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  1. They shouldn't have closed the economy though.
  2. So Godzilla vs Kong will have another high profile blockbuster rival that month...
  3. It's like they keep the light on just to maintain interest with clickbait websites they're silently partnered with.
  4. We must keep this thread alive.
  5. Definitely more time for Lorne Balfe to rescore it.
  6. And the last ad was usually a house promo for another show on that station.
  7. Shit seriously?? https://www.change.org/p/emoji-remove-the-laughing-emoji-from-all-emoji-keyboards
  8. I thought he hated new SW because Rey was a boring chick who could do anything.
  9. Mattris thinks plots were unresolved or "unconcluded" in the OT? Which ones? How?
  10. If it's not a physical release, then what is it? An abstract concept?
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