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  1. Well, I always enjoy reading it ;-)
  2. Interesting; have to check this when I get home. But I think you forgot the Harkonnen screech (for a lack of better words), heard all the time when Rabban is on screen
  3. For Leto at least it's even worse in the novel: I believe in the few days he actually is on Arrakis he never actually sleeps, taking stimulants to stay awake. He even has to leave the banquet early.
  4. Seriously? I found absolutely nothing to like there. Do I need to give it another listen? Are there any hidden highlights?
  5. Yeah, the other two albums I (mostly) like a lot, too. Have fun!
  6. Oh wow, this was... disappointing, to say the least. It's really just a few extremely slowed down motifs... or basically nothing. "The attack" is particularly ludicrous. No action at all, just some background noise, sounding the same for endless minutes. I skipped whole minutes, and it still sounded the same. Fortunately I streamed this first. I am not buying this.
  7. It's referred to as the sea wall, I believe. Yeah, liked that scene.. the movie, too, though it's not something I need to watch often. Dune, however, I already watched twice, and am looking forward to the 4k UHD
  8. It's even available on Amazon.de... The last two albums were both released there a day late, I think. I'm curious what the music is like... will know in an hour
  9. Of sorts. It's more an idea, or an identity, I would say ;-) Only really noticed that the second time I watched the movie
  10. Funny, it's my favorite action cue... and the only clear statement of Duncan Idaho's material on the album, if I remember correctly
  11. Allllll right But I can imagine it's something along this line... isn't it always Be fair; no one can learn every language... I studied Latin at school, rather than French
  12. Could you summarize or give some context? :-) I unfortunately don't understand French
  13. Well, I can try to give a little more background which might help to address some of your concerns. In the novel: Caladan of course has a local population. They grow a kind of rice and export it. Caladan is considered a minor planet, but Duke Leto is well liked by the members of the Landsraad, the council of the great houses. By marrying one of the emperor's daughters (there are no sons), Leto could become very powerful... which the emperor wants to prevent. Arrakis has several cities. The Harkonnen ruled from a larger one, Carthag, which seemed too difficult to defend in Leto's advisors' opinion. The shields everyone uses render projectile weapons useless, only a slow blade or similar devices can penetrate them. Laser guns actually cause a minor nuclear blast when they hit a shield, which is why the imperial soldiers would be very careful where to use them... and certainly not against Duncan's ornithopter, which clearly had a shield. Dr. Yueh was on the Duke's innermost council; it was considered impossible to break his conditioned loyalty. That is why he was able to shut down the shield. The Atreides forces were stationed everywhere in the high surrounding cliffs and mountains, but the Harkonnens use an ancient, almost forgotten weapon against them, artillery. That way they cause rock slides and trap many of the atreides soldiers. Oh, and the Atreides were very aware that the odds were not in their favor, so they attempted to form an alliance with both the Fremen (as potential fighters for their cause) and the local smugglers (in order to secure a way to leave the planet in case things got really bad)
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