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  1. Every Hans Zimmer CD lists every composer on the front coverart. I've seen it!
  2. Brightburn I've been a slasher fan since childhood, but few had kill scenes that provoked me to look away from the screen like this one did. It really does have some brutally explicit scenes of gore and cruelty that almost make you gag. Don't get me wrong, I kinda dug it, but I was unprepared for how in-ya-face it was going to be. As for the premise, a pubescent Superman as a homicidal maniac is intriguing, like a quasi-Bizarro version, only not. Probably doesn't go all the way it could, but it's just a horror picture I suppose.
  3. According to the Mugglenet forums less than 20 years ago, John Williams didn't write anything for the HP films, it was all the orchestrators' work!
  4. The Goodbye Girl I frickin' love this movie. Just a feel-good bit of 70s bliss. I especially enjoy the stuff about Dreyfuss' struggling with his idiot theatre director over the flamboyant portrayal of Richard III – his playing drunk afterward and reading the newspaper reviews had me in stitches! I place this in the same category as Tootsie, The World According to Garp and Mr Mom, I just love this era of dramady.
  5. Apparently it'th Dithney oppothithun to a thertain newth thannel named Fokth
  6. He'd never heard of Saul until Jesse told him about him in Season 2 of BB.
  7. Yeah I bought Seasons 1-4 on tape and watched them. I dunno, I enjoyed it. All the stuff about building the Death Star underground meth lab was kinda cool.
  8. Everyone told me I'd get modern snob TV cred points by watching this show.
  9. Didn't Rey become the first "Skywalker"? As in the replacement title of the "Jedi"?
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