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  1. That is INSANE. I'm not paying that. What are they stupid?? Do they really think that that many people will actually pay $70 freaking dollars for a DVD?? -Jason, who will have to wait 10 years before it becomes available on ebay for $5, and hoping it will in fact decrease and not increase in price
  2. It's a three way tie for me between "the Desert Chase", "In the Idol's Temple", and "the Basket Game". I just love all of them equally, I can't pick which one I like more. -Jason
  3. Who has ever seen the movie "Legend". All I know is that it has the devil in it, and my band director wouldn't let us watch it on the bus on our way to Virginia for our band trip (one of the kids brought it hoping to watch it). The kid said it was a "classic", and my band teacher called it "junk". -Jason
  4. HEY!!!! There are young ears on this message board!!! First a thread entitled "Sex", and now this. I can't believe this. Now I have to go burn these images out of my mind "That is enough DAMMIT!" -Captain Jean-Luc Picard -Jason :cry:
  5. First of all, I would be ecstatic just to go see him conduct in concert. If I ever met him, I would probably shake his hand, probably start to drool on myself, and than if i'm not still completely in shock, I'll hold out my Indy and the Last Crusade Cd insert for him to sign. -Jason
  6. That's a slap in the face if i've felt one :oops: -Jason
  7. I think it's great that he finished college and got his degree. -Jason 8O Persichetti Pageant
  8. I also need to add Elmer Bernstein after hearing the main theme for the Magnificent Seven, and Hans Zimmer after hearing the stuff that he wrote for Backdraft.
  9. Yes get it NOW. Go.. RUn back to the store and buy it. Forget the price, just BUY it. It's out of print, and you're not going to find it in any store within the next month. -Jason, who got Raiders a year ago, luckily when it was still around
  10. Saving Private Ryan- I think it's GREAT. That's about all i have to say about that. -Jason, who is lacking in things to say today
  11. Every time I go to the music store, there is alway a copy of Stepmom. Right now, I pick up Jw cds that I really want, and sometime ones that are a few years old for fear of them going OOP (and than the only place I can get them is at ebay, which I'm not allowed to use). Anyway, I know I've heard alot of different feedback about it; some people think it's Jw's worst, and some like it alot. I just want your opinions about it, all in this thread; do you like Stepmom, and is it worth buying? -Jason
  12. Great, thanks for putting that up. It'll be a little easier than reading Miguel's site which is in Portuguese (I can't read Portuguese). -Jason
  13. What's wrong with using "cool" or emoticons to get your point across? People express their love for music in different ways. I know I've used the word cool a million times in posts on this message board, and I am very much serious about music. You're basically singling people out for being different than you are, which is by no means right. This post is not in any way attacking you or trying to be mean to you, I'm just saying that you have plenty to learn about the people on this message board. -Jason
  14. I didn't know penguins could do that. -Jason
  15. Sorry, my dumb message got put up twice for some odd reason. -Jason :?
  16. Great thanks alot. I like to look at the list of all of his works, but i haven't been able to since it's not on this site yet. I can't read portuguese, but I'll get by. -Jason
  17. Great thanks alot. I like to look at the list of all of his works, but i haven't been able to since it's not on this site yet. I can't read portuguese, but I'll get by. -Jason
  18. I say go for it. I have it a I like it alot. As for the pieces from Schindler's List, Shaham has a bit of a different interpretation of the theme than Pearlman has. Although I still like his interpretation, I still prefer the Itzhak version. It's a good cd to get in my opinion. -Jason
  19. GREAT, thanks for the notice. I'll make sure i get it on tape now. -Jason
  20. There was a past report that said that the fourth movie would "ignore the story line of jp3" or something like that. Whatever they have in it, I'm sure it'll be interesting, and I'll see it no matter what. And I doubt it will be scored by Williams. If he didn't want to do JP3, that means that he doesn't want to score any more dino films. Don Davis will probably score the fourth movie. -Jason
  21. They both look awesome, and I can't wait to see the movie and buy the score (which comes out June 18 I think). -Jason, who loves his new bigger JP avatar THANKS to NEIL (Indysolo)
  22. When LucasArts uses Williams' music in their games, they use the actual music, not midis. I just got the game Jedi Knight for PC by LucasArts, and the Johnny Star Wars trilogy music they use in it is the actual music, no midi. And anyone who is an Indy fan really should get the Infernal Machine game. It's a really great game, and I don't think it's going to be around too much longer. -Jason, who loves Indy and the Infernal machine, and Jedi Knight
  23. HAPPY Birthday to EVERYONE! -Jason
  24. Thanks alot for posting that interview. I really enjoyed reading about them. And it really does seem that they were more interested in Pearlman, since most of the interview was talking to him. But I'd rather them be talking more to Itzhak Pearlman, then if it was Horner sitting next to Williams, and them talking more to him. -Jason
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