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  1. Do me a favour, will you? Throw that down the toilet. Cut out the middle man. Stay! I really hate you, right now. I think I'll call you 'C'...C. I do remember saying "bring it back in one piece", not "bring back one piece".
  2. That's it! I'm done with JWfan! I make what I consider to be pertinent remarks about the nature of cinematic horror, and all you lot can do is to belittle and make fun of me, when I relayed my amorous adventure in a movie theatre. It happened one time. One time, OK?!
  3. I once had sexual arousal, in a cinema, while watching a horror film, but that is another story, for another time I don't know about "horror". It seems to me that the concept of what horror is, has changed as cinema has developed. I don't find THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE to be a horror film, even though it contains many horrific scenes. If "horror" equals scares, then, undoubtedly, the scariest film I've ever seen, is ALIEN. I saw it on its opening weekend at the Odeon Leicester Square, front row royal circle, in 70mm and 6-track magnetic. I'll never forget it. It did to me what no other film has done, before or since: it made me physically nauseous.
  4. Jerry was offered AN AMERICAN TAIL? I did not know that, but it stands to reason, after he scored the previous Don Bluth film. Personally, I'll take HOOSIERS over AAT, any day. Indeed. It's a surprisingly good listen...as is SUPERMAN II, if people would give it a chance.
  5. No. Add a few. QOS is so disjointed. It's meant to reflect the driven, almost schizophrenic, state of Bond's mind, but there are better ways to show this.
  6. Agreed, but it still manages to look like it's been edited by a five-year-old child, wearing a blindfold, and boxing gloves. Isn't that the biggest flaw of all; that you can't remember a Bond - a fucking Bond - movie?!
  7. @GerateWohl, I think that Mike Batt is a certifiable musical genius, and a very underrated writer, although I'm not sure if music will ever forgive him for "discovering" Kate Melua If you want to add a great dollop of cheese, to your life, then listen to his greatest musical creation: The Wombles.
  8. Good question. SPECTRE is not only my favourite Craig Bond, it's in my top 5 favourite Bond films. It's a lot more fun than SKYFALL, which I think is so poe-faced, and up its own ass with pathos, that I think it's going to collapse under the weight of its self-importence. Granted, SKYFALL is - arguably - better than QOS, but there's so much more for everyone to do, in SPECTRE, especially M, Q, and Moneypenny. It's also got some nifty jokes ("Now I know what 'C' stands for"), and - and most importantly of all - it has Monica Bellucci (sigh ). It's not something that I can really explain: I just prefer to watch SPECTRE, over SKYFALL, in the same way that I prefer to watch THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, over THUNDERBALL, or THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, over LIVE AND LET DIE.
  9. It is, by far, my favourite Craig, Bond film. I know I'm in the minority, here, but I love it.
  10. We've been waiting for a "great Indy sequel", since 1981
  11. CASINO ROYALE and SKYFALL seem to be the gold standard for Craig-era Bond. I wonder how NO TIME TO DIE measures up, to these? So far, I've read no review that compares NTTD to any Craig Bond, either favourably, or unfavourably.
  12. he said. "The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one"...but still they come.
  13. Agreed. The so-called "monster", is the character with the most humanity.
  14. Whoa! Cut, print, check the gate. That's Her Madge's Christmas message, right there
  15. To paraphrase Dr. Samuel Johnson: "When a man is tired of WAR OF THE WORLDS, he is tired of life"
  16. There's the rub! If you understood it, maybe it would go up, in your estimation? Of course not. Horses, for courses. Anything is better than WAR HORSE. An endoscopy is better than WAR HORSE. I tried to watch the film, the other day: I gave up, fifty minutes in. It's not often I call a Spielberg film "dull", but WAR HORSE certainly is....as ditchwater. Not even the likes of the great Peter Mullan, can save it.
  17. It wouldn't get into my top 20 JW scores, but it's a competently made piece of work. The film, on the other hand, is becoming an Spielberg favourite, of mine.
  18. It's the type of role that he could have played, easily. Ernest Thesiger plays it to deranged perfection.
  19. ...so's the apocalypse, and I'm not looking forward to that, either.
  20. It's a decent score, from what I believe to be quite a misunderstood film, but "Not my Williams" @AC1? Please explain.
  21. What's the guy from DELIVERANCE up to, these days. All together, now: #Da-da-dang-dang-dang-dang-dang-dang-dang#
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