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  1. Sounds really terrific. Great score to expand material from, too.
  2. I'm there for the Azkaban concert so I don't have anything to do on Thursday or Friday yet. Would have to look into what I'd be more interested in, Abbey Road or Leavesden Studios.
  3. Was that documentary on Gunning ever released? And a specific question about the soundtrack: do you know where "Grey Cells" was used in the episodes? (I know it's a 'concert' version.)
  4. Yeah doesn't Lapti Nek sound better on the OST (when compared to the Arista)? Maybe other tracks as well, I don't remember.
  5. I'll be there as well! Maybe Jay has a few contacts that can get us access as the JWFan Europe group
  6. There's the performance on the Milan CD.
  7. Great, would love to be there. Might have to hold out until they play ESB though.
  8. What is the best sounding CD version (or the one to get) of the album where Williams performed on?
  9. I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban in Rotterdam, and it was amazing. A couple of the great things about it: - the choir, obviously - the live back-and-forth mixture of source music and underscore was pretty incredible; must have been a nightmare to conduct and perform. - you could hear the quieter underscore so much better than in the film; it was almost like listening to new JW music - they played the entire end credits music (except for the Hedwig theme and Pettigrew motif that closes the film) - the one drawback of this otherwise perfect film has always been the rath
  10. I didn't know it was already confirmed that in the film it was the TFA version as well. What a pity.
  11. Nobody else? Jay? Is Corellian right in assuming that the cue is an alternate for the second part of Outstretched Hands?
  12. Thanks for this! It was reported above that on the LLL disc 1 track there was a second, shorter and unused, version of the Lovejoy cue (two cues in one track, in other words). Rose's Suicide or Rose's Attempt?
  13. What is "Dark Side of the Moon" (the first part) exactly: should it be placed before Outstretched Hands or after, and was it meant to replace part of "Outstretched Hands" or the preceding cue? Also, the second cue in "Dark Side of the Moon", does it start at 0:43 or at 0:52?
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