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  1. "2nd whore" from Interview With The Vampire
  2. They'll probably be liquidated along with the estate.
  3. For its time. The landscape has shifted dramatically since the film was made.
  4. Aside from moments in 5 onwards, it's fairly straight-faced. In fact, the first one is frustratingly so, which could have used a few corny one-liners to lighten the mood a bit.
  5. See, back then, the target demographic was really narrow – the sorts you described. But ever since the fourth film, they've become these quasi-Mission: Impossible type adventures, obviously done to broaden the audience appeal.
  6. Just rabies... I've got rabies. I'm supposed to be getting the flu this week!
  7. I've seen them all except Hobbs & Shaw. I wouldn't mind revisiting the first few at some point just to contrast how much the series has evolved from little street racing thrillers to these newer Marvelised spy warfare epics.
  8. Yeah I've noticed these movies aren't popular on this forum. They're not JWfan movies.
  9. If they can pump out ten Fast and Furious flicks in the space of 20 years, what stopped them from making a few more Indy movies in the 1990s? They waited too long to make this shit.
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