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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but did anyone of you experience lots of clipping in Stormtrooper Karaoke? I bought the Album at Amazon (they charge much more in Germany than in the US, it seems); everything else sounds great, but this one track is really intolerable. Fortunately not one of the many great actual score cues.... so far. Just listening for the first time.
  2. I absolutely had not realized how much excellent stuff was not on the original soundtrack CDs of all movies, but especially the first one (in some cases really unbelievable omissions). Maybe I've seen the movies so often that it felt as if I had also heard the music on CD. Anyway, sooo much to enjoy, even a lot of unreleased music not featured in the films.
  3. Well, unless La-La Land wants to give the second set to me as a gift, why would I want to keept it?
  4. So Deutsche Post can decide what I have to pay custom fees on? I doubt it. I will call them after Christmas; there must be a way how they can get their money back from customs. I could never show up at the post office to retrieve the package, after all; how would they get their money then?
  5. Well, the package arrived (unexpectedly early; yay!). I immediately put CD 2 of PoA in, skipping to The Rescue of Sirius, and it is every bit as great as I expected. 🙂 Anyway, La-La Land sent out an additional package that I hadn't even asked for just in case (one cannot complain about their service), and now I don't know what to do with that one once it arrives. Question to the German forum members: Can I refuse acceptance when Deutsche Post has already advanced the money to customs?
  6. After a veeeery long time "awaiting shipment" status my set finally shipped. But to make it even more exciting, La-La Land changed the shipping address before shipping. Instead of Hesse, my federal state, they chose a random Hessian city in which I don't live. I hope customs and mail service can identify the true address. I'm slightly annoyed; I mean, why? We don't even usually put our federal state on there, but if I have to, I'd rather they stick to it.
  7. Thanks. Yep, the case is undamaged (only one CD was lose), and the teeth are missing. But don't forget, it was one of the first sets to ship, so no surprise there. Nope. It was never released in Germany, so I never got around to check it out.
  8. It is here! Actually arrived yesterday, when I was at work. I am now listening to "The Encased Mosquito", one of my holy grails, for the first time ever outside of the movie :-) :-) :-)
  9. I ordered it the day (rather: minute) it was released. It was sent out November 30. I got an update yesterday, but it once again says "customs clearance".
  10. Well, I still don't have my set. It has now been stuck in customs since January 3rd. 1,5 months and counting in 2016/17 is... astounding even for the holiday season. Well done, Frankfurt Airport.
  11. I still don't have it either. Also wrote to LLL yesterday. It was sent out by them, then got lost in transit. ... aaand, just received an email from LLL that the package cleared German customs today. After a month. But whatever, cross your fingers that it'll arrive tomorrow, so that I can have my second Christmas :-). Finally.
  12. And... still not here, still no tracking update. What a joke. If there was one item I wanted the most in the last five years, it would be this set. And it gets lost/stolen/destroyed - take your pick.
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