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  1. Is this a prequel film about Luca Brasi?
  2. https://variety.com/2021/awards/news/oscars-2021-academy-awards-reviews-ratings-1234962181/
  3. Ah yeah, other people's response to a film means more than your own. Why do you have such a low opinion of yourself?
  4. I enjoy the fourth one, but five has that weird re-appropriated script feel about it, as if they took an existing, unrelated action movie script and rebranded it into the Rambo franchise.
  5. It's funny that Rambo III represents the general public's internalised image of the character, yet it was probably the least watched by most people for a long time.
  6. And has to scrape up funds to pay her debt back to her lawyer friend.
  7. Best bit of the movie. My favourite was the dead Ewok bit.
  8. Queen's Gambit, season finale Can't wait til when she beats some Chinese chess nerd in Season 2!
  9. They carried rolls of film inside their wombs and squeezed them out through their fannies?
  10. Noooooo, the second one is an iconic action film, with Goldsmith pulling no stops. The third is, eh, fine, I guess - it has its moments, but can drag a bit. Again, worth it for Goldsmith. The fourth is fine if you're a glutton for excessive violence but the score sucks, and the fifth is for fans only.
  11. See you're all blah blah blah because you don't understand that that someone can acknowledge something as good/great/best, but simply prefer watching something else.
  12. Another example, Godfather movies are better than Godzilla movies, but I prefer Godzilla movies by far!
  13. Well, you obviously struggle with surreal and dissonant thinking. Go live a little.
  14. How should I know? It just hits all the right notes. I just enjoy 3 more because it hits so many wrong notes.
  15. I said I prefer 3 because I enjoy it more, but I acknowledge that 2 is the better made film.
  16. Spider-Man 2 is critically acclaimed, features tighter editing and more rounded storytelling. I prefer Spider-Man 3 because it embraces its schlockiness to such a ridiculous level, I prefer watching it. And it has Bully Maguire.
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