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  1. I never liked the obvious Powaqqatsi Philip Glass ripoff from Horner during the end credits...
  2. I hate tracks with " / " because that character isn't supported in the file system, so I have to always rename my MP3 files. I usually put " - " instead
  3. hosting a PLEX server with your files is the way to go. You can now use PRISM for CarPlay!
  4. Even in those periods you can have sub-periods, ex: The gothic era 78-80 (Dracula, The Fury, The Empire Strikes Back) The minimalism era 01-05 (AI, Munich, Minority Report)
  5. Cross the Green Mountain is Dylan's last great song.
  6. Spielberg has handicapped Williams quite often with his desires and temp-tracks. Hook (Grusin's Mountain Dance, Agnes of God from Georges Delerue), Jurassic Park (Doyle "The Death of Falstaff"). But it's only when he wants something absolutely specific. There's a difference between JW's influence (ex: Hanson/E.T. ) and clear temp-tracks like those above.
  7. Born on the Fourth of July is pretty much thematically a reconstruction of the same motif
  8. Or they heard the S01E06 episode of Watchmen, which features jazz songs as performed by trent and atticus + john beasley on the piano.
  9. Giacchino's entire game soundtrack is imho his best work. I guess not having all the time to adhere to strict track clicks and composition lenght helps him. Listen at this, it feels like a concert suite during the Last-Crusade-era!
  10. Is this the first time that Göransson aknowledges somehow any previous material?
  11. Is this the first time that Göransson aknowledges somewhat the original themes? It's really vague but it was still there in that last episode.
  12. Just to be sure, is there any material from the 20-track original release that I would need to keep for a complete score?
  13. Well you can start by hearing what happens during recording sessions, here are some "leaks" from Horner's Troy. Like most other score recordings, you will repeat and adjust for a certain time (depending on a lot of stuff, from budget to rewriting to adjusting to the current film cut), then record the final cut:
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