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  1. Golden age: 1974 - 1982, Silver age: 1983 - 1988, Bronze age: 1989 - present, with some excellent late - flowering classics, such as "Minority Report", and "POA". JW's truly great time ended with "The Accidental Tourist". Period.
  2. It's probably "Incident On Isla Nubar", and "Rescuing Sarah". "Dennis Steals The Embryos" is nice, but sounds too much like "The Conspiritors". The rest is just varying degrees of meh.
  3. Not quite. The R2 DVD is in stereo, and so is the music, which means that a potential stereo recording exists... This seems highly unlikely. Yes, probably. Don't know for sure, though. ------ But actually I have the 2 original recordings: 1. Midway March (02:46) 2. The men of the Yorktown march (03:11) They are on the Japanese version of John Williams Filmworks. http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/title/7761/John+Williams+Filmworks I have the original Japanese 7 - inch vinyl disc with the aforementioned tracks. You are not mistaken, friend. P.s., don't forget that "Heidi" was not conducted by JW.
  4. What's happens in the Autum? I want to see it, simply to see what our dear Ken has done with it. My thoughts exactly, Qiunt. The best film that I have seen in the last 18 months, is the re-issue of "The Red Shoes" (pure cinematic perfection!!!). The current line-up of Hollywood's best and brightest looks like an evermore depressing list of road traffic accidents. The only film that is causing me to get even remotely hard is "Warhorse", and we in good old Blighty have to wait for that one until the fucking 13th of January, 2012!
  5. I believe that Cameron asked him to make it soung like the "2001" track.
  6. Do you HAVE to talk like that? Why don't you come over here, and help me check out a 908. Better score than the original(*) + great photography by Michael Butler = worth watching. (*) Oh, dear; can-of-worms-time, again.
  7. Take my word for it - it IS his voice. I have also thought the same as you, Stefan, regarding River Song. "The only water in the forest is the river" is pretty obvious, but then The Moff does like to confound (not to mention confuse) us! I still want to know why River Song says to Tennant "You're so young". If McGann does return (and I hope that he does!), I hope it's for more than just a "guest star" slot. I get goosbumps whenever I play that message... If Doctor 8 has survived, how about Doctors 1-7, and 9-10? It's a very long shot, but are there any SJAs yet to be screened?
  8. I know nothing of this "Super Meat Boy" that you mention, but I do like "WYWH". I will look him/it up. Thanks for the welcome back. To be honest, I recently re-located to another part of good ole Blighty, and I have only just got "netted up" again. The hiatus was...painful; I've probably missed out on the 2-cd "First Knight", but, as we say on Earth: "C'est La Vie". It's nice to be back.
  9. It IS Paul McGann's voice on the message. This opens up sooooo many "time war" possibilities. All that "half-Human" shit is just bollocks, and it's not cannon!
  10. Oh, for f##k's sake, do we really need a vote on this? Williams could record his farts in a bathtub, and it would still be better than Zimmer.
  11. I caught up with "Shameless", last night; very rude, very funny, and very, very good. BTW; Wojo - great avatar!
  12. "They peel them with their metal knives" Ha ha. #For mash, get Smash#
  13. What are you talking about, you crafty man?! "The Unicon And The Wasp" was brilliant!! No he's not. As for "The Doctor's Wife"; it was pretty good. Strange that no-one has mentioned whose voice it was on the Ood message...
  14. Qiute right, Pixie. Fast has always put melody and harmony over texture, or "feel". If you want texture, then check out his work with Peter Gabriel, especially "peter gabriel 3". "ERFRO" is a good start, but he really came into his own with "Sequencer", especially my all-time fave, "Sequence 14"; Stunning. Some little-known facts: 1/ Fast performed a concert in NYC (was he "back in NYC?")a few years ago, along with Wendy Carlos. 2/Fast auditioned for Yes circa "TFTO". 3/Fast was asked to "audition" for the role of composer for the film "The Right Stuff". Those pieces are on "Semiconductor - release 2", and are: "Launch At Dawn", and "To The Edge And Back". 4/ Although not credited, Fast worked on "Us", by Peter Gabriel.
  15. That might explain why the previous TARDIS is there. Of course, they may just be witnessing Tennant or Eccelston's regeneration as well. Perhaps they fell through a crack in time? I knew Amy's crack would come into it, somewhere. I've just about had enough of Amy's crack. It's enough to make you pine for Tom Baker...almost.
  16. [quote name='David Coscina' timestamp='1302607880' post='712918' Has anyone here listened to Larry Fast aka Synergy? Some nice stuff. At last! A man after my own musical heart!!! I have been listening to Larry Fast's music for well over 33 years, and I own all his stuff, except "Computer Experiments Vol. 1", and "Reconstituted Artifacts". In a word; BRILLIANT!!!!
  17. Chaac; thinking of any world in particular, were you, or is it just a world that is well disposed to people?
  18. He needs to come out of retirement You're right. Not even Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd can persuade him to sign on for "Ghostbusters III". Count Floyd would make a nice substitute, mind. Neither have I. But I realise she will be missed. Of course she will be missed. Now you have to work out why she will be missed (hint; start with "Butterfield 8").
  19. Oddly enough, the only Doctor that I cannot connect with is Tom Baker, but to each his own. The Pertwee era has many brilliant stories - "Inferno", "The Curse Of Peladon", "The Sea Devils", "The Deamons", "Frontier In Space", "The Silurans". O.k., so it has some shit - "Invasion Of The Dinosaurs", "Day Of/Planet Of/Death To The Daleks", but when it flies, it truly soars. Give it another go; you might be surprised... Yeah it's those kind of excesses that never completely sold me on RTD as being a brilliant writer. Also I never liked his habbit of bringing back characters solely for the purpose of bringing them back (who was Rose's mum in season 4?). Also he likes to put so many supporting characters in his episodes sometimes that it is eating away valuable scene time from the lead characters. Why were the 2 green Aliens in The End Of Time? What's up with that rich multi-billionaire and all this stuff about wanting to make his daughter immortal? Why did we need to have that instead of more Timothy Dalton? Moffat, despite not (yet) going for the emotion as much as RTD did is a far more clever and economic writer. We did not even see the Companions mother untill the last episode of season 5 "Who was Rose's mum?"? Do you mean who played her in series 29? The same actor who has always played her: Camille Cadouri. P.s., "Doctor Who: The Movie" does not exist. Anywhere. At all.
  20. "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" is also very good. Let's hope that she gets the kind of repose in death, that she seemed not to get in life.
  21. Oh, but the Philip Hinchcliffe years come pretty close... We know what you think about Phil Hinchcliffe, Pixie; your avatar says it for you. Full marks to Barry Letts, and Terrance Dicks for making the Jon Pertwee era utterly magnificent! #When you're alone, silence is all around...#
  22. This CD has no more music than the Silva Screen release. The additional music is taken from the re-recordings by Gerhardt and Williams himself. Also, the period music is not from the actual film. A couple of the tracks come in fact from Williams and the Pops "Pops Britannia" album. Thanks for that, Miguel. I've never seen that particular boot, but I do have the extra tracks. Do you have a complete track listing for "Pops Britannia"?
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