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  1. Nice Goldsmith channeling a-la-Lionheart or Small Soldiers, but the orchestration feels also like his own Speed Racer, with the drum kit and bassline.
  2. This is pretty much the nail in the coffin for Colin Trevorrow as a director in Hollywood, especially when you have a complete year to re-edit the movie again. Strike 3 for him!
  3. There's a piano in the last portion doing ostinatos, but something else twingly too, no?
  4. Only ANH and TESB could be a two-CD set, I can't see how you can fit all other movies under 3 discs, so it would be 25 discs
  5. Even Auguste Rodin didn't do all his sculptures by himself, he had a team of craftsmen who did replicas in plaster or cray, and then from these, final stone/metal sculptures. That doesn't diminish his works. Giacchino is co-crediting these days, with Nami Melumad on some of his co-worked scores, like An American Pickle and Medal of Honor : Above and Beyond. Orchestrators is just not a defined job in terms of the limits of what they do, it's just very large depending on the budget of a score, the type of movie (MCU vs a small scale drama piece) and the type of score (Greenwood' almost Chamber music vs electronic of large orchestrated scores that require a lot of hands and time to tweak).
  6. So if we have one of those "complete score" boot made from the FYC and the BR, do we need this? Is there more content and does it sound better?
  7. Goldsmith had a nice impressionnism period in the early 80's, you can feel the french-sound influence of Debussy and Ravel, starting with Alien/Star Trek TMP, Legend, Omen Final Conflict, Poltergeist, Secret of NiMH, etc... Even something like Inchon or The Challenge has influences from them. The Forest music in Legend is basically L'enfant et les sortilèges.
  8. I never liked the obvious Powaqqatsi Philip Glass ripoff from Horner during the end credits...
  9. I hate tracks with " / " because that character isn't supported in the file system, so I have to always rename my MP3 files. I usually put " - " instead
  10. hosting a PLEX server with your files is the way to go. You can now use PRISM for CarPlay!
  11. Even in those periods you can have sub-periods, ex: The gothic era 78-80 (Dracula, The Fury, The Empire Strikes Back) The minimalism era 01-05 (AI, Munich, Minority Report)
  12. Spielberg has handicapped Williams quite often with his desires and temp-tracks. Hook (Grusin's Mountain Dance, Agnes of God from Georges Delerue), Jurassic Park (Doyle "The Death of Falstaff"). But it's only when he wants something absolutely specific. There's a difference between JW's influence (ex: Hanson/E.T. ) and clear temp-tracks like those above.
  13. Born on the Fourth of July is pretty much thematically a reconstruction of the same motif
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