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  1. "Footy"; such an informal name, for such a serious game. Maybe that's why Liverpool finished 7th, this year. That hurt, man. That hurt deep. Ahh. No offence meant, Quint. If it is any consolation, my team came third.
  2. The Mutant from Total Recall. For me,most of the score in terms of action material is far too harsh for listening outside of the movie. But The Mutant was a masterpiece moment from Jerry, and brings the house down Right on, Melange, "The Mutant" is quite the best track on "Total Recall"!!!!! A Goldsmith mini-masterpiece.
  3. All of "Let There Be Light". At just over 30 seconds, it's almost a snippet in itself.
  4. Even Jerry Goldsmith would have baulked at the thought at scoring either of those two turds. On the other hand, look what he did for "The Swarm", and "Poltergeist II"...
  5. There's a quiet moment in "Night Of The Beast", when one can hear the orchestra picking up intstruments, and preparing to play. I agree with this statement. ...as do I. It's probably Richard Donner screwing up the recording...again
  6. OH, BUGGER!!! You're right. Appologies all round.
  7. I take what you say about it being "a masterpiece", Pixie, but why did we have to wait until ep.11?! The last series kicked its "masterpiece" episodes with "Fires Of Pompeii", wich was ep.2. Let's face it, guys, this series is one hell of a let down, with most of the stories rising only to the "as-good-as-Martha-stories" category. The less said about Amy's crack, the better...
  8. "Footy"; such an informal name, for such a serious game. Maybe that's why Liverpool finished 7th, this year.
  9. Try "The Rescue - The Bike Chase - The Departure" then. Original cue titles FTW! "The Rescue - The Bike Chase - The Departure" MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howzabout the wonderful modulation at 1:12 of "The Menu"? Such a shame that the strings are flat
  10. Exactly! Not to mention "Minority Report," "Sean's Theme," "A New Beginning," "Fawkes the Phoenix," "The Chamber of Secrets," "Dobby the House Elf," "Across the Stars," "Zam the Assassin," "Jango's Escape," "On the Conveyor Belt," and "Learning the Ropes." You forgot "Window To The Past", and "Quiditch: Third Year".
  11. Well said, but "soccer" is more accurate, it being an abbreviation of "association football", under which category this competition falls. If I was a betting man (which I am not), I would put money on either Holland, or Brasil. P.s., 1-nil to England tonight.
  12. 2002, because it contains "Everybody Runs!"/"Anderton's Great Escape", which is one of the best pieces that J.W. has ever written!.
  13. The part in "Adventures On Earth" ("Esacpe/Chase/Saying Goobye" MY ARSE!!!!!!!) where there is the build up to the Flying Theme as the E.T., and the guys approach the men with guns (walkie-talkies, MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!) and there are the jump-cuts on Elliot. Magic! Also, when Paul Newman (and the audiences) first sees The Glass Tower. Oh, wow! Amp up to 11, please!
  14. Agreed, but I can't remember what is is. Who wrote the two rejected scores? That's a really cool idea, actually. I'd like to see Superman or the Omen without score. Some films scream out for music. Imagine "The Hellicopter Rescue", or "Killer's Storm" without score...(shudders).
  15. I am. Let me re-phrase my last post. If everyone simply took what they wanted just because they thought they deserved it, this would, in all probability, lead to anarchy. A society in which a person is paid a fare wage for their work, seems to be the way of things...for now. If, in the 23rd/24th Centuries, there is no wage for labour, then who decides what is valuable; has integrity; is worth keeping, and who decides what to throw away? Also, what about class structure? IMO, the crew of The Enterprise/DS9/Voyager seem to be "white collar"? Is there any other kind in Roddenberry's universe?
  16. So, tell me, guys, how come there is no money? I am not advocating a capitalist society, but it seems to me that motivation would be pretty thin on the ground if there was no "reward" at the end of a hard day's work. As Lilly says, "Where were your evolved sensibilities then?!".
  17. I really wanted to like this film more than I did. I agree with just about every negative thing said about KOTCS on this site. From Quint's "Disney action filck" to all the comments about digital grading, it really was a missed oppertunity, bringing back a well-loved character simply because people (yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. L!) could. This is no reason to revive a movie franchise. The only light was John Hurt (who can do absolutely no wrong!) and Karen Allen, who looks sexier, and more attractive than ever. Two islands in a sea of dross.
  18. It's the best pre-Jaws score, I think. It's Williams in the very final phase of transitioning to his 70s/80s "blockbuster" sound. Just the first 10 minutes or so absolutely signify a new Williams to me. Lush with memorable themes oozing with that unmistakable Williamsness of the Star Wars/Superman/Spielberg era--the heroic main title, the even-better secondary theme (dominating the last couple minutes of the helicopter scene and reprised in "Planting the Charges" as well as the finale), Susan's theme, the Lisolette/Harlee theme. The only thing that drags it down a bit for me is the period sound at points. But I still can't be bothered enough by this to really hold it against the score overall. It's amazing. When you say "period sound", do you mean the period instruments/arangements (electric guitar, electric piano, etc.) or the quality of the recording? You are probably right, there, but "D.H. pt.I" could do it... As this is a soundtrack thread, would that include "One From The Heart", and "Night On Earth"? Agreed. I love Beltrami's stuff, even the hard-to-listen-to "The Omen".
  19. Personally, I prefer the Interstella Alliance.
  20. Agreed. Tony Curran was magnificent, and it was nice to see Bill Nighy shoe-horned into another Richard Curtis role that he was not siuted for What did it for me was the fact that the episode gave poeple a sympathetic introduction the subject of mental illness. Well done to all involved!
  21. I agree, Quint, but it can also lead to cancelled comissions (exhibit "a" -"The Prince Of Tides"). He's right.
  22. I take it that's The Odeon, My House, eh, Quint? Seriously, I used to love the gin advert, with music by, (I think) Francis Monkman, which started with a man saying "A Gordon's and tonic, please", and went into a series of images not unlike the main title of "Innerspace". Of course, nothing beats Pearl and Dean. All together: "Ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba ba ba. Ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba baaaa...ba!"
  23. I take it that's the F.W Mornau "Nosferatu", and "Metropolis" WITHOUT the colourisation, or Georgio Moroder's songs, otherwise GET THE HELL OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.
  24. Not sure if the March is on "By Request", and, if it is, if it is different to the version on "Pops On The March". Don't forget the film version of SSS-it does not have a string section, or the film version of the End Title-the cannons are slghtly different (jeez, I'm anal!).
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