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  1. And the pressure already started! See especially the fourth question!. http://www.hitfix.co...s-announcement
  2. Merry Christmas for you, your families and friends!
  3. Congratulations, Marcus! It's a great music!
  4. Excellent information, Maurizio. Another alternative would be a new recording based in the sheet music book that Williams should have - I think - in your personal library.
  5. Yes, I didn't upload it. I found that suite at the YouTube some years ago. Maybe Mike Matessino, Lukas Kendall, Nick Redman or others can bring it to light someday. Yes that piano part reminds me Close Encounters too!
  6. Why did anyone ask me before? Yes, I´ve heard 'Storia Di Una Donna', I liked very much and and I have on my YouTube playlist!! The song composed by John Williams and sung by Ornella Vanoni "Uno di Qua L'Altro Di Là" whose melody can be heard throughout the score is on iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/br/album/uno-di-qua-laltro-di-la/id294719193?i=294719260 A serious candidate for an album release!
  7. There is many composers that could make the score, but it will be very sad watch to the Episode VII with Luke, Leia, Han and not hear a original score by Williams. And worse, could imagine a Hans Zimmer score? Which would not be difficult if Gore Verbinski was chosen by Disney.
  8. I wish he had composed for Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights (in the same way of Jane Eyre and A Window to the Past).
  9. With uplifting choir and epic music! Imagine Moses opening the Red Sea with John Williams music...
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