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  1. Okay, I just finished the preview cut with a few thoughts. It was interesting watching this version of the film without any of the added visual effects. I never truly paid attention to the practical effects because everything seemed pretty seamless but this helped increase my appreciation that much more. Watching the film without the music made me realize how truly hokey some scenes are. The seriousness of the music really elevated it. I felt even more sorry for Louis, poor guy. Some of the extended scenes did add a tad bit more to the story including some character development, for Janine in particular. Seeing the rooftop scene prior to all the visual effects also helped bring out the architecture and great detail that went into building it I was thrown off hearing a change in so many lines, redone later, that I have known way too well over the years. One scene in particular when stepping out of the ballroom. I'm going to wait a while before I watch the theatrical version so I don't spend much of the next time noticing the visual effects more than enjoying the story. Did anybody watch the preview cut with commentary on? Did it add much?
  2. I haven't had a chance to watch anything yet, but the light up trap was a great surprise. I'm excited to dive into everything soon.
  3. 1 - NY Pizza (2:03) 2 - Main Titles (3:15) 3 - Pile of Criminals (1:58) 4 - Shredder Lives (1:29) 5 - Mutant Dandelions (2:31) 6 - Grave Danger (2:27) 7 - TGRI Fight (2:53) 8B - Home Sweet Home (:28-1:35) [Rename to "Keno Finds the Boys"] 8A - Home Sweet Home (:00-:28) [Rename to "New Recruit"] 16A - Dark Monsters (:00-1:06.98) [Rename to "Professor’s Protest"] 8C - Home Sweet Home (1:35-End) 16B - Dark Monsters (1:06.98-End) [Rename to "Shredder Grows Impatient"] 9A - Tokka & Rahzar (1:53) 10 - Scrap Yard Scrap (1:51) 15 - Cowabunga Says It All (3:31) 11A - What Troubles You? (:00-1:25) 12 - Master Say Have Fun (3:09) 11B - What Troubles You? (1:25-End) [Rename to "No Choice"] 13A - Let the Games Begin (1:31) 17 - Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice (3:45) 14C - Super Shredder (1:48-2:29) [Rename to "Shredder Crashes the Party"] 14A - Super Shredder (:00-:22.6) [Rename to "Guitar Shredder"] 14D - Super Shredder (2:29-2:39.6) [Rename to "Cowabunga"] 14B - Super Shredder (:22.6-1:48) [Rename to "Super Shredder"] 14E - Super Shredder (2:39.6-End) [Rename to "Dock Aftermath"]
  4. D3-1 - Timpani Fanfare (:19) D2-1 - Prologue and Tradition & Main Title (Alternate) (11:31) D2-2 - Matchmaker (Alternate) (3:45)* D2-3 - If I Were A Rich Man (Alternate) (5:00) D2-4 - Sabbath Prayer (Alternate) (2:42) D3-5 - Tevye Thinks On It (1:04) D2-5 - To Life (Alternate) (6:21) D3-7 - Street Scene And Riverbank (:58) D3-8 - Perchik And Hodel Dance (:46) D3-9 - Tevye's Monologue (2:40) D2-6 - Miracle of Miracles (Alternate) (2:11)* D3-11 - Chava Takes The Book (:45) D2-7 - Tevye's Dream (Alternate) (:00-5:51) D3-12 - Dream Epilogue (:28) D3-13 - Wedding Preparation (:52) D3-14 - Wedding Procession (Playback Version) (2:20) D2-8 - Sunrise, Sunset (Alternate) (3:52) D2-9 - Wedding Celebration And The Bottle Dance (Instrumental) (3:50) D1-11 - First Act Finale (1:30) D1-12 - Entr'acte (1:51) D3-16 - The Cornfield - Tradition (:49) D3-17 - Socio-Economic Relationship (:35) D2-10 - Any Day Now (Unused) (2:47) D3-19 - Tevye's Rebuttal (2:37) D2-11 - Do You Love Me? (Alternate) (3:15) D2-12 - Far From The Home I Love (Alternate) (3:05) D3-22 - Russian Church (1:38) D2-13 - Chava Ballet Sequence (Alternate) (2:37) D2-14 - The Rejection Scene (Instrumental) (1:35) D2-15 - Anatevka (Alternate) (3:44) D3-24 - Exodus (Excerpt) (1:35) D2-16 - Finale (Alternate) (2:05) Bonus Tracks: D3-2 - Matchmaker (Playback Version) (4:46) D3-3 - If I Were A Rich Man (Playback Version) (5:05) D3-4 - Sabbath Prayer (Playback Version) (2:43) D3-6 - To Life (Playback Version) (6:48) D3-10 - Miracle of Miracles (Playback Version) (2:21) D2-7 - Tevye's Dream (Alternate) (5:51-End) [Rename to "Tevye's Dream (Original Ending)"] D3-15 - Sunrise, Sunset (Playback Version) (3:47) D3-18 - Any Day Now (Playback Version) (2:48) D3-20 - Do You Love Me? (Playback Version) (3:15) D3-21 - Far From The Home I Love (Playback Version) (2:28) D3-23 - Anatevka (Playback Version) (2:46) D3-25 - Fiddler On The Roof (Instrumental) (1:46) * = There is additional intro music on the playback version riddled with sound effects which can be incorporated if desired More here: https://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2017/11/fiddler-on-roof-1971.html
  5. I didn't hear any GBII quotes. Although my mind was immediately taken to the exact scene where every GBI quote was used from the first film. I remember hearing one cue that was referenced that was not on either of the score releases. For the music alone it was an interesting experience.
  6. Thanks for the cross post. For a list of all of the songs (don't ask my why anybody would actually want to hear them with this film), go here.
  7. It's definitely not in order and much of the music isn't even heard in the film.
  8. So how would these files currently be found for those of us that were aware of the issue but unaware of the corrected files existing?
  9. https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32519-randy-edelmans-ghostbusters-2-premiere-score-release-by-sony-masterworks/&do=findComment&comment=1827242
  10. After a few hours of fun, here's the score in film order: S2 - A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic (2:01) S8C - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (2:42-End) [Rename to "No More Parties"] S14 - Good With Kids (1:23) S15 - Enlightenment (1:32) S9A - The Scoleri Brothers (:00-:59) [Rename to "The Verdict"] S4A - Order in the Court (:00-:2:09.4) S13C - Vigo’s Last Stand (2:05.65-End) [Rename to "Carpathian Kitten Loss"] S4B - Order in the Court (2:09.4-3:05.5) [Rename to "Bath Time"] S9C - The Scoleri Brothers (1:20-End) [Rename to "Suck in the Guts (Alternate)"] S4C - Order in the Court (3:05.5-End) [Rename to "She Cleaned"] S8A - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (:00-:38) [Rename to "Asking Janine Out"] S11B - A Slime Darkened Doorway (1:16.8-End) [Rename to "Developing Photos"] S11A - A Slime Darkened Doorway (:00-1:16.8) [Rename to "River of Slime"] S9B - The Scoleri Brothers (:59-1:20) [Rename to "No Reservations"] S8B - Rooftop Broom Kidnap (:38-2:42) [Rename to "Rooftop"] S7 - In Liberty’s Shadow (3:48) S13B - Vigo’s Last Stand (1:15.9-2:05.65) [Rename to "Janosz is Hosed"] S5 - He’s Got Carpathian Eyes (2:34) S13A - Vigo’s Last Stand (:00-1:15.9) S16 - Family Portrait (:00-1:29.86) S1 - A Few Friends Save Manhattan (2:01) Unused/Newly Composed Tracks: S12 - One Leaky Sewer Faucet (1:13) S3 - Venkman’s 6th Ave. Strut (3:06) S6 - The Sensitive Side of Dana (4:08) S10 - Oscar is Quietly Surrounded (4:23) S16 - Finale (1:29.86-End) https://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2021/08/ghostbusters-ii-1989.html S14 is tracked into a few other areas and the fanfare from S7 is also heard elsewhere. Many of the tracks are alternates of some sort. The only reason S9C is marked as an alternate is because it is 100% different from what was heard in the film but the instrumentation heard is similar to pieces from that section. The finale of S16 is heard on S1 with a piano track preceding it that is unheard in the film. Enjoy.
  11. If you can get a copy of the anniversary edition now from anybody who has it in stock, it was made from the incorrect master which have several "bonus tracks" not found on the last release. If you get a copy when LLL restocks, it is supposed to be the same as the 2015 release with no additional tracks or sound improvements.
  12. Not with LLL, but I did place my order with a third party seller on the 24th. They shipped it out a few days later.
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