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  1. I wonder the same. I watched it religiously when it first aired, but have not seen it since. Take my word for it guys; Twin peaks is a baffling, shocking, horrific, dream-like, quirky, and brilliant as when I first saw it, back in 1990. A masterclass in television. Not really except from Melange . I haven't seen the latest Scott movies (A Good Year, Body Of Lies, Robin Hood) but I believe you. Have you seen "American Gangster"?
  2. At worst, it will be forgotten, and at best, it will be a pub quiz question.
  3. I assume that the Mancini score is from "Basil", yes?
  4. Yeah, and a certain S.Spielberg,esq. got booted off of the set, because he annoyed Hitch. That'll teach him. Notice I said "If". Goldsmith's score will probably be in one the upcoming batches for 2011, assuming nothing was lost or damaged beyond repair. A bunch of stuff. The rights to "1941" might have reverted back to Columbia/Sony.
  5. How are people going to celebrate the 47th anniversary, tomorrow?
  6. I've just listened to it, and while I am unable to offer anything like the comments that Datameister has posted, I will say that I enjoyed listening it. Hornerisms were kept to a minimum and the whole thing has a Coplandesque feel to it. It reminded me of a speeded-up version of "Fanfare For The Common Man", which is good, as I like that piece:I even like the E.L.P. version(!). Datameister is right, though: the piece simply ends. There is no build-up, no climax. Perhaps this is what you intended. Small "dig" aside; if I was Siskel and Ebert, I'd give it two thumbs up.
  7. "Cinderella Liberty" for $13?! Damn, but that's good value! Are your Bowie c.d.s the E.M.I. re-releases from about 10 years ago, or are they the Ryko releases from about 20 years ago-the one with extra tracks? Vernon Handley is regarded as one of the best interpreters of Vaughan-Williams' work. Roger Norrington started to record all the symphonies, but I'm not sure how far he got. The Hicox "London" is interesting, especially as it features unheard music. I've heard that the Haitink ones aren't bad.
  8. "Yellow Submarine". The score is delightful, and deserves a complete release. The songs speak for themselves...
  9. "Lawrence Of Arabia" - Tadlow complete, "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" - Tadlow complete, "Stargate": Varese Sarabande, "The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes", "Harry Potter and the You-Know-What", "Doctor Who: Series 30-The Specials", "Doctor Who: Series 31".
  10. I seriously want to get into this man's work, but all I have is "Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'" (which is beautiful, BTW). Can y'all recommend anything else?
  11. Real. Or so I always assumed. Thank's for that, Stefan. I always like the bit in "TTI", just after the fireman dedication, as the chopper is flying all around S.F., because it means that, in a few seconds, we see The Glass Tower, and we get that spectacular statement of the hero theme. I get chills every time I hear that.
  12. The main title of "Jurassic Park": you just know that something ominous is on its way. Is the choir real, or synthisised?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, only the Bilbao sequence was going to be placed in front of the main credits. Indeed it was, which would have made it the lamest pre-title sequence ever. I do like the two brass "hits", as Bond takes the silver case to the window, though. ...and don't forget Barbara Bach...
  14. OF COURSE!!!!!!!!! How could anyone forget "Mulan" and "Watership Down". I read the book once-it was more like watered down shit.
  15. BS Electrical Engineering with a concentration in electronics, Class of 2003 Such heavily involved mathematics are really like a bicycle, and would be easy to get back on. You said "Fourier" and I instantly thought "j omega," and had to step back and realize that was Laplace. They're similar though. I was just happy my TI-89 could handle frequency domain conversions. Well, I'm glad you cleared that up.
  16. I've always hated Arnold's non-Bond works. I think I caused quite a stir like a year ago when I trashed ID4. Try "Changing Lanes", Koray. It's unlike anything Arnold has ever done, and it is my favourite score of his. Hence David Arnold! I caught the trailer for this, waiting for Harry Potter. It looks as cheap as the first two, but a combination of Michael Apted, and David Arnold should make for interesting viewing.
  17. I'm not sure where it is showing, but "Peeping Tom" is having a limited 50th anniversary re-release. I urge all students of fine cinema to see this film. Also, in December, my local arts cinema (whatever that means) is showing the glorious "Fanny And Alexander". Alas,it is not, I fear, the full 5hr. version, but the 3hr. version. Still worth seeing, though.
  18. If you'd have caught me right before my Circuits 2 final, maybe. Not anymore. I've just look up Fourier Theory on the net...and now my brain is bleeding.
  19. "Lincoln", "War Horse", "Tin-Tin". I make that 3. Where's the 4th?
  20. You forgot Jerry Goldsmith's "The Secret Of N.I.M.H."
  21. Good question! Musically, it would be between "You Only Live Twice", and "OHMSS". That's because most of the latter's action was due to be the first sequence after the titles.
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