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  1. I watched "Masada" when it was first on TV, in nineteen-eighty-whenever. I remember that Peter O' Toole was particularly good, and that it was a pleasure to watch David Warner. Peter Strauss was also good, and that the ending was sad, but also strangely uplifting. The score was...
  2. Getting into a lot of American stuff lately: "Franklin And Bash", and "Lillyhammer" are good, and I'm catching up on "Boston Legal" and "Star Trek: TOS", both on CBS TV. "2 Broke Girl$" is funny as f**k, and "The Big Bang Theory" is qiute the cleverest thing on TV, right now. Of course, I'm watching a little something called "Doctor Who", and "Shameless" is as good as it has always been. There's a very bad side of me that just loves to watch "Come Dine With Me".
  3. Sorry to nit-pick, guys, but it's not qiute complete: it doesn't have the source- music "Hooray For Hollywood".
  4. Agreed!!!!! This is his most innocent, and child-like record, and it's an absolute gem to listen to. Have you heard either the new 2010, or the 5.1 mixes? They are both excellent. You may think that, Alex; I, on the other hand, couldn't possibly comment...
  5. I agree, pixie. I got a little tearful when I found out just who Kate Stewart was...
  6. I've "leaned" on 3 records, at various times in my life: "News Of The World", and "Hot Space" (both by Queen), and "Star Trek:V".
  7. A couple of questions about "Alien 3". Who assembled the extended DVD cut? Was it Terry Rawlings? In the extended cut, where were the beach scenes filmed (the one where we first see Charles Dance's character walking thruogh the industrial structures)?
  8. What I mean is that the acting and the registration of the characters in Alien is unusual natural. It wasn't dramatized in a Hollywood way. It didn't feel as if they were acting, which made the terror more real. The recreation/dining scenes in Alien feel like they were directed by Mike Leigh. Prometheus is at the opposite end of the spectrum in that regard. "Prometheus 2", starring Brenda Blethyn, Jim Broadbent, and Timothy Spall! Ha-ha!
  9. Agreed. I have the 2-disc "TDC", and it's beautiful. I would love to get my little mitts on a complete score for "Excalibur".
  10. Watched the first episode of "Lillyhammer", last night. Has anyone else seen this? "Shameless" is back, tonight. F***ing A!
  11. Has anyone seen "Jaws" on Blu-Ray, yet.? Quint, maybe? How do people rate the 7.1 sound?
  12. Personally, I saw no audio, nor video equipment at that concert, but that does not mean that it wasn't recorded... I did, however, have a very pleasant conversation with Maurice Murphy, about his work with JW. BTW, I aslo saw/heard JW conduct at the Filmharmonic '86, in January (or possibly February) at the RAH .The bill also included Richard Attenborough, and John Scott conducting. If Miguel is able to check, I saw/heard JW conduct at the Filmharminic '76. I saw this on TV, (ITV, I think), but I cannot remember the venue. Did any jwfaners attend any of the 4 concerts at The Barbican in July, 1998?
  13. Try editing the songs out of the film, and watching it as a straight drama. It works! Eleanor Parker is a fox!
  14. I can confirm it, dude, because - and I suspect unlike Miguel - I. WAS.THERE!!!! If, however, Miguel - or anyone else for that matter - would like to investigate the Barbican/LSO archive, they will find that an early evening concert was held at The Barbican, in late June (or possibly early July) 1982. The first half of the concert was "The Planets", and the second half was all JW music, including a concert arrangement of "Adventures On Earth", from the then-unreleased-in-the-U.K. "E.T.". As much as I respect Miguel, I really don't need anyone to "confirm" that this concert took place, because I'm doing it now.
  15. Perhaps he was referring to a live performance? I doubt Williams has ever conducted The Planets with the LSO in concert? If that's the case, Marian, then how come I saw/heard the LSO/LSC conducted by JW, at The Barbican, in 1982..?
  16. A quick "Star Wars" question: So...Darth Vader docks his imperial cruiser at the Death Star. He then stays at the Death Star for the duration of the film. What happened to the cruiser? Did it go somewhere else? Why was it not deployed at the battle of Yavin?
  17. The Charles Dutoit/MSO is great: lots of bass at the end of "Saturn". The best time I heard it, though, was with the LSO/LSC, conducted by some guy called...Williams, was it?
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