play Dead"-esque coda.
  15. These are classic films, with classic scores. My favourite Ealing, IS PASSPORT TO PIMLICO.
  16. Reports of my leaving have been greatly exaggerated! 😁
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