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  1. i'm more talking about the characters he's played and his movies (although only three) not so much the person himself. i know well enough of his odd (to say the least) escapades, rudeness to people, and urinating in public. I first saw his movie "Rebel without a Cause" a couple of months ago, and needless to say i was amazed by it. not long after, i saw "East of Eden" and "Giant" and was continued to be amazed by his explosive on screen performance, and his wide range of acting ability. any thougts? ~ Jason
  2. i'm sad to say i've never seen him, and there's a good chance i may never. -jason
  3. I'd definitely go with Harry Potter CoS. I haven't heard the whole score yet, but i've heard bits, and i really liked what i heard when i went to see the movie. -Jason
  4. I like the Superman score alot, but i only have the original cd release of it. Is the two disc set a must have, or should i wait until i have extra money to blow? -Jason, back again after another long while
  5. I would definitely go for the Potter cd mainly because i don't really watch DVD's, and i'd probably get more enjoyment out of listening to the potter cd than watching the aotc dvd. -Jason, posting for the first time in a little over two months
  6. Yeah, this coming from the person who's bitching about pictures? -Jason
  7. Aren't you bickering about the bickering? -Jason
  8. Remember what happened to the Beatles when they made a comment like that? -Jason
  9. I just signed it earlier today. And yes, I'm pretty sure that this is the same petition/link that was given before. -Jason
  10. I just rented it today on DVD. Haven't watched it yet though. And yes, i'm sure it'll be worth the rental money -Jason
  11. Just because it's corny doesn't mean it's bad. -Jason
  12. Ummmmm most NORMAL folks hated TPM like I did. Why do you hate it besides the fact that is was no where near as good as the originals? -Jason
  13. So than basically, he used the best stories to grab the attention of people and create a fan base, before releasing the other movies which could have turned people off to star wars if released first? -Jason
  14. I have never gotten to see anyone conduct, except for watching John Williams conducting at the winter olympics on tv. :cry: -Jasn
  15. I don't know if this has ever been answered or discussed before, but why did Lucas choose to start making the Star Wars films at Episode IV? Why didn't he just make the films in order? I don't quite got why he decided to do the movies in this order. -Jason
  16. I agree. Elfman is a genious. It's nice to see a few people who appreciate Elfman. -Jason
  17. I really am enjoying listening to the files. They sound amazing. Thanks alot for posting them. -Jason
  18. And than maybe he won't release EP 3 until 2010 and decide that Indy 4 jut isn't worth doing just to spite us. -Jason
  19. By that logic is the Jwfan message board really the place to discuss his beloved cat? Morn - Who doesn't wish to offend Steefy though... You can say that his thread is off topic, but there is a difference between off topic threads that have a purpose, and off topic threads that are created out of sheer stupidity or are offensive. This thread, although off topic, has a purpose. -Jason
  20. Is Steef's memorium thread to his beloved cat really the place to be discussing computers? -Jason
  21. You still got that autographed picture of him. That in itself is really exciting to get, and cool to have. -Jason, who's very envious
  22. FINALE from Edward Scissorhands. It's just such a beautiful and sad piece at the same time. It makes me cry everytime i listen to the track. -Jason
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