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  1. Edited my list because how could I forget Jerry's Total Recall
  2. Blade Runner AlienĀ³ Close Encounters Of The Third Kind A.I. Artificial Intelligence Total Recall Minority Report RoboCop 2 Demolition Man Brazil The Fifth Element
  3. Slightly old news, but apparently the 4K release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will contain an isolated score
  4. When I first heard that music for the helicopter scene, words escaped me. It sounded like Goldenthal was trying to create a whole new musical genre
  5. Yes! Not a fan of that "rolling" final chord due to some overuse, but I'm glad that someone else noticed it. I think that my favorite application of that technique would be the "Virtual Reality" cues from House Of Cards. That's probably where I first heard it, too!
  6. Kino Lorber announced that they will release Silence of the Lambs on 4K in October. I guess it wasn't part of the 4K titles that Criterion is working on
  7. Technically it's not part of the series (although it is licensed from Paramount), but Shout Factory's new Blu-ray of The Dead Zone will apparently have a commentary with isolated score
  8. This was my exact reaction and why I was so distracted in the earlier part of the day thank goodness for being able to work remotely
  9. Reminds me of this book cover
  10. The cues I'm most excited to hear are the film version of the 1st half of "Subway Station", and the film performance of "Torchy's Boogie", which ends abruptly once Murphy's character smashes the mirror behind the bar. And in the film, "Luther's Bus" is shortened and the solo sax eliminated
  11. Following a similar thread I created over a decade ago, I thought it would be cool to catalog all the titles with isolated scores in this series, including the recent announcement of Breakdown. Kudos to the Paramount executive(s) for picking up where Fox left off: 48 HRS. Airplane! Beverly Hills Cop Breakdown Days Of Thunder Pretty In Pink Trading Places Feel free to add any that I missed
  12. Same for the "film score" program of The Untouchables on the LLL release
  13. Since the score was recorded in the Czech Republic, I would assume that Varese wouldn't have to pay re-use fees for an expansion
  14. Checked out the article and was dismayed to learn about yet another cool deleted scene that Spielberg has refused to release
  15. If it is true and not just some anomaly on a reviewer's copy, I hope that at least it contains the film version of the second half of "Subway Station" in good quality. There is some tracked music in the film as well, so I'm curious if that will be included.
  16. According to this review, the new Blu-ray of 48 HRS. includes an isolated score, but it isn't mentioned in the list of specs on any website. Could it be a hidden feature, or was it added too late to be included in the press release from a while ago? Does this mean that the sequel might also have an isolated score?
  17. Out of print? The 6-disc edition is still available at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target...
  18. Don't forget about the earlier edition which had added instruments for "Jack vs. Eckhardt" and "Shootout" (in other words, the film mixes)
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