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  1. ...that happens later on in PoA. Which cue is it on the list? http://www.jwfan.com/modules.php?op=modloa...d=74&page=1 Thanks, -The Ghoest
  2. Non-Williams: The Great Eatlon by James Newton Howard from Lady in the Water. If you haven't heard it yet, GET IT!
  3. Thanks!!! Welcome Heady206! My rule: always check out Wikipedia first before asking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Williams It has a lot of good info and several links, as long as no one from these boards vandalizes them first. This should get you a direction, and then more specific questions to ask of the helpful denizens of the JWFan boards!
  4. My new sig, finally replacing the 2005 sig. Anyway, I'd think it'd be kind of wierd if we weren't movie fans. But some people are ALL MOVIES buffs (Tarantino comes to mind), and ALL SCORES buffs. I like to tell everybody that I'm a "Good film" buff.
  5. Again, no doubt. Williams is and was a better action music writer than Goldsmith. It is possible that Goldsmith influenced Williams a little (although honestly, the influences in action music would've been from Korngold and Alfred Newman, and of course some Herrmann.) So, yeah, Williams is better.
  6. I hate to say it, but Joe's right, Indy will probably make more in its first day than Rambo does in its entire run, unless Rambo is a huge hit (even then there's no way it's topping $150 million, $160 million absolute tops.)
  7. Why does everybody keep saying that? For the last time, I'm NOT spamming the board! So have a drink on me! :beerchug: Or maybe two or three drinks...
  8. Hmm, for some strange reason I just remembered Star Wars day today. I wonder why?
  9. I hate to keep insisting on this, but MIDI is only a protocol. Those sample libraries use MIDI just as the old SoundBlaster Pro cards do. They just have better samples. And the old SoundBlaster General Midi sounds were stored in hardware, so they actually cost something. Then came the wavetables (AWE and stuff), which sounded a lot better at least. Also hardware-based. But yes, today there are a few software-based real-time MIDI synths, which sound like the early wavetables and yes, those are free. I don't mind, it's good for those who aren't aware of that fact, and there are many who aren't. I was just being careless with my phrasing there.
  10. Yeah, thanks for asking, I never thought to ask, but unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and midi is free.
  11. Hey, does anybody remember that "unplugged" version of YubNub on one of the U.S. Late night shows a couple of years ago? If so, does anybody have a copy of the song on hand? (i.e., to send to the Ghoest?) TheGhoest-
  12. Chris, someday I'll buy you a beerchug The Ghoest- Who's going to buy himself a beerchug
  13. Well said Chris. On that note, Morn still hasn't responded :? and I'm a very impatient person. Does anybody else have it? The Ghoest- Who really enjoys annoying everybody for tracks.
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