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  1. He's been dead for 5 years! Time goes fast...
  2. 15 years and no mention of Mahler's 8th? It's moot to even post about this anymore. I'm guilty, it's too simple to find dozens of them everywhere. He did great things, but also copied himself by changing a note or two throughout his career, and especially copied existing material by other composers hundreds if not thousands of times. Those composers, they were the ones who were the true artists. Oh Hi little theme: Oh hello again: Countless re-orchestrated versions found in Enemy at the Gates (Oh hey it's Schubert's AVE MARIA right after at 1:20 LOL)
  3. Holy Bump, Thor! The thing is, his music has changed a lot. Nowadays it's much more classical and sorry to say, boring. Let's be real, pretty much all his originak work in the 2010's isn't that great, perhaps even before since The Hours or Symphony No.8. He got... old. But since the Hours, there has been almost 50 albums released of previous material, it's never ending! You can have very interesting orchestration, like Harp variations of piano music or choral orchestration, etc..). Orange Mountain Music is an awesome label. It's impossible to say PG aways does the same thing when there is stuff like : Glassworks Einstein on the Beach Akhnaten Koyaanisqatsi Mishima Kundun Satyagraha Songs from Liquid Days Dancepieces & Dance No.1-10 Powaqqatsi Solo Piano Itaipu / The Canyon the CIVIL warS At least half of his symphonies (ex: No.5) The Hours (both score and piano version) Etudes for Piano No.1-10 The Voyage The Concerto Project Series The Recording Archives
  4. Is this the first time we hear a rejected Horner score? (The New World cues are partially in the movie, and Streets of Fire Suite seems fake) Also, does he again quote Prokofiev' ballet for Romeo and Juliet?
  5. Well it sounds fantastic so I don't care about the process. It's a little hot and bass heavy, but the seperation is cleaner, like the old audiophile bootleg version that is less brightened. What wizardy is all of this? Why was this updated on SW day?
  6. Goldenthal did it a little jazzy, it wasn't just Wagner-lite.
  7. What's different from your 2019 version versus the EQ-ed "restoration" version made in 2017?
  8. my guess is that all you see here is in the first hour or so. Its quite clear that the farm is where Egon went, and died. Those costumes in the closet are his (there are at least 2 hints in the trailer that it's his old place).
  9. War Horse is half influence from Vaughan-Williams (the pastoral countryside aspect, listen to "The Lark Ascending"), half from Copland (the horsy americana nostalgia feeling, take a peak at "Appalachian Spring").
  10. There is some awesome work in the deep-bass percussion notes on that album, it shakes the room. Keep the mastering as is
  11. From Gia's instagram... it seems like MONDO is going to release something related to L O S T. Vinyl perhaps?
  12. I had never heard the relation between Powerhouse and Temple of Doom, thanks for this! It's the non-Horner section that was made hommage, surprisingly (the lesser-known part)
  13. I've "added" a fifth disc with these classical (or by others) pieces that were on the leaked sessions, any help if there is any other content to add? 01 - 20:05 - Sit Back And Relax - Francesco Lupica 02 - 07:34 - Annum Per Annum - Arvo Part 03 - 04:12 - Requiem In Paradisum - Gabriel Faure 04 - 26:11 - Prophecy Of The Village Kremna - Arsenije Jovanovic 05 - 06:08 - The Unanswered Question - Charles Ives 06 - 11:52 - Cosmic Beam Experience - Francesco Lupica Total disc: 1:16:06
  14. so... for those who have this set already, what are the essential tracks missing from the sessions that would be necessary to complete this release? I guess the 4 classical pieces ((Annum per annum, Requiem, Prophecy of the Village Kremna, THe Unanswered question) are an easy anwser, with the complete "sit back and relax" and "cosmic beam experience" ??
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