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  1. I can't find this on Amazon.de. They seem to often delay releases that should be available and are available elsewhere these days. Or did I miss something in this case? No release in Germany?
  2. Well, I always enjoy reading it ;-)
  3. Interesting; have to check this when I get home. But I think you forgot the Harkonnen screech (for a lack of better words), heard all the time when Rabban is on screen
  4. For Leto at least it's even worse in the novel: I believe in the few days he actually is on Arrakis he never actually sleeps, taking stimulants to stay awake. He even has to leave the banquet early.
  5. Seriously? I found absolutely nothing to like there. Do I need to give it another listen? Are there any hidden highlights?
  6. Yeah, the other two albums I (mostly) like a lot, too. Have fun!
  7. Oh wow, this was... disappointing, to say the least. It's really just a few extremely slowed down motifs... or basically nothing. "The attack" is particularly ludicrous. No action at all, just some background noise, sounding the same for endless minutes. I skipped whole minutes, and it still sounded the same. Fortunately I streamed this first. I am not buying this.
  8. It's referred to as the sea wall, I believe. Yeah, liked that scene.. the movie, too, though it's not something I need to watch often. Dune, however, I already watched twice, and am looking forward to the 4k UHD
  9. It's even available on Amazon.de... The last two albums were both released there a day late, I think. I'm curious what the music is like... will know in an hour
  10. Of sorts. It's more an idea, or an identity, I would say ;-) Only really noticed that the second time I watched the movie
  11. Funny, it's my favorite action cue... and the only clear statement of Duncan Idaho's material on the album, if I remember correctly
  12. Allllll right But I can imagine it's something along this line... isn't it always Be fair; no one can learn every language... I studied Latin at school, rather than French
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