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  1. Who's encouraging whom? I made no directive to purchase this bootleg, nor would I.

    I challenge anyone to find, in my previous post, any word of encouragement to buy this, or any other bootleg.

    I'm stating, simply, the contents of the bootleg.

    I would, on the other hand, encourage people to truly read my posts, and to read what is not there, as well as what is there.

    Out of interest, I'm pretty sure that many JWfaners have, in the past, bought bootlegs. I am acutely aware that this presents a moral quandary: one wants all that nice, unreleased music, but, at the same time, one doesn't want their hard-earned to go to people who do not deserve it. It's a puzzler...or, maybe, not. Some people will refuse to buy bootlegs, and they are to be admired. Others will succumb to the urge to complete their collection. No-one should judge, either way.

    @crumbs is right, of course: the region 2 DVD has an iso., and in 5.1, no less. No such luck with the UK Blu, I'm afraid (yah boo sucks!).

    In whatever form it exists, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK remains a superlative score, from a man at the very apex of his game, and it demands a legitimate expansion.

  2. 52 minutes ago, Thor said:



    This one is being reissued now in early December, on Silva. I have vague memories of renting the film on VHS in the 90s, but no memory of the score. So it's a nice re-acquaintance, Isham's electronic score oscillates between moody textural pieces (occasionally with a trumpet/jazz tinge, as is his custom), broad melodies and throbbing suspense. Took me a couple of listen-throughs, but ultimately found it qualified for my digital collection.

    It's a great early Isham work.

  3. 10 hours ago, DarthDementous said:

    Huh? Where?

    I found it on YouTube...then lost it, again. If I find it, I'll let you know.



    5 hours ago, Tallguy said:

     I've missed multi-part stories SO much.

    They've been broadcasting multi-part stories since November 23rd, 1963 :lol:

  4. On 03/09/2021 at 11:19 PM, Richard Penna said:

    With Varese's recent tidal wave of deluxifications, I went and found all of their DEs that I've picked up over the years, to remind myself.


    At one end, I bought Nightwing based entirely on my rather liking the samples on their website - I've never seen the film, nor heard anything else by Mancini. And I got lucky - I love it. The other end of the scale being Dante's Peak, which I still can't quite believe is in that pile.


    And whether that copy of Starship Troopers is defective.... no idea :P I have two identical copies.


    The only other potential DEs I can immediately think of that I'd also buy would be I, Robot and Ice Age.



    NIGHTWING is my favourite Mancini score, bar none.

  5. 9 hours ago, Tallguy said:


    In the theater would they both have been the same height? And then wider for the 70mm?

    Correct. I saw BRAINSTORM at the cinema, and all the 1.85 stuff had a big black block, either side. It was well odd.



    23 minutes ago, AC1 said:

    ...we're missing the outer areas of the original frame but we're a little bit closer to the subject or action.


    I don't really want to get closer to the alien, thank you very much :lol:.

    70mm, on the biggest screen in the UK (at that time), is plenty close enough.

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