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  1. Not sure about the music for the opening scene, but the bandstand music was definitely not a library cue, because Steven Spielberg played 2nd. clarinet on it. It is my guess that it was conducted by J.W., which makes the Decca release non-complete. P.s., the whistling heard in the ice-cream parluor, towards the end of TWOE, is J.W.
  2. Also if you'll notice for the complete score for The Mummy Returns the pieces that were recorded in L.A. you can definitely hear it was recorded in a different studio. ...and probably with a different orchestra.
  3. I think you mean "Red". "Reds" is an entirely different film, altogether... The last film that I watched was "Jaws:The Revenge". I wish I hadn't.
  4. I've read that it drops the Grey Havens? I'd love to hear it (hey, it's got Holm), but LOTR is pointless without the GH. It's been a long time since I heard the Radio 4 LOTR, but, in its defence, it includes The Scouring Of The Shire, which, as in the novel, changes completely, the emphasis of the story. BTW, it's also got Bill Nighy, as Sam.
  5. I remember that The Doctor praises a particular wine. I can't remember exactly what he says (help me out, please, Pixie, Gregg) but it's priceless.
  6. If Desplat gives us a yearning theme like HARRY IN WINTER, i'm probably satisfied (even more if he varies it a little). JW fanboard should write a Pottermusic guide which must be followed: #1 you must write two or three bouncy and crowdpleasing concert pieces no matter how unrelated they are to the film at hand #2 you must use in the most anal leitmotivic way every bouncy and crowdpleasing Williams concert piece, no matter how ill-fitting it may be in the film at hand #3 your music will still be dismissed as sucky and unworthy of the mighty Potter legacy, but at least you will win the countless 'favourite Potter music' polls over Doyle and Hopper Do I detect a rebuke?
  7. Can't remember my first La La Land purchase. My first FSM c.d. was probably the 1998 "The Poseidon Adventure"/"The Paper Chase"/"Conrack". The first vinyl was the Masters Film Music issue of "The Final Conflict", in 1986. My first Varese Sarabande purchace, I remember well: the LSO/Slatkin violin/flute concerti, by J.W., on vinyl, in 1983. p.s., my first Prometheus was "The Swarm". It sounded bloody awful then, and it sounds bloody awful now. Nothing to do with the music, of course. My first ever soundtrack-related purchase was "Theme From 'The Persuaders!'", in 1971. Yes, I really am that old.
  8. Don't you mean "in a New York minute", because that's when everything can change...
  9. I think it's going to sound like Twilight Eclipse. something you listen to once or twice,then say yeah that's kinda ok,but never listen to again In other words, a bit like GOF
  10. I always hear SHAFT when i listen to HARRY POTTER, so we should just acknowledge that HARRY POTTER is not only the source for all scores coming after, but also before 2001! What compos24 said. #"He's a bad mutha-" "Shut your mouth!" "But I'm talking about Williams"#
  11. I saw it coming in Book 1. As I recall, Dobby wasn't in book 1.
  12. If Intrada does not want defective copies back, then how will they know that customer's request for a replacement copy is genuine?
  13. Does Intrada want defective copies returned for a replacement? Just thought: this might give some people a second chance to purchase "SpaceCamp", as some people might not return their defective copies. What happens to the defective copies? Are they destroyed? If so, then the defective copies which are not returned should go up in value.
  14. I know where you're coming from, Mark. It's about as unexplainable as "Twin Peaks" (but nowhere near as good).
  15. He dies?????!! Thanks for ruining my ENTIRE life!!! What's Toby Jones going to do now?
  16. No, you are not. I don't even own a V.C.R., let alone a D.V.D player, or Blu-Ray. My last D.V.D. player died on me, and I have not yet replaced it.
  17. Do you mean the one from 1968ish? As far as I know, that is still available on BBC records, as is "The Lord of The Rings", with Ian Holm, and Michael Horden, still the best dramatised version of LOTR ever!
  18. Maybe its because of its exposure, or my late coming to it (Didn't get to discover it for myself, as opposed to every single other Coen Bros movie, aside from Barton Fink, that other favorite I never warmed to as much as many others), but it does feel like a thinner movie to me than most of their other films.There's very little in it I don't like, it just doesn't amount to as much as some of their other films. Still, I think it's a terrific little morality tale, the first of their films that really nailed down the central theme in their work. WHAT???!!! You don't absolutely adore "The Big Lebowski"??!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!!!!!!
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