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  1. Were these licensed arrangements or was the concert essentially a performance of unauthorized material?
  2. All Good Things was the send-off they deserved. Everything we got after was an extra.
  3. You think its weird they would use video and audio from both days depending on which is of better quality?
  4. Is it me of is he quietly beaming with pride in his humble and softspoken way?
  5. Yet you hate Living In The Age Of Airplanes, which is is pretty much a sampler of all of Horner's stylistic traits.
  6. The 1983 OST release of ROTJ and the rerecorded tracks from the Varese Star Wars Trilogy and Gerhardt's rerecording are all you need, right @Gruesome Son of a Bitch?
  7. Data looks....off. So it really didnt work that well.
  8. No, its well known now Williams had to bow out because of health reasons. He was scheduled to score BOS.
  9. Thats ignoring hundreds of hours of Berman era scoring
  10. Picard was great, the rest didn't feel anything like TNG.
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