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  1. I didn't hear any GBII quotes. Although my mind was immediately taken to the exact scene where every GBI quote was used from the first film. I remember hearing one cue that was referenced that was not on either of the score releases. For the music alone it was an interesting experience.
  2. Thanks for the cross post. For a list of all of the songs (don't ask my why anybody would actually want to hear them with this film), go here.
  3. It's definitely not in order and much of the music isn't even heard in the film.
  4. After my last post, I realized I haven't participated here much in years aside from going over the chronological order of scores. I thought about it and wondered why. After all I've been here for 13 years, only posting an average of 16 times a year. I was curious why other people may not post so much and figured this would be a good start. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into bashing other people but instead start a conversation. Part of the reason I don't post much is I consider myself a thread killer. I tend to find things interesting that others don't and vice versa. When I have posted about them, in varying forums, that tends to be where things end. I do love music but don't enjoy discussing the nuances of unknowns whether that refers to releases, chords/instruments used, etc. I appreciate knowing why things are how they are, some background and when it is clear. I guess I'm ultimately saying, I do enjoy being a lurker and learning a lot. Maybe it just takes more energy than I have to engage in ongoing chats. For now, that sounds like a good reason why I don't participate more so I'll stick with that. What would it take for you to participate more?
  5. So how would these files currently be found for those of us that were aware of the issue but unaware of the corrected files existing?
  6. https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32519-randy-edelmans-ghostbusters-2-premiere-score-release-by-sony-masterworks/&do=findComment&comment=1827242
  7. After a few hours of fun, here's the score in film order: S2 - A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic (2:01) S8C - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (2:42-End) [Rename to "No More Parties"] S14 - Good With Kids (1:23) S15 - Enlightenment (1:32) S9A - The Scoleri Brothers (:00-:59) [Rename to "The Verdict"] S4A - Order in the Court (:00-:2:09.4) S13C - Vigo’s Last Stand (2:05.65-End) [Rename to "Carpathian Kitten Loss"] S4B - Order in the Court (2:09.4-3:05.5) [Rename to "Bath Time"] S9C - The Scoleri Brothers (1:20-End) [Rename to "Suck in the Guts (Alternate)"] S4C - Order in the Court (3:05.5-End) [Rename to "She Cleaned"] S8A - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (:00-:38) [Rename to "Asking Janine Out"] S11B - A Slime Darkened Doorway (1:16.8-End) [Rename to "Developing Photos"] S11A - A Slime Darkened Doorway (:00-1:16.8) [Rename to "River of Slime"] S9B - The Scoleri Brothers (:59-1:20) [Rename to "No Reservations"] S8B - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (:38-2:42) [Rename to "Rooftop"] S7 - In Liberty’s Shadow (3:48) S13B - Vigo’s Last Stand (1:15.9-2:05.65) [Rename to "Janosz is Hosed"] S5 - He’s Got Carpathian Eyes (2:34) S13A - Vigo’s Last Stand (:00-1:15.9) S16 - Family Portrait (:00-1:29.86) S1 - A Few Friends Save Manhattan (2:01) Unused/Newly Composed Tracks: S12 - One Leaky Sewer Faucet (1:13) S3 - Venkman’s 6th Ave. Strut (3:06) S6 - The Sensitive Side of Dana (4:08) S10 - Oscar is Quietly Surrounded (4:23) S16 - Finale (1:29.86-End) https://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2021/08/ghostbusters-ii-1989.html S14 is tracked into a few other areas and the fanfare from S7 is also heard elsewhere. Many of the tracks are alternates of some sort. The only reason S9C is marked as an alternate is because it is 100% different from what was heard in the film but the instrumentation heard is similar to pieces from that section. The finale of S16 is heard on S1 with a piano track preceding it that is unheard in the film. Enjoy.
  8. If you can get a copy of the anniversary edition now from anybody who has it in stock, it was made from the incorrect master which have several "bonus tracks" not found on the last release. If you get a copy when LLL restocks, it is supposed to be the same as the 2015 release with no additional tracks or sound improvements.
  9. Not with LLL, but I did place my order with a third party seller on the 24th. They shipped it out a few days later.
  10. Attached the scan from Album Art Exchange.
  11. Here's the score in chronological order. 18 - After Party (2:03) 02 - The Grand Hotel (:00-:49) [Rename to "Old Woman"] 03 - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - Chet Swiatkowski (2:54) 19 - Car Jazz (2:00) 02 - The Grand Hotel (:49-End) 20 - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Alternate) - Chet Swiatkowski (3:03) [Rename to "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (The Portrait)"] 04 - The Old Woman (Film Version) (2:49) [Rename to "1912 / Thank You"] 21 - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Music Box) (2:11) 05 - June 27th (2:03)* 06 - Room 417 (1:11) 07 - The Journey Back In Time (4:29) 23 - My Melancholy Baby (2:02) 08 - Is He The One? (Film Version) (:00-2:19.6) [Rename to "Near the Lake"] 26 - I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) (1:53) 24 - Oh, You Beautiful Doll (3:30) 25 - In The Good Old Summer Time (:37) 08 - Is He The One? (Film Version) (2:19.6-End) 09 - A Day Together (Film Version) (2:31) 10 - Rowing (1:15)* 27 - Wisdom of the Heart (:00-:25) [Rename to "Wisdom of the Heart (Intro)"] 11 - The Man of My Dreams (1:42) 12 - That’s It (:40) 27 - Wisdom of the Heart (:25-End) [Rename to "Wisdom of the Heart (Outro)"] 13 - Razor (1:05) 14 - Total Dismay (3:21) 15 - Coin (:37) 16 - Return To The Present (4:10) 33 - Finale And End Credits (From The Motion Picture Somewhere In Time) (4:57) Bonus Tracks: 32 - Somewhere In Time (Theme Variation) (1:46) 01 - Theme From Somewhere In Time - Roger Williams (3:26) 22 - Is He The One? (Alternate Excerpt) (2:21) 29 - Rowing (Alternate) (1:18) 30 - Razor (Alternate) (:51) 31 - Coin (Alternate) (:32) 28 - Somewhere In Time (Piano Theme) (1:59) 17 - A Day Together (End Credits) (6:08) * = Partially Unused
  12. I'm guessing this is the potential breakdown you were mentioning: I will just say when I get my copy I will be dropping it into my audio editor immediately to see what goes where and have the most accurate film version possible, albiet without the missing music. So which track/cue are you hoping will be present? I'll admit the Statue of Liberty scenes are my personal favorite and I'm anxiously awaiting those.
  13. It depends if you want the film versions or not. There are a few cues that appear to be alternates that follow each other on the Quartet album. After watching the extended cut of the film, this is what I came with, including cues that were only partially heard: Q1T1 - Prologo / Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (Titoli) (2:49) Q1T2 - Il Brutto / Il Tramonto (1:23) Q1T3 - Morte Di Stevens (:55) Q1T4 - Morte Di Baker / Il Cattivo (:28) Q1T5 - Una Taglia Sulla Testa / Un Angelo Biondo (:52) Q2T16 - Fuga A Cavallo (Film Version) (:47) Q1T7 - Il Buono / Il Biondo Abbandona / Tuco Nel Deserto (:40) Q1T8 - La Confessione Di Maria (1:14) Q1T9 - Il Ponte Di Corde (:51) Q1T10 - Tuco Fa La Colletta (1:07) Q2T17 - Intermezzo Musicale (:25) Q1T12 - I Tre Dsperados / Una Cannonata Provvidenziale (1:11) Q1T13 - Il Forte (2:23) Q1T14 - All'inseguimento Del Biondo (2:26) Q1T15 - Il Deserto (5:16) Q1T17 - Lo Stivale (1:01) Q1T18 - La Carrozza Dei Fantasmi (2:09) Q1T19 - Biondo... Non Morire! (:58) Q1T20 - La Missione Di San Antonio / Il Mio Miglior Nemico Veglia Su Di Me (2:25) Q1T21 - Incontro Con Padre Ramirez / Perdonami Fratello / Ti Aiuterà A Difenderti (2:40) Q1T22 - Il Canyon Del Morti / Dio È Con Noi (:26) Q1T23 - Marcetta Prima / Marcetta Seconda (2:47) Q1T24 - Il Campo Di Prigionia Di Betterville (1:27) Q1T25 - La Storia Di Un Soldato (5:36) Q1T26 - Un Treno Per La Forca / Partenza Del Treno Militare (1:57) Q1T27 - Tuco E Wallace (La Storia Di Un Soldato) (3:54) Q1T28 - Tuco Scappa / Arrivo Nella Cittadina / Fine Di Una Spia (1:18) Q1T29 - Il Bandito Monco (2:52) Q1T30 - Inseguilo! (:55) Q1T31 - Il Bagnoschiuma Di Tuco (:48) Q1T32 - Due Contro Cinque / Verso Duecentomilla Dollari (4:06) Q2T1 - Il Capitano Nordista (3:12) Q2T2 - Due Assalti Al Giorno (2:10) Q2T3 - Il Capitano E' Ferito (1:21) Q2T4 - Marcetta Senza Speranza (1:53) Q2T5 - L' Esplosione Del Ponte (:48) Q2T6 - Morte Di Un Soldato (3:20) Q2T7 - L'estasi Dell'oro (3:25) Q2T8 - In Due Scaverete Più Presto! / Il Triello (2:50) Q2T9 - Il Triello Seconda Parte (2:23) Q2T10 - Non E' Uno Scherzo, E' Una Corda / Nella Linea Del Mirino / Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (:58) Q2T11 - Finale (2:07) Bonus Tracks: Q2T12 - Titoli (Versione Film Con Cannonata) (2:49) Q2T13 - La Storia Di Un Soldato (Orchestral Version) (2:56) Q2T14 - Il Tramonto (Alternate) (1:00) Q2T15 - Morte Di Stevens (Alternate) (:56) Q1T6 - Fuga A Cavallo (:45) Q2T18 - Il Forte (Alternate) (:58) Q2T19 - Marcetta (Alternate) (2:45) Q1T11 - Suspense (1:14) Q1T16 - Il Deserto Secondo (2:39) Q2T20 - Organo (:16) Q2T21 - Organo Secondo (1:35) Q2T22 - L'estasi Dell'oro (Mono Album Mix) (3:26) Q2T23 - Il Triello (Alternate) (3:17) Q2T24 - Il Triello / Il Triello Seconda Parte (Extended Version) (7:16) Q2T25 - La Storia Di Un Soldato (Alternate) (3:58) Q2T26 - Lo Stivale (Extended Sustain) (2:19) Q2T27 - Uahuah & Effetti (2:07) Q2T28 - La Storia Di Un Soldato (Extended Stereo Version) (7:31) Q2T29 - Il Triello (Alternate - Stereo Mix) (3:17) Q2T30 - La Storia Di Un Soldato (Extended Version) (3:56) Q2T31 - Titoli (Versione Film Con Cannonata - Stereo Mix) (2:47) Tom Guernsey, save yourself some time. I've already gone through that here: https://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2020/08/mystery-men-1999.html I've separated it into each composer's work individually, the combined version without tracked music and the film version (with source cues and tracked music).
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