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  1. It has cool action Picard who shoots members of his own crew! He reminds me of the Batfleck!
  2. First Contact is the one thats really good, and perfectly watchable for the average public. The other 3 are glorified TV eps.
  3. The structure of Tolkien's chapters are one reason why it was considered unfilmable for decades. I can't blame PJ for restructuring that. Imagine an hour of straight Ent scenes?
  4. That's what stops it from being a near perfect album. Still better than the subsequent two though.
  5. We are hardwired to enjoy things we are nostalgic about
  6. It was fine. Standard sci fi action writing. But with Picard.
  7. I'm not trolling at all. I was just curious as to the nature of this concert. We know Williams is particularl regarding his arrangements that have been prepared for the concert hall.
  8. For audio maybe, but its probably not noticeable for video. Especially just shots of the orchestra.
  9. Thank you for this! He should be kissing Rian's feet for having been given a role so good in TLJ.
  10. Is that a problem? Yoda only shared scenes with Luke on the OT.
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