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  1. Philip Glass. What's that all about? Boring, droning, repetitive rubbish. I've never heard so much codswallop, in all my life.
  2. ...as opposed to "Lincoln by the old lady from the thrift store" Doesn't anyone get it? Huh? @bollemanneke, Leia is remembering her adoptive mother.
  3. I've only seen the first film, but...er... you'll actually defend these score...with your life?
  4. Absolutely not, Sweep! Believe it, or not, the very first DW story that I watched - in 1967 - was EVIL OF THE DALEKS.
  5. Now, just a damn minute! "WAR OF THE SONTARANS"? Isn't that the most ironic title? Their entire existence is a war. There's even a DVD box-set called "Bred For War". "TEA PARTY OF THE SONTARANS". Now, that would be interesting.
  6. This whole series sounds like a rewrite of THE WAR GAMES.
  7. Unclench those cheeks, Mike; it's only a movie
  8. Wha'?! @mstrox Mike, you don't think that a mini Mr. Staypuft Marshmallow Man getting blitzed, isn't funny?!
  9. It's all relative. Yes, it's dog shit. I suspect that even Rod knows it's dog shit, but compared to most modern crap, it's high class dog shit.
  10. I quite like this one. Nice shots of London The best Stewart-related stuff in the last 45 years, is the Kenny Everett parody, where his ass gets so big, he floats away. Funny as.
  11. I'm genuinely looking forward to this.
  12. SPECTRE is a top-5 favourite Bond film, for me. No, I am not joking!
  13. All I can think of, is the shot of the planets, which is accompanied by the card "Jupiter, and beyond the infinite". Other than that, I'm drawing a blank.
  14. I'm wracking my brains to think of optical shots, in 2001. Can you name some?
  15. Indeed. As with EMPIRE, much of it went into R&D. STAR WARS was just as much a start-up company, for Lucas, as it was a film.
  16. 2001 doesn't. It was way ahead of its time, in 1968, and it's still way ahead of its time, in 2021. It will never get old, or dated. The best special effects, ever.
  17. Indeed. Critics were not kind to TESB, and it took less money. ROTJ was received more positively. Nowadays, people such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Daniel Craig, wouldn't even get out of bed, for $11,000,000. How times have changed...
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