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  1. The liner notes also state there are three versions of "The Locusts" with the third as part of the Decca album, another mistake. And "My Favourite Plague" Original Version just uses the OST version, right, or is there another difference except for the extended part? So, to sum up, I'm not missing anything if I've done the following? Put all album tracks in the main programme (except "Mumia Attack", "Rebirth" and "My Favourite Plague" - see below). Lower all Intrada complete score tracks by -3db. Retain "Giza Port", because the Intrada disc 1 version has a choir overlay at 1:31. Edit "The Warden's Bag" into the album mix of "Mumia Attack". Use "My Favorite Plague (Original Version)" instead of the OST track, because the latter seems to be included in the former - the volume is on level of the OST tracks for disc 2 track 5. Delete "Airplane Ride". "Rebirth" is very slightly extended at some points in comparison with the OST version - either choose the complete Intrada version or the OST mix. Delete "End Credits" and be sure to use "The Sand Volcano" from the OST.
  2. In the album notes it says that there's choir in Giza Port (OST mix) but not in the film version (disc 1), but I can't hear the choir - or is it mixed too low for my computer speakers?
  3. What section from E.T. Phones Home - Album Version (OST) - is not the film take like on the LLL?
  4. I would recommend it but then again I'd recommend any Desplat score It's one of his better ones in this genre though, seems like he did find inspiration in this film.
  5. Terrific news. I was hoping it would get an expansion with its anniversary.
  6. 10 euro each or so. I can bring the printed out pdf to the musikverein tomorrow.
  7. I have two spare standing room tickets for the Vienna concert tomorrow (Sunday), if interested, let me know!
  8. Already planned sth then so I'll have to pass. Have a great get-together!
  9. I'm waiting to listen to this until I get the CD, but surely the love theme for Mina is included on the album? Recurred a few times in episode 1, and was easily the most memorable of the score. I liked the music in the series, there were a few great bits, but also some of the more generic Price/Arnold thriller material, which I guess you'd expect. Too bad the main theme resembles "Snape to Malfoy Manor" a bit too much.
  10. Really? What was on it? I still think The Poseidon Adventure is the real masterpiece on this set, the quite brilliant theme fits the film like a glove, the brooding 'meandering' cues are not ideal listening, perhaps, but they really define the atmosphere in the film. And the musical pay-off with The Red Wheel and the ending cue is fantastic. Too bad the source material is in the state it is.
  11. A few corrections and additions: "Unstable" album version is an edit - mainly misses the ending. "Orion" album version features the brass while the film version doesn't - I swapped those. "The Stargate Opens" alternate excerpt is the beginning of the cue - is slightly longer than the album/film version. "Entering the Stargate" film version has an alternate take as ending, the rest is the same - I swapped it with the album version as the film version has that fade out. "King of the Slaves" is virtually the same except the album version edits out the first few seconds. "The Eye of Ra" with choir is interesting - I swapped this cue as well. "Daniel's Mastadge" - film version has a more stripped down ending of the cue - album version again is more interesting. "Leaving Nagada" film version again is an alternate mix (audible at 3 mins onwards) stripping some of the brass (you can still slightly hear it) - swap those two to get the original in your main playlist. "Ra the Sun God" film version without choir is the first part of the cue. "The Seventh Symbol" album version edits out ending. "Battle at the Pyramid" - the film version contains a few different takes (to accommodate the film I suppose) and has silences at various points, the album version edits the silences out but contains the same music (and at some points more instruments) - I'm swapping these tracks as well.
  12. This is the quote: "Williams expanded the material to include a new arrangement of his "city theme"; a revised version of his finale, retitled The City Sleeps; and included music written for, but not ultimately used, in the film (Finale, End Title)."
  13. Just listening to this now, the sound is spectacular - such a revelation this score is.
  14. How long will this concert take approximately, in your estimate, break included?
  15. The same recording? Does he mean the same music but in an alternate take?
  16. So where are you getting your CD? I'm not sure whether I'll be able to find it in stores on Friday, or if I should just buy it online and hope it arrives by then.
  17. This is the release of the year for me, can't believe this has finally been released. The OST release probably had the most micro-edits that I wanted back in of any OST, barring perhaps Revenge of the Sith.
  18. So "Night Exit" has been renamed to "Close the Door". This cue is unused in the film if I'm not mistaken, and I always wondered if it was intended to follow "Night Entry" immediately or if it was written as a replacement for the ending of "Night Entry" (given the title on the Intrada release) - hope the liner notes clear this up.
  19. Definitely; this guy also spent two years of research on this so he really thought this through. I would very much recommend watching this (you don't need to sit through it in one go either), but only if you've watched all of Twin Peaks. Because it really does explain most if not all of its concepts.
  20. I watched all of that video. It's pretty impressive.
  21. Always thought more of the theme as a training/relation theme for Luke & Rey rather than 'Luke in exile'.
  22. That sounds incredible, thank you for sharing. Any possibility that you might consider mocking up an unreleased cue? I'm thinking of one in particular: "Smoking Telegram", the last cue in The X-Files Movie (Fight the Future), which wasn't found when they released the expanded CD some years ago.
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