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  1. I'm seeing this shit happening more and more often, the YouTube geoblocking. Wtf
  2. Who the hell is deleted account? Sounds like a TF.N ghost.
  3. Another Best Pic winner I'd never heard of until Oscar night.
  4. If someone said you groped them, how would you feel? How would you prefer it to play out?
  5. I think he was accused of something. Which these days means he really did what he was accused of, and has no right to defend himself.
  6. I couldn't torture myself by listening to all this crap
  7. I wanna meet a good lookin sort who likes puttin on the record player and jammin to some Johnny Williams Any nice lookin sheilas here who wanna find me private ryan?
  8. She can play a mean game of checkers, this Vulcan sheila
  9. My friend I saw it with insisted I was a dum-dum for not getting it.
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