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  1. i'm more talking about the characters he's played and his movies (although only three) not so much the person himself. i know well enough of his odd (to say the least) escapades, rudeness to people, and urinating in public. I first saw his movie "Rebel without a Cause" a couple of months ago, and needless to say i was amazed by it. not long after, i saw "East of Eden" and "Giant" and was continued to be amazed by his explosive on screen performance, and his wide range of acting ability. any thougts?

    ~ Jason

  2. Obviously, I was not alone in my concern.  Apologies for the annoyance.  Next time I'll try to complain about something worthwhile -- like A.I. and Attack of the Clones.  :(  

    Figo, trying hard to overlook the irony of Jason's moaning about a fairly insignificant thread.

    Yeah, this coming from the person who's bitching about pictures?


  3. I don't know if this has ever been answered or discussed before, but why did Lucas choose to start making the Star Wars films at Episode IV? Why didn't he just make the films in order? I don't quite got why he decided to do the movies in this order.


  4. I think Elfman writes with such style and longing and passion.  Of course he's bound to "copy" himself every now and then...ALL the good composers do.  It's what makes their music recognizable.  I think we should just enjoy Elfman's scores while they last!

    I agree. Elfman is a genious.

    It's nice to see a few people who appreciate Elfman.


  5. Is Steef's memorium thread to his beloved cat really the place to be discussing computers?

    By that logic is the Jwfan message board really the place to discuss his beloved cat?

    Morn - Who doesn't wish to offend Steefy though...

    You can say that his thread is off topic, but there is a difference between off topic threads that have a purpose, and off topic threads that are created out of sheer stupidity or are offensive.

    This thread, although off topic, has a purpose.


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