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  1. My top-5 is; "The Force Field"-Star Trek:TMP, "It Knows What Scares You/Rebirth"-Poltergeist, "The Final Conflict", "The Search Continues"-POTA, and "The Mutant"-Total Recall. "Quintessential"? Oh, boy, that's a toughie. Add to any list: "The Slaves"-Masada "The Bees Arrive"/"Bees Inside"-The Swarm, "Clever Girl"-Total Recall, "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet"-Twilight Zone:The Movie, "Raisulli Attacks"-The Wind And The Lion, "The Monument"/"End Of The City"-Logan's Run, "Marlin"-Islands In The Stream, "Breakout"-Capricorn One, As anyone can see, the list is almost endless
  2. The SEs might well be presented better, but the sound quailty of all the music from ROTJ is markedly better on "The Anthology". You also get "Lapti Nek", instead of that ridiculous "Jedi Rocks", but not the English version by Joseph Williams, which is, I am reliably assured, knocking around.
  3. Ohh, Greg, this is straight out of left field, but I am inclined to agree with you. "Where Eagles Dare" is fantastic! ...except it was first used in "The Elephant Man". Sorry, Elmo, "Lawerence Of Arabia" is defifitely NOT a war movie, and neither is "Patton" (yes, I do Mean "Patton", and not "Platoon"), for that matter.
  4. It sure was nice for I spent most of my time browsing music, films and books in London's great stores (HMV, Foyle's ...) and listening to the magnificent London Symphony Orchestra in the Barbican, where I was glad to meet Jim Ware again. Haha, nobody ever told me I looked like Colaiuta - I certainly don't sound like him and probably never will, but hey, I'm sure doing my best! Glad you had a nice time. Yeah, Vinnie, is a tough (impossible?) act to follow, but a great drummer to emulate. All this has put me in the mood for "I'm Tweaked/Attack Of The 20 lbs Pizza"!
  5. If he asked any JWfan if the theme represented the score, he might get a completely different answer! I would have thought that any composer/artist would want as much of their music "out there". Just release the c.d., and let it find its own equilibrium.
  6. Received today! Bought in London: - John Rutter - Mass of the Children - Gustav Holst - The Planets for 2 pianos - Franz Joseph Haydn - Nelson Mass, St. Nicholas Mass - Max Steiner - Casablanca - Howard Shore - The Silence of the Lambs What were you diong in London? Anything nice? BTW, do you realise that the picture of you playing the drums makes you look like a young Vinnie Colaiuta? Just thought I'd mention it.
  7. Any idea why he nixed it, Mark? At the very least, it would have archival value, being the first collaboration etc., etc. Both "Jaws 2", and "The Eiger Sanction" are partly re-recordings, so they would have to go over two discs each, which might make it financially inviable, but, then again, they did it for "The Fury", so...
  8. No, it is definitely TNDs. It is nice, though, even if it drops in volume every now-and-again.
  9. Is that "good" Stephanie Beacham, or "bad" Stephanie Beacham? What's...uh, the deal?
  10. Call me aj, i like that Impressive system! just wish I could afford to upgrade Im looking into getting the CD5xs, Nac112xs, Nap150xs and the FlatCap2xs. Also i'd like it to be Fraimed aj, you might be better off with a power supply for the CD5, and/or two NAP150s, rather than two Flat Caps. What speakers are you thinking of buying? I used to love the NBLs, but they are not made anymore. I heard the Ovators at a recent hi-fi show. They sounded like a million Dallars (and probably cost close to that, as well!).
  11. It is Larry Rosenthal, not Lenny Rosenman... Ooh, er, was it? So sorry about that.
  12. That one contains one of the best shots ever. We all know which one I'm talking about, right? My choice would be the dreamy 3 Women. Alex Good chioce, Alex. I also like "A Wedding", but then, I'm a bit of a romantic. Strange that no-one's mentioned "Popeye"...
  13. Do you have legendary photos of it? It's only hi-fi, Alex. The honest answer is; I guess I could get a friend of mine to take a picture of it all, but I would have no fraking idea of how to get it on this site! As you can see by the fact that I do not even have an avatar, I am not what one would call "p.c. savvy". I will try, though. Despite being a foolish old man, damn you, sir, I WILL try!
  14. I read, in 1978, that J.W. might compose the score for "Meteor", but he wisely did "1941" instead, while Rosenman did "Meteor", complete with master blaster thingy. No, wait, that's Stevie Wonder, or is it "Mad Max" ("I know you won't break the rules: there aren't any")?
  15. If I read one more post like this, I swear, my head will explode!!!!!!!!!!
  16. This is most peculiar. Apart from the usual Wiki stuff, and the fact that J.W. mentioning 32 years ago that he might have scored this film, "Quintet", as far as I know, has never has a DVD, or even a video release, and I have never seen it advertised as showing on television (even "Cinderella Liberety" gets taken down, dusted off, and shown on T.V. from time to time). Aren't we forgeting "McCabe, And Mrs. Miller"? How could we all forget Julie Christie?
  17. ...along with "M*A*S*H", "Nashville", and "Short Cuts". Has anyone ever seen "Quintet"?
  18. This might be old news, but the Region 2 DVD has the isolated score, and it is in 5.1, I believe.
  19. Please, for the love of everything that is holy, sacred, and profound, do not let this man anywhere near television. "Seaquest DSV", anyone?
  20. I'm sorry you lost him in the first place. "Edgon Heath" is something special.
  21. An admirable choice aj (can I call you aj...or is it _vader?) Anyway....B&W always goes well with Naim. My stuff cosists of: CDx, NAC 92 pre-amp., NAP 90 power amps. x2 Flat cap, Hi-cap, SNAXO 2-4 active crossover, SBLs, Naim interconnects, and cable, all sitting very nicely thank you, on a Naim Fraim. Total cost: classified, Total musical pleasure: priceless.
  22. ...and the extended "Slalom On Mt. Humol", and all that purely percusssion stuff on the rope bridge. Still, it does contain "Approaching The Stones", which is worth the price of admission any day!
  23. What, Pixie, no "The Twin Dilema",no "The Happiness Patrol", no "Ghostlight"? You do dissapoint me (only kidding!).Personally, I would add "Terror Of The Autons" (introduces The Master), "Revelation of The Daleks" (worth it for the line "I'm a master of the double entry"!), "The Curse Of Fenric" (Nicholas Parsons playing very well against type), and "The Dalek Masterplan", if you can get hold of it (The chances of getting hold of "Mission To The Unknown", are about as rare as the chances of anything coming from Mars!).
  24. A tough one. It is certainly worth hearing the score in digital stereo, and in a more up-to-date recording, a-la "Superman", but if you have the recent-ish Decca re-release ( and, if not, WHY NOT?!) then the McNeely is superfluous. If you want to investigate a really good McNeely score, you could do a lot worse than "The Avengers".
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