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  1. One of a handful of contenders for the title Best Goldsmith Score. What would you say the others are, Marian?
  2. Has anyone noticed the predominately "blue" colour scheme for "S.T.III", as opposed to the predominately "red" colour scheme for "S.T.II"? Personally, I prefer this film to is immediate predecessor. It is not as bombastic as "S.T.II", and, as such, allows for more character development. I do not have a problem with the pacing, either. After the "in yer face"ness of "S.T.II", "S.T.III", for me, provides respite. It is a far more reflective film, as it has at its core, the effect that the death of Spock has on individual characters. It is an eligaic film, that, I think, can stand proud next to "S.T.II". The SFX speak for themselves...
  3. It might be very old, but it is still very nice. Kudos to you. The record isn't bad, either.
  4. Granted, no awful sequel will ever take away my viewing pleasure of "Cocoon", but bad sequels can leave a bad taste in the mmouth, somehow "de-valuing" the original. Of course, there are sequels that go way, way beyond the original in scope, vision, and often, in box office performance ("The Godfather Part II", "TESB", "Toy Story 2", to name but three).
  5. And? What would interest me is, is this better than Earthquake? I have seen Earthquake and know the score, but I have neither seen the Poseidon movie nor heard its score... It is diferent from "Earthquake", which is "modern" in its approach. If "The Poseidon Adventure" has a "partner", it would be "The Towering Inferno". Let us all know how you get on...
  6. 1, "The Towering Inferno", 2, "The Empire Strikes Back", 3, "E.T.". 4, "The Temple Of Doom", 5, "1941" (I know that this is a cheeky choice, due to the fact that no "offical" expanded version exists, but I love this score, so...it's in!).
  7. Is that not how it's being perceived these days? Anyway, here's my legendary photo of my LP12: Wow, Alex! What arm, and catrtridge do you have? The Aro would look (not to mention sound) great. Do you have a power supply? If not, consider The Armageddon, as it would improve your LP12 no end. BTW, what record is that on the deck?
  8. You don't watch any movies any more, or just the "Star Wars" movies? Re: "The Matrix: Reloaded"-two words, man: Monica Belluci... "Never has a bad sequel ruined an original"? You have never watched "Coccoon: The Return".
  9. Actually, Mark, I think that you are showing off John Williams' signatures. Which one of you is which?
  10. I can think of a very good place to put the song! I know that it's been cut to pieces, and put back together more times than a whole load of Kraft cheese slices, but does anyone have a chronological running order for "Licence To Kill"?
  11. I do not own a pc, nor an iPod, either. What I do have is a very expensive, very, very good 2-channel system, which I have built up over the last few years. IMO, this is the true way to listen to music. I'm old school so I listen to music the old way, which means CDs and a hi-fi system. I even got a beautiful Linn LP12 turntable. Amazing, isn't it?! You have an LP12?! Where do you live; I want to come round your house right away! It's odd how you describe c.d.s, as "the old way". There is a vary small improvement in sound quality, but you would need very sensitive hi-fi to detect it.
  12. I think Richard Wagner would have something to say about that. "Was zum Teufel ist ein Helikopter?" Williams' best helicopter ride was in 1974. Hear, bloody, hear!
  13. Has anyone noticed the "homage" to "The Towering Inferno" Main Title, at the begining of the track, when the characters are in the chopper (2 ascending notes, played an octave apart)?
  14. I can spell it plain for you to hear: it's functional dissonant stuff, desperately dependent on the movie it accompanies and nowhere near the league of what Goldsmith often could come up with in that department (and i do not listen to POTA, either). I'll wish anyone spending his/her afternoons with this a happy time, but i guess most people would be more than satisfied with a good rendition of the theme in great sound. I don't think it is "dependent"; it accompanies the film effectively. I would rather listen to music that challenges me (POTA, "Alien", "Images", CE3K, "The Name Of The Rose", "Brainstorm", etc.), than listen to "wallpaper" music, but if that's what some people want to do, then who am I to stand in their way..?
  15. An excellent choice, mien herr, but, IMO, "Superman" has more emotion, more soul.
  16. Hear, hear. "Stop f**king with me".
  17. Is one better than the other? Maybe, but the Main Title from "Superman" beats the living crap out of both of them!!!!
  18. Oh, man, "In Harm's Way" is a great film, and the Brittenesque "End Title" is fantastic! Let us all know what you think of the film.
  19. Yes, well, underscore is not necessarily meant to have "a tune", is it? Is is meant to communicate in musical terms what is happening on screen. Hands up all those who can find "a tune" in the underscore for "POTA", or "Alien", or "Total Recall"? (waits for half-an-hour). Thought not, though few would disagree that all three scores are masterpieces. Varese recorded the "Theme From..." and Silva recorded the "Main Title". IMO, the Silva version (on the "Disasters! Movie Music Album") is beter.
  20. Does anyone know if the End Title song by George Harrison for "Time Bandits" ever got an offical release?
  21. Yeah, umm. Not sure how the colapse of M.G.M. would affect the Bond films, as the last two were financed by Columbia.
  22. Yeah, but did you read the replies ...most say that there wasn't an LP release, so this idiot is just a faking bullshitter, a little lonely and just seeking the company of men, poor chap. Although I thought there was a Japanese LP? There was an offical Japanese L.P., but it was so limited that it might as well have not been released at all! Anyone who tells you that they have the Japanese L.P., is either VERY, VERY lucky, or is so full of bullshit it will take them 3 weeks just to pinch a loaf. They probably have a bootleg L.P, rather like the "The Cowboys" L.P., which came out a few years back. As to how the stereo mixes came to be: if I'm right, the music was recorded in stereo, and transferred to the 35mm negative in stereo. This was then projected in mono (rather like a stereo L.P. played on a mono record player). I'm not sure if the film was "roadshow"ed in stereo, but the stereo transfer remained intact. Mono back-ups were used for the FSM, and, I assume, the Johnny Boy c.d.s. The reigon 2 d.v.d. has the score in stereo. I sailvate at the thought of a Pro-Tools re-mixed "The Towering Inferno". "Earthquake", "The Eiger Sanction", and "Dracula" would probably come from Varese Sarabande, so don't hold your breath... Can anyone tell me what "The Screamimg Woman" is?
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