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  1. I'm afraid the impact this pathogen has provoked would result in discussions that would be too controversial* for JWfan. *I do not believe this controversy is necessarily political, however the ones in charge regularly fail to comprehend this important distinction.
  2. Acronym for "The Powers That Be", a euphemism for referencing those in charge.
  3. E.T. is a prime example of this phenomenon, where the complete score without the film makes me tune out and fall asleep, whereas the OST is exciting with lots of musical variety in the way the ideas and prepurposed and represented.
  4. Oi! You can't talk about coronavirus without talking about lockdowns and their far reaching economic impact. I disagree vehemently that this is a "political" statement/argument. It seems more apparent that TPTB here are more concerned about "controversy" than they are about "politics", but their ability to articulate that is limited or impeded somehow.
  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/the-crown-seasons-5-and-6-everything-to-know-as-the-netflix-royal-drama-plots-its-endgame
  6. The herd has thinned significantly for me. Hollyweird just doesn't make much that interests me anymore. I was convinced that TROS would be the final film I'd see in a cinema until GvK would eventually roll around and that would probably be it for me. I did get dragged to the picture show a few times this year though (Dolittle, Jumanji 3, and Tenet), none were really all that worth the money spent on the "cinematic experience". Not to mention how intolerably loud Tenet was! I came prepared with ear plugs, but even my friend complained about how loud it was, and she doesn't regularly
  7. https://comicbook.com/movies/news/godzilla-vs-kong-reportedly-skipping-theaters-for-streaming/ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/heat-vision/godzilla-vs-kong-likely-the-latest-tentpole-to-go-to-a-streamer-exclusive
  8. Folks here zealously defend their pedantic C&C positions, it's almost a religion.
  9. Poverty doesn't exist! Nothing to see here!
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