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  1. In the spring of last year, after having issues both personal and professional I decided I needed to seriously deal with some stuff I've deflecting or avoiding, as it turns out for many years and sought mental health assistance. Early February in this year I received the diagnosis of ASS (Autism Spectrum Syndrome) While autism is a term that's being flung around a lot in the last few years, I believe in my case it is justified. Many of the indicators for ASS fit, one of them being a person who's very passionate and involved in a single particular hobby (collecting film scores) another one is the fact that I've not only been a member of this message board for now almost 20 years, but that my pos count has, almost for those 20 years exceeded that of everyone else. Without checking after my almost 7 week absence I'm sure it still does. This is nothing dramatic, though the combination of ASS and Multiple Sclerose is, to be blunt....shitty. I was on the list for psycho-education group session to help deal with this better than I have been doing so far when suddenly....everything changed. Covid-19 affects everyone now. I'm one of many who made dumb ass jokes about it last year, and is no longer doing so. Group therapy is a complete no-no. The regular sessions Ive been having have been over the phone the last 2 weeks. Work is, mostly unchanged with everyone being told to keep distance in a work environment where that is very impractical. Also, many of my co-workers are obviously complate idiots and are marked for death! Having ASS has it's advantages in a time like this. I'm VERY aware of how close people are standing from me all the time. I have adopted certain precautions to keep myself from getting this and the self discipline to stick with them. I do notice how a lot of people are being dumb-asses about this. @woj will be glad I didnt die. He'll be even gladder I'm not posting as much right now. The reason? I needed distance. I still do. This is actually the first time I've checked the MB in about 5 weeks. Many of my friends here already have me on Facebook. My handle there should be obvious to those who know what my name is. I'll check in here for sure, but not anytime soon. Here endeth the attention whoring post. Good luck! Love John Williams! [Edit 2-5-20120] In retrospect this probably is my last post. Save the ones I might make in the future when John Williams passes away. Interesting how you often do not know these kind of things when they happen.
  2. Time for me to chime in I guess. 1- I am not dead, as apparently some of you have theorised. 2- Things are....pretty dire over here. 546 dead according to the latest numbers, and over 2500 cases. 3- No one I personally know has been infected, as far as I know. I am still working. Sadly for a mailman the possibility of working from home are limited. Other than that I stay indoors for the most part and only visit my girlfriend, though even then we keep the recommended 1.5 meters distance. 4- Anne Sophie Mutter getting this, kinda hit home a bit. It really wasnt that long ago when I saw her perform....beautifully...in Vienna. I hope John Williams doesnt get this, I hope no one I know and love gets this. 5- The long term ramifications of this, both socially and economically are as yet unknown, but I feel they will be severe. 6- I've been listening to Jerry Goldsmith almost exclusively for the last 3 weeks. Biking through a near deserted Dutch countryside listening to Planet Of The Apes...can kinda get to you. Listening to Rambo: First Blood Part II makes me feel I should carry a machete to ward of the possibly-infected. 7- I'm on an extended sabbatical, which suits me just fine right now. 8- Boris Johnson getting this actually make me chuckle. Covid-19 doesnt suffer fools. If you shake hands with a bunch of Corona patients, you're gonna get it. 9- As for my own protective measures, I'm stocked up on disposible gloves. I didnt hoard toilet paper like so many dumbasses did. And I made my own hand sanitizer based on a recipi i found on the WHO website, containing bio-ethanol, hydrogen-peroxide, water and some aloë vera. 10- John Williams is fantastic.
  3. For over 30 years of the 88 that you have been around, I have have been enthralled by your music. I have listened to it for countless hours. I have formed many friendships because of it, and it has impacted my life in ways that are simply undeniable. Thank you John Williams Thank you JWFAN.
  4. Honestly Endgame was more worthy of a nomination that the TROS score!
  5. Congratulations Bolleke. While i'm a self confessed Anglophile in a way i never considered moving, because in my few brief visits to the UK, or England to be exact, i never never considered it to be all that different to where I already live. Certainly the British mentality is quite familiar. And not that dissimilar from the Dutch, despite them being more repressed.
  6. 10 years from now genitalia and gender will be 100% obsolete.
  7. Or Raimi might able be happy to work with Gia, who knows?
  8. Anyone noticed this? Don't recall seeing it mentioned here.
  9. Potatoes are a vegetable, especially in Scotland!
  10. People are afraid, because the media, governments, Big Pharma and @Blumenkohl says we should be!
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