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  1. I might get socked in the mouth for this, but why the need to have music at all? Why not let the drama of the scene play without music? I'm not talking about any particular scene, but there is far, far too much nusic in the prequels, and not enough straight drama.
  2. Welcome back; the George Lucas money hoovering service. Is there really no depth to the contempt which he has for his audience?
  3. Straight after "Victory...", a friend sent me a text to say that the new Daleks look like "f**ked Mini-Coopers", to which the only reply is: "You're only supposed to blow the bloody Daleks off!". Personally, I like 'em. They look sleek, but menacing, at the same time, but, please, Mr. Moffatt, please get rid of the godsawful main title, and its attendent music, as it looks like "The Sarah Jane Adventures", and nobody wants that.
  4. I think that was the musical moment quite a few of us were waiting and hoping for. He does like to confound expectations, does our Johnny Boy! Most people-myself included-were expecting to hear a bellicose statement of D.V.'s theme when we first see him in "Ep.III". What do we get? Qui-Gon's funeral music. Brilliant!
  5. Not me, Mark, I've loved Rosenman's music ever since I heard "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes". Is it me, or is there no musical continuity within "Star Trek:IV"? There seems to be a loose collection of cues that do not develope, or "lead" anywhere. This is the only Rosenman score that I have a big problem with. Does anyone else feel this way?
  6. I'm not sure if it is exotic (it certainly sounds ethnic), but the underscore for the sequence in "Ep.III", on Couroscant, where there is intercutting between Padme, and Anakin ("Padmes Ruminations"?), is wonderful. It features a wordless, solo female voice, over the top of what appears to sound like synthesisers. It is a musically chilling moment, and provides a short respite form all the stumm und drang of the rest of the film. It is possibly the best piece of scoring for all the prequels.
  7. Instantly recognisable Goldsmith. I believe Horner's was the one prior to this (with the Universal text spinning over the globe in 3D). Something for some company called Ladd. Not sure I ever heard it. It's Williams, alright, and it was first heard on "Outland", which was the first Ladd Company release. It is in wonderful 5.1, on "B.R: The Final Cut", and is also on a rather nifty Polish "Blade Runner" bootleg c.d. Don't forget original trailer music for "A.I.", and the teaser trailer for "1941", featuring "Wild" Wayne Kelso.
  8. I would love to see John Steed in head-to-toe Spandex. Oops, wrong "Avengers". Sorry!
  9. And me. I'd love to have a good-sounding Superman, but it's just not that great a score to spend that much money on. What?... What?!... WHAT?!!!!
  10. If I was investigating Herrmann, I would start with Hitchcock; if I was investigating Williams, I would start with Spielberg, etc. Any investigation of Georges Delerue should start with his work for Francois Truffaut. Simple.
  11. Yes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hearts_of_Fire_%28soundtrack%29 The album has been out of print for a long time. At Amazon and eBay, the CDs go for a lot. The LPs are more affordable, but they're used LPs: you get what you pay for. I'll send you a PM. Ta for that; will investigate a.s.a.p.
  12. IMHO, JNH seems to fall onto 2 distinct camps; there are the grand, epic scores ("Wyatt Earp", "Atlantis", "Dinosaur", etc.), and then there are his gritty, "urban" scores, such as "The Saint Of Fort Washington", "Falling Down", "The Fugitive", and my personal favourite, "Grand Canyon". There are a few in-between ("The Village", "Signs"), but I feel that JNH can't escape his time as a session man with the likes of Reg Dwight, and Quincy Jones, and his collaborations with all the Toto alumni, to totally (or is that Totoally?) join the Premiership of great composers. Still, I guess it is better to be at the top of the Championship, rather than to be at the bottom of the Premiership. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. Horner, who hasn't composed a score worthy of my attention since "The Name Of The Rose", while "Michael Clayton" is actually quite good...
  13. Just assume I'm completly stupid (or whatever), but what has "The Ten Commandments" got to do with Easter? better to show "Jesus Of Nazareth" (a fine score), or "Jesus Christ: Superstar" (like, wow, man), or "The Last Temptation Of Christ" (a criminally underrated film) or even "The Passion Of The Christ" (blurgh!) isn't it?
  14. ...and Ian McDairmid as the Kentucky Fried priest. Verminthrax is the best realised dragon on film, ever.
  15. Are you guys saying that Patrick Stewart, on "S.T:Insurection", and Sigourney Weaver on "Alien 3" had a hand in how the money was spent? No wonder David Fincher was stressed...
  16. http://drexfiles.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/enterprise-j-search-redux/It's unknown whether this massive ship will come to exist in the 26th century after the conclusion of the Xindi campaign in Enterprise. While it looks eerily similar to Archer's NX-01 ship, it is estimated to be far longer than the Enterprise-E and be more like a city in space than a battleship. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fracking fantastic! IMO, it looks a little like the proposed TMP Enterprise. Thanks a zillion, Wojo. I want to change my vote from TMP Enterprise, to Enterprise J.
  17. Just checked out your c.d. collection, Marian: nice! Plenty of Williams, and even "Alien 3", a score that not many people that know have, let alone like. Slight absence of the Blue Box, though...
  18. "The Untouchables", "Backdraft", and "Black Rain", each bought for just £3 (approx. $4.25) at a record fair over the Easter w/e. I needed to study for an upcoming interview, so "The Untouchables" was on my c.d. player virtually all weekend (with a "Doctor Who" break, of course!). It's rather good, isn't it? There are shades of "The Thing", and "OUATITW", courtersy of the harmonica, and I LOVE the Main Titles; the syncopation in the string section does my head in, but in a good way. Does anyone know the chronological order for the score?
  19. Was there a soundtrack to "Hearts Of Fire"? Poor Richard Marquand; why couldn't his last film be "Jagged Edge"?
  20. "Basically...run". The Doctor is back, and how!!!!!
  21. Are there any exterior shots, paintings, or designs of the Enterprise J? I voted for the TMP Enterprise, but in terms of iconography, nothing holds a candle to The Tardis. To borrow a phrase: "there is no comparisom".
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