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  1. Perhaps he'll take a producers credit for loads of money. But he won't direct.
  2. Blame Walfish! I don't hear a lot of Vangelis in 2049. I hear Blade Runner though.
  3. His work on FOTR especially is spectacular. So dynamic.
  4. Oh sure. Hans will dictate the sound of big budget film music and its TV knock offs for the next 5 years with his Dune cycle.
  5. I prefer Northern Ireland nowadays. Atleast they're loyal!
  6. I agree, people who think its a mystery box show are misguided.
  7. Let's hope Quartet or another label hire Neil S. Bulk and Bruce Botnick for the expansion of Jerry's final Verhoeven score.
  8. Seinfeld fans seem to love Twin Peaks.
  9. Have you watched the film? Ofcourse it wasn't. Its actually a very poor sequel to the two films that preceded it.
  10. Oh cool, must have missed it. I wonder if Jason will link to posts in which i either mentioned this set or responded to a post about it?
  11. Its a pity no label ever did a compilation or rerecording of the TNG era films. Or even the Gia ones.
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