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  1. Right here: ~Harry Thanks alot Harry for posting that. -Jason
  2. Yeah, didn't the old message board say in the complete works section "Horn Concerto, for Dave Clevenger (sp?)", and it said the estimated year that it would come out would be 2005 I think. -Jason
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you had such bad luck at Comp USA. People can act like such animals in situations like that. -Jason
  4. Yeah, I know what that's like. :tongue2: -Jason, about six years under the LEGAL drinking age
  5. Yeah, I want Indy 4, and I want it NOW. Enough with this waiting. They should just put everything on hold, and make the damn movie. The Star Wars fans can wait five or six more years for Episode III. I know I can, as long as they give us Indy 4. LOL -Jason
  6. I don't know why they have to mess around with the original trilogy anymore. I think the story line works fine without any flashback sequences or anything like that. -Jason
  7. Oddly enough, I'm a couple of years younger than Harry, and while I was growing up, I always thought of it as Star Wars. Even today, I usually just think of it as Star Wars, and I never add on A new Hope when I talk about it in threads. Anyway, Happy Birthday Star Wars :!: -Jason
  8. Thanks for posting the track titles again. I had the page with the AI track titles bookmarked from the last board, but those pages no longer work. -Jason
  9. Anyone have any idea when he will be in Pittsburg again? I wouldn't be able to convince my mom to go to Boston, but I probably could get her to Pittsburg. :?: -Jason
  10. I hope it's that cheap everywhere. If that's the case, I'll forget holding off on buying it, and run to my local supermarket that already has both the video and DVD on display. -Jason
  11. I really like alot of the movies on the poll, but I had to go with Jurassic Park. I think both the movie and score are fantasic, and that the score works with the movie extremely well. -Jason
  12. CruciformSword


    I voted for the top choice, I love the score, and i love the movie (I just got it for my birthday and I was watching it last night). -Jason
  13. I haven't listened to it enough times to even figure out what themes may or may not be in there. Chris needs to add an "I have no clue" option to the poll. -Jason
  14. Why does it matter what they're called? Everyone knows who is being referred too. But this is a rant thread, so I guess you have to whine about something. -Jason
  15. I play alto and tenor sax in band/jazz band, and I used to play bari sax last year. I love it, and it will be the instrument I major on when I go to college (I'm hoping to major in music education, and music performance). -Jason
  16. What issues are these again? And by the way, I forgot to put Danny Elfman on my list. -Jason
  17. I love Raiders and I love Jurassic Park. I love E.T., i love Hook, and I love Jaws. So I guess that means I like Spielburg. -Jason
  18. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; I loved the movie, I loved the music in it, I asked for it for my birthday, and I got it. -Jason Searching for E.T. E.T. 20th Anniversery cd
  19. I always thought that Senator Palpatine, and Darth sideous were supposed to be the same person, because they have the same voice, and the nose and mouth that you can see of Darth Sideous, is the same of Senator Palpatine. But I was never exactly sure of that though. Thank you for clarifying. -Jason
  20. I'm glad you liked the movie king mark. -Jason, who also liked the movie
  21. It's great that everyone is back, and we can finally get back to business. -Jason
  22. What is the music that has been used in all of the trailers up until now? -Jason, who wants to know because that music kicked
  23. EXACTLY!! Damn hackers, they give online ordering a bad name, so I have to travel to the music store any time I want to get a cd. And because I can't order online, I had to get the score for Hook in Baltimore, which is 5 hours from where I live (I happened to be there on a band trip and found it in the local Barnes and Nobles). So I had to email Mr. Kendall, and he kindly sent me the ordering information. -Jason
  24. That would be cool to see Chewie and Han in episode 3, and all sorts of stuff about how they met and got the falcon, but I guess there is too much stuff that will be going on with Anikan going to the dark side, and that whole part of the story. I guess that's why they're not including han and chewie. -Jason
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