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  1. While scanning the album cover, I ran across this. I don't know how or why, but if somebody wants the original album for free apparently you can get it here: https://buysoundtrax.myshopify.com/products/return-to-oz-original-soundtrack-by-david-shire-bay-cities-edition
  2. One minor change on the updated email they sent out.
  3. As far as I'm aware, it has only been released in the The Skywalker Saga Box Set from Best Buy. I haven't heard of it being released separately thus far.
  4. I discovered him a few years ago and have love most of his scores that I've heard. A few personal favorites are: Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis - The film is hysterical and the music fits it quite well. La Nouvelle Guerre Des Boutons - This was the film that introduced me to this composer. Great orchestral score with melodic themes. I also have both of his Asterix scores and enjoy them. A lot of themes, very cartoonesque but fun nonetheless. There are a few that don't resonate with me but I always check out a new score when I hear his name attached.
  5. Aside from four unplayable tracks, the album can still be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20160306221204/http://www.uscg.mil/band/Live/williams.asp
  6. Nope, there's no real difference between takes so I don't count that. And yes the three tracks are concert arrangements. And since we now know what the full cue of Halls contains, aside from the source music the boot is moot.
  7. Exactly. So, if what I noted about Halls is confirmed, the only music that is needed from the bootleg (for those interested) is the ballroom source music and the Tavern on the Green source music. Otherwise, the bootleg should not be needed at all.
  8. Correct. Also (Hotel Haunting aka Hard Work 1:29-2:17) or on the varese release 39-We Got One (Alternate) (1:29-End) is the film version whereas 14 - We Got One (128.8-End) is an alternate.
  9. That's part of We Got One (Alternate) (2:04) from the Varese release. Without any insider knowledge, it could be. The sound effects are so loud though it likely couldn't have been heard. Sure. 31:29-31:50 (from the film) or track 7 on the bootleg 4:28-End is not found on any other album. It's right when the Ghostbusters step out of the elevator on to the 12th floor. Then you have Halls from the Varese release which is 2:03 and includes the rest of the music both which is heard (:00-:22) dialed out (:22-:57) and then heard again in the final film (:57-End). In the film this is 32:18-34:17. In short, with the time difference between the varese track (2:03) and the 2019 Sony release (2:30) my guess is the new release may include the missing music found on the bootleg which is about 25 seconds.
  10. I finally had a chance to take a look at this. It seems like Mistake would have been the lead in cue to Protection Grid from the VS release. The music fits the scene as the protection grid shuts off perfectly. And I'm not saying that just because that track follows Judgment Day on the album either. And here's my analysis of all the albums, including one of the bootlegs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Owf1At4Abr5SlettoC_dVICWwkzEXsfHxak2aAv_RI As for the Halls track, there are 26 seconds on the bootleg that can't be found elsewhere and 31 seconds from the sample of the new release that would go between the bootleg music and the previous varese track. A small part of the previously unreleased section of the sample can be heard in the film but it appears they dialed out the rest of it.
  11. Here's just for those two releases: P1/S12 - Will He Shoemaker? (3:18) P2 - A Run on the Market (:50) S1 - Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (1:49) P3 - Sighs and Shine (:23) P4 - Ofrenda Room, Vámonos (:56) P5/S13 - Shrine and Dash (1:24) S2 - Much Needed Advice (1:45) P6 - Día de los Muertos has Begun (2:50) P7/S14 - Miguel's Got an Axe to Find (1:17) P8/S15 - The Strum of Destiny (1:20) P9 - It's All Relative (2:40) P10/S17 - Crossing the Marigold Bridge (1:50) P11/S18 - Dept. of Family Reunions (2:46) P12 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:10) P13 - Dis-Guys Got Tunnel Vision (:57) S20 - The Newbie Skeleton Walk (1:07)@ P14 - Backstage Sass (1:03) P15 - Art for Art's Sake (:27) P16 - Monkey Sí (:35) S3 - Everyone Knows Juanita (1:15) P17/S21 - Adiós Chicharrón (1:49) P18/S22 - Plaza de la Cruz (:30) P19 - The Bandas that Tie Us (1:35) S4 - Un Poco Loco (1:52) P20/S23 - Family Doubtings (2:29) P21 - Taking Sides (:59) P22/S25 - Fiesta Espectacular (:49) P23/S26 - Fiesta con de la Cruz (1:23) S5 - Jálale (Instrumental) (2:54) S6 - The World Es Mi Familia (:50) P24/S27 - I Have a Great-Great-Grandson (1:15) P25 - The Family Showoff (:35) P26 - The World is our Family (1:20) P27/S28 - A Blessing and a Fessing (4:50) P28/S29 - Somos Familia (2:25) S7 - Remember Me (Lullaby) (1:09) P29/S30 - Reunión Familiar de Rivera (3:08) P30 - A Family Dysfunction (2:06) P31 - Fanfarria de Frida (:36) P32 - Be Frida Dance (:30) P33 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:44) S8 - La Llorona (2:45) P34 - The Show Must Go On (2:36) P35/S33 - For Whom the Bell Tolls (2:08) P36 - A Run for the Ages (1:41) S9 - Remember Me (Reunion) (1:13) P37/S34 - One Year Later (2:32) S10 - Proud Corazón (2:03) S11 - Remember Me (Dúo) (2:44) P38 - Cuckoo For Coco Credits (5:55) Bonus Tracks: S16 - It's All Relative (2:38) [Alternate Section] S19 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:04) [Alternate Section] S24 - Taking Sides (:59) [Alternate] S31 - A Family Dysfunction (2:02) [Alternate Ending] S32 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:47) [Alternate Opening] S35 - Coco - Día de los Muertos Suite (5:47) P is for the FYC promo, S is for the soundtrack/score. There is still additional score heard on other releases. That and more is shown here: http://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2018/04/coco-2017.html
  12. Same here and thanks to this tread I watched it last night. It was just as creepy as anticipated.
  13. Found it, track 1: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trailer-tracks-best-hollywood-movie-preview-music-fantasy/1036587305
  14. Thank you for the information. I see you edited your post to include the original reference. That is perfect, thank you again.
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