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  1. How many people smoke in Always? I seem to remember it was a smoker movie.
  2. The fact that you, a long standing Williams fan, don't actually know this is a good indication on how well regarded this score is. (Of course it isnt)
  3. The score in ep 2 did a deliberate "TNG going into the commercial swell". Right after the syrupy Alexander Courage theme. It felt forced.
  4. CBS All Acces makes Star Trek. And DSC and Picard are made by the same people
  5. I don't understand why the Federated created Androids aren't programmed with Asimov's Third Law like Data was?
  6. Roddenberry would have vetoed the casual racism by Federation members, or the androids killing. And the depictions of suicide!
  7. I read he was here, so cool someone from JWfan got to interview him.
  8. No, not at all as far as I know. He's moved on.
  9. And actress who was in the most successful film of all time, amongst others.
  10. Post-BREXIT sugar rush I assume. It will fade once Richard realises he's still just living in fucking Scotland.
  11. Did Demi Roussous wail on the blade Runner score?
  12. No the MCU wasn't quite in the public consciousness yet when the JJ movies were made. They just wanted to have a successful big budget sci-fi franchises.
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