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  1. Can't we just do to Zimmer what Ronny Cox threatens to do to Michael Ironside in "Total Recall": erase his ass?
  2. A very nice thought, but dream on, pal. If you mean "black Friday", it is from a Steely Dan song of the same name. It is also the nickname of an unfortunate day/event which took place in the British economy, a few years ago.
  3. "The Towering Inferno". Nothing comes close to it.
  4. Don't our American cousins nick-name this game "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon", using actors?
  5. Add "There Will Be Blood", and "The Assination Of Jessie James By The Coward Robert Ford" to that list.
  6. Perhaps you mean, you cannot recommend it "highly enough?" Burga, do you own the Rhino? I'll give you that one.
  7. I'm with you on that one, Luke. "The Patriot" is a nasty, manipulative, partisan, piece of work, that is also innacurate historically (The Brits did NOT burn people in churches!). I saw "2112"-oops, sorry, I meant "2012" last night, and I was rather taken with it. The special effects brook no arguement, and should win next March at The Oscars. What moved me about it was the questions it asked. Who gets to live, and why (if The U.K. is under water, then what exactly is The Queen queen of?). When, and how do you tell millions-no, billions-of people that they are going to die? It also served up a timely reminder that all the money in The World cannot buy you life, as the Russian billionaire found out to his cost. It had everything one could expect from a Roland Emmerich film- a cute couple, cute kids, and the obligatory cute dog. Don't expect too much from it, and it will hold your attention for 2 1/2 hours.
  8. I'll start the ball rolling by nominating "Traffic", "Solaris", "The Lord Of The Rings" (I regard this as one film split into three parts), "Master And Commander", "Reloaded"/"Revolutions", "The Prisoner Of Azkaban", "Minority Report", "Munich", "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus" (I realise that a lot of people have not seen this yet, but it really moved me). I also predict acolades for "A Serious Man", and "Shutter Island", and (a cheeky one, here, I admit) as it is re-released next month, "The Red Shoes". Frak me, but that is an EXCEPTIONAL film!
  9. Can anyone tell me what The Merovingian says in the restaurant, in "Reloaded"? It is the little speach that ends with "...it's like wiping your ass with silk, I love it". Also, does anyone know what Helen Mirren and her co-pilot say to each other in "2010", just after The Lenonov has completed its slingshot around Jupiter?
  10. As far as I can remember, Burga (sorry, but I'm nowhere near my c.d. collection right now), all the tracks that you mentioned are there, plus the "Main Title" film version, but without the slight pitch shift. Even if it is not quite all there, I cannot recommend the Blue Box too highly. EVERY note of J.W.-composed music is there, and that should be enough to convince you, and if you want "Give A Little Bit", then you can always buy "Even In The Quietest Momments".
  11. I would. I would say that "First Blood" is one of the best films of the 80s. The trouble with "Star Trek" is that it is just another in a long line of "event" films that come out seemingly every week, and that make 200 bazillion dollars in its first week, and promptly gets forgotten about. These films simply do not have staying power. Paradoxically, what makes a "classic" film, these days, is a film that failed at the box office ("Master And Commander", for example). What are the "classic" films of this decade, I do not know. I only know what I like, and what I do not like. I do know that "Star Trek", try as it might, and as good a film that it is, will, inevitibly, be on d.v.d. by now, and on telly in 18 months, and on the sci-fi channel for ever more. This film has had its reward - in dollars. Let's leave it at that.
  12. I thought Bride of Frankenstein was the first ever score album, forget where I read that though. Or do you mean any kind of soundtrack? Whatever it is, it's probably a musical. I think that you are right, that it was probably a musical, but "Bride..." kinda makes sense, and it pre-dates "Snow White..." by, what, one year? So, o.k., what was the first musical cast album released?
  13. Does anyone have any idea as to what was the first ever released soundtrack album? I guess that it was in either the 30s, or 40s. Any suggestions?
  14. If it only contains the theatrical hack-job then forget it. Don't be too quick to write off the theatrical version, Pixie; remember that this was the version that Spielberg released in 1979. I see your point, though, and I would prefer both, but since I have the extended version on d.v.d., then I'm not too bothered. I will certainly buy this version - after all, how many versions of "Star Trek: T.M.P.", "Star Trek" II, "Star Trek VI", "The Abyss", the "Alien" films, not to mention "Earthquake" are there? I bet there are people out there who have all of them, and I'll bet that they will but all 8 of the new "Harry Potter"s. IMO, this version is just another variation on a theme.
  15. How about "your father wanted you to have this, but your uncle wouldn't allow it". Er, what? As I remember, Vader was too busy getting burned to care who got his bloody lightsabre
  16. "The Menagerie" does it for me, every time, and to think that it was created because the "Star Trek" team needed a couple of episodes to make up the length of the opening season... If only Joan Collins had died in "The Stud"; The World would be soooooo different. P.s., what's the name of the episode where Kirk, et. al. think that some people worship the sun, but discover that they worship "The Son". I like that one.
  17. Actually, can I add another category: "Seeing it performed live by the L.S.O., conducted by some bloke calling himself John Williams, at The Barbican Centre, in June, 1982"?
  18. The 'luddites' have just cause, Spielberg himself is highly critical of the movie as you know so it would be interesting to hear why you praise it so? So, you want to know why I like "1941", so much? I'll start with what's wrong with it. It IS a mess; there is no characterisation, the "plot" is barely comprehensible, and some of the comedy is crude (but no more crude than your average Farrelly brothers flick). What I love about this film is the photography (everything is either shot through smoke, or otherwise "altered"), the effects are remarkable - and they won a technical Oscar, paving the way for such effects as seen in "Always", the sound on the original mono mix is really authentic to the 40s period (and remember, Speilberg could have mixed it in Dolby stereo, if he had chosen to), and the score is one of my favourites by J.W. For me, that's enough to be going on with, but added to that, the performances are uniformally good - to - great (I love the way that Lee and Mifune refuse to talk to each other in the other's native language, even though both can clearly understand each other!). Mainly I like it because it is a lot of fun to watch. Any film released is going to have its admirers, and its detractors; I happen to be an admirer of "1941". If people don't like it, then that's o.k; they move on to the next film. I try to find something to admire in most films that I see, and if I can't, then I forget them. "1941" has drawn a lot of citicism from J.W. fan, and that is no bad thing, for at least the film is being discussed, and acknowledged. Maybe that is "1941"'s legacy. Personally I don't think that Steven Allen Speilberg has anything to be ashamed of.
  19. True. Sadly, QoS didn't succeed in any of that. It was simply chaotic. That's not a bad thing. I agree. But there is good chaotic (Greengrass' Bourne) and bad chaotic (more than half of QoS). Kelly's Heroes (which has Eastwood, Savalas and the Tiger tanks) Battle of Britain The Longest Day Bridge at Remagen The Hill (not quite WWII, but great Connery/Lumet flick in desert prison camp) Too Late the Hero Thanks, I've seen a few of those like The Longest Day and Battle of Britain, but I actually meant the type where you have these bunch of men on a mission. ...and don't forget "A Bridge Too Far". This film is in a class of its own. I like both Zoolander and Tropic Thunder, which I find vastly superior to his "acted only" flicks that I hardly enjoy, including Meet the Parents. I can honestly say that I only know Ben Stiller from his dad, Jerry. "Where's my man Lerxt?"
  20. Actually it is season 631, because I count all the Big Finish stuff, "D.I.T" "...Fatal Death" the books, the records, the board games, and the chocolate wrappers!!!
  21. "Quantum Of Bloody Solace". What on Earth can I say about this film that is printable? Well, not much. It is nasty, it is cold, it treats its audience with as much disdain as Bond wears his suits. Editorially, it is a complete mess (where is Stuart Baird when you need him?). Someone should tell Marc Forter that there is a reason that shots have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and not just a beginning. Some shots were just 2 frames long, which is not enough for the eye to register. It jumped from action sequence to action sequence, without any thought of any plot developement, or characterisation. On the (small) plus side, it was good to see both Giancarlo Giannini, and Jeffery Wright reprising their roles. Rory Kinnear's Tanner is a good "new" character, but he not a patch on Michael Kitchen, or, indeed, Colin Salmon. All-in-all, a film that can't be bothered to tell a story, or to do anything except showing Bond killing people. The worst Bond film since "For Your Eyes Only" and at least that had General Veers!
  22. SCREW THE TOP 10! These three ARE my top three, with "POTA", and "Total Recall", completing my top 5. I'm glad there is another "Earthquake" convert out there (I have traded 4s with Alexscreamers on this subject). The tracks you mention are great, but, unlike you and Alex, I can't hear Bacharach in "...Rosa", try as I might. Miles On Wheels is cool, and I love playing "Something For Remy" late at night. This really needs a 2-disc re-release, and soon. I prefer the Film version of the "Main Title", though.
  23. I don't care how fast, or how slow it is, I will definitely buy it. It looks like it contains all the stuff on the region 1 release, but there is one thing that both the R1 and R2 editions are missing: the original mono mix. I saw "1941" twice on its British cinema release, in April 1980, and it was not in stereo. The video is in mono, though. At last, Spielberg's criminally underrated masterpiece finally gets a R2 release: fantastic! Mind you, you'll get all the Luddites who will slag it off, just because it's fashionable to. It's going to be a long war...
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