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  1. "DUNE": one of my all-time favourite films; one my all-time favourite film scores. R.I.P.
  2. I see that Warner Bros. has bought Leavesden studios. I can't make up my mind that it's good for British cinema, or the furthering of the Americanisation of the U.K? Selling England by the pound...
  3. I saw "Poltergeist" at The Empire cinema, Leicester Square, in September, 1982, and in 70mm, six-track magnectic stereo. Who's the old fart now?
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that. You sly dog, you got her MONOLOGUING! What about vinyl, cassettes, etc?
  5. Chris Columbus is right about one thing: "Revolver" IS the best Beatles album.
  6. Will he continue to work on the score if his back does not improve, and if it doesn't, who else would/could score it?
  7. Cannot post requests for copyrighted material on the boards. Thanks - The moderating staff
  8. Sorry, Trent, I must disagree with your agreement. "Superman", like the film, has more heart and soul in it, than all 6 "Star Wars" films, and all 4 "I.J." films put together.
  9. Of course he did, but a (rather nasty) version of Clu remains inside. The new trailer appears to contradict that. Perhaps stuff happened in the computer game (there's an irony!) TRON 2.0 that says what happened to Clu/Jeff Bridges?
  10. A good answer, Mark. Obviously not everyone is going to want, or be able to collect as much as they want, myself included.
  11. Champing at the bit (no pun intended!) for this one! Of course he did, but a (rather nasty) version of Clu remains inside.
  12. This is a different question to "how large is your collection?". For instance: I recently bought Frank Sinatra's "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back" because it contains the track "Dream Away". Does anyone else have this? Does, for exapmple, anyone have the Carol Burnett c.d., with "Love's The Only game In Town"? Is this important to J.W. fans, or are people sastified with the OSTs? Thor has made a point of not collecting complete scores, and some fans do not purchase bootlegs, on principle. While we are on the subject: how many bought the recent Shirley Bassey c.d., because it contained a new song by John Barry, and Don Black (I bought it because it cintained a new song by the Pet Shop Boys, but that is a completely different story...)? However, the question still stands, asked by the gentleman concerned: how much of a completist are you?
  13. Wha'? I pride myself not only on my J.W. collection, but my c.d. collection, in general. I hold no truck with "modern" methods of listening (MP3, I-pod, etc.), as I don't want to imagine the loss of sound quality. Until a way of presenting music that offers a better sound quality than c.d. comes onto the market, I shall continue to listen to c.d.s.
  14. Data, are you mad? How can "The Helicopter Rescue", "Chasing Rockets", and "Turning Back The World" not be up there with the best of the best????!!!! Agreed. 'Nuff said.
  15. If both "Patton" recordings are different, then which one is on the Isolated music track of the Region 2 D.V.D?
  16. "The Trip To Earth" is quite magnificent! "The Fortress Of Solitude" isn't too bad, either.
  17. I don't like where you are going with that, Koray, but I think you might be right...
  18. Well...if you mean that this excellent score would work better as a proper complete release, I agree completely. That's exactly what I meant, Data. As a c.d., it's just not very good, but I would love to hear the complete and unabridged version. "Logan's Run", "Alien", "The Wind And The Lion", and "The Boys From Brazil", have all gone up by 100% IMO, following their respective complete releases, and I am certain that "JP" would, too.
  19. Agreed. IMO, "Jurassic Park" is not an efective c.d. Not in your top 9?! It's my number 2!
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