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  1. Just finished - The End, The Beatrice Letters - Lemony Snicket Currently reading - Lisey's Story - Stephen King Up next - Equus - Peter Shafer Farenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
  2. I'm absolutely in shock. What a terrible loss of a great talent. :cry: My condolences to Ms. Walker's family. Anthony
  3. The best composer to brood to is Mahler. Especially the fifth and sixth Symphonies. Or Kindertodtenlieder. Anthony
  4. The accents in Jaws are very symmetrical and repetitious: da-da-DUM-da, da-da-DUM-da; they fall on the beat. In The Rite, however, the accents are intentionally off-kilter; sometimes they fall on the beat, at other times, off. The opening eight measures of the ostinato go like this: da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-DUM-da-DUM, da-da-da-da, da-DUM-da-da, DUM-da-da-da, DUM-da-da-da, da-DUM-da-da. Stravinsky's rhythmic variations are numerous throughout. Anthony
  5. LOL I wish my alarm clock would play The Cowboys Overture every morning. Anthony
  6. "The Light", Poltergeist Anthony
  7. Not sure about Euro Disney, but his music definitely plays at Disneland in Anaheim. I bought the "Official Album of the Disneyland Resort" last year when I was there, and it has Giacchino's music. Also, it has Williams's music from Star Tours and the Indiana Jones Ride. Anthony
  8. For those of you not familiar with The Onion, you should go check it out. I have an Onion desk calendar, and I found this in today's horoscopes for Aquarius: "Gustav Holst will appear to you in a dream and refuse to leave until you agree that John Williams has been ripping him off for years." Thank goodness I'm a Libra. Anthony
  9. House of Leaves was one of the most incredible books I've ever read. There were so many genuinely terrifying moments; it was the first time I've been scared reading a book in a long time. And it was very intricately laid out. The physical structure of the novel mirrored the labrythine nature of the house. The chapter that talked about mazes and the history of the minotaur was filled with footnotes that backtracked on one another, taking you back over pages you'd read once or twice before. The book literally became a maze. As for "worst" book; I just finished The Da Vinci Code. I tried reading it once before, and couldn't get through it. I tried again, and got through it, but was so disappointed when I was done. The premise of the book promised so much, and could have been treated much better. But Dan Brown's writing style is just terrible. I've read posts on the MB that were more thought-out and well-written than Brown's crap. Anthony - thinking about re-reading Jurassic Park
  10. Answering this question can't be done by long pondering. The more you think about the question, the greater number of times you'll find yourself thinking "Oh, but what about . . ." Each movement so perfectly fulfills its role and uses its unique orchestral pallet to do so. From the opening bass figues of "Mars" to the final chorus of "Neptune" fading away into the icy depths of space, each planet becomes my favorite while I'm listening to it. In order to answer the poll, I went with immediate gut reaction: "Mercury, the Winged Messenger". I see I'm only the second to vote that way ( Ross) Anthony, wondering who else has an orchestral score for this that they follow along with while listening.
  11. Since Joe's idea for the Top Ten list a few years ago is what actually got me to register here, I'll be more than happy to participate in this list as well. #1 - The Cowboys Overture (By Request) #2 - Journey to the Island (Jurassic Park) #3 - The 'Float' (Catch Me If You Can) #4 - Fawkes the Phoenix (The Chamber of Secrets) #5 - The Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back Disc 1 [1997]) Anthony - who can think of about a dozen more tracks that deserve to be in the list.
  12. How do you know there's a singer at your door? They can't find the key, and don't know when to come in. Anthony
  13. In order of purchase, I have The Cowboys Overture Escapades for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra The Sorcerer's Stone - Children's Suite The Chamber of Secrets The Prisoner of Azkaban Call Of The Champions Battle Of The Heroes Across The Stars My next purchase will probably be either Summon the Heroes or the Close Encounters Excerpts. Anthony
  14. Just off the top of my head, 2002 = The Float, Across The Stars, Anderton's Great Escape, Fawkes's Theme, The Chamber of Secrets, The Spiders, The Spyders, Catch Me If You Can, The Flying Car, The Chase Through Coruscant = Some of Williams's best.
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