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  1. Spider-Man 2 might be the best Spider-Man movie, but Spider-Man 3 is my favourite.
  2. Pfft, lossless is for audiophile dweebs. Lossy is where it's at. It lets you imagine what's not there.
  3. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/godzilla-vs-kong-adam-wingard-legendary-monsterverse-1234961718/
  4. As much as I love some of the itty bits from Shore's score, I return to Young's entry way more often. Very good album.
  5. But why does it matter to them so much? Why are they over-estimating its impact?
  6. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/city-of-la-accused-of-moving-the-homeless-in-order-to-prepare-for-the-oscars
  7. Really? It's the only one I've heard. If that's the case, the guy has no sense.
  8. What the hell happened that made Western society so puritanical again? So somebody fucks up in their lives and people are so relentlessly unforgiving towards them. Who the heck has a squeaky clean record anyway?
  9. They dragged it out with boring speeches and other weird shit. It was relentlessly dry!
  10. So it matters to a few Twitter nuts, but their complaints are picked up by mainstream media as if they're quoting experts on the record and it's blown up to be a bigger deal than it really is.
  11. It was so weird how it felt so sombre and self-important. Years ago, the show's monotony was broken up with skits, but nah, can't make fun of ourselves anymore.
  12. That's exactly the mentality that went into this album and I'm glad it didn't persist in film score OSTs. For AVPR, it seems like a product of its time when they had those listening stations at Borders where they selected about a dozen albums as demos for prospective customers and an album producer was aware of the mentality that people would only skip through the first few tracks and move on to the next album, so they had to make an impact in tracks 1-4.
  13. That album needs a do-over. There are some very strong Silvestri/Horner-pastiche moments and setpieces in AVPR, but the album is so front-loaded that it exhausts itself within its first 15 minutes and after that it just meanders into atmospherics and dissonance and abruptly ends. Phenomenally incompetent album production. Oh, and it's brickwalled to shit. What a waste.
  14. https://entertainment.theonion.com/does-this-help-says-panicking-academy-president-hold-1846766284
  15. They might as well cancel this movie and admit they waited too long. This is elder abuse.
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